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Super_Dave 42 points ago

These companies should have said that because of affirmative action, they actually CAN'T get rid of these mascots.

RiverFenix 16 points ago

They should double/triple down and market their foods solely to the race on the label.

I want to see a White, Black, Asian, Native, etc for each Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Land O Lakes hottie, And independent Convenience store clerk/owner.

Super_Dave 18 points ago

Yeah, I was thinking just straight replace them all with white people. Just white folks everywhere you look.. white white white.

BonerDonor 15 points ago

Go full generic. Black lady syrup. Jew bagels. White man bread. Mexican grandma tortillas.

OrganicVandal 14 points ago

I didn't even know Uncle Ben was black!

JamesComey 31 points ago

It’s almost like no one cared what color he was and just wanted to eat some rice

RiverFenix 11 points ago

How in the fuck did a black man patent some kind of Rice meal...

What holy Asian hell is this.

happycamperval 6 points ago

There’s Cajun style rice and Mexican style rice too. Would rice cakes be white people rice?

Patriot_Alliance 6 points ago

That's Rice privilege

RiverFenix 3 points ago

We call that Popped Rice, son.

Just like Popped Corn. If it ain't popped, it ain't done right.

Mugwort 1 point ago

Label it Cornpop with a picture of Joe Biden.

righttowolfarms 8 points ago

lol I buy Uncle Ben’s rice specially because he’s Black.

I troll people at work by calling it Uncle Ben’s Negro Rice. It makes all the white people super uncomfortable, but they can’t say thing because I’m the same color as my Uncle Ben hahahaha

Libtardshavenobrains 2 points ago

Me neither

sentient-potato 12 points ago

I'm old enough to remember the complaints from the left that African Americans were underrepresented in the media. They're so stupid.

diaperrash 3 points ago

yeah, none of this makes sense which is how you know they have no principles whatsoever.

verycute 11 points ago

It should be "racists convince activists to be racist".

fingerofkek 10 points ago

I saw aunt jemima as a nice grandma. I never cared about her race, but then again since I’m white, I am blind to the systematic racism I enforce by not recognizing her skin tone.

BSTUNO 10 points ago

Guess it’s all white characters and white peoples photos for logos and cartoons from here on out. Well played Democrats 🤡 🌎

WANGIroll20s 10 points ago

To my generation, Aunt Jemima is the original creator of the syrup, my wife and I had no idea of the racist beginnings and that she is just an advertising character. The Dems are honestly just opening up old wounds that have been healed over and forgotten for two generations.

overseer3 3 points ago

Well said. Another example of liberals being blatantly racist. They can't look at a bottle or box without equating it to a skin tone, while the rest of us are just making breakfast a little sweeter with some aunt jemima.

Miztivin 9 points ago

Exactly, let's white wash faces of products. Thatll fight racism.

Raindrops1984 8 points ago

Fun fact: the Land of Lakes logo was designed by a Native and it continues to be the most popular brand of butter amongst Native Americans.

Bubbahax 8 points ago

This is the same lunacy that cancelled Speedy Gonzalez, even though the Mexican people loved him!

RealRedneck 7 points ago

Headlines from 2030: "Why do brands only feature white people?"

BonerDonor 6 points ago

So the logos and mascots people actually like are going away but stock photos of unrealistically diverse groups of people will stay.

deleted 3 points ago
IslamObamaWigwam1 5 points ago

Next level in progress: “Is it racist that Samuel L. Jackson is black?”

SadPangolin 4 points ago

Black actors shouldn't be in movies made by white people. That's racist.

IslamObamaWigwam1 2 points ago

More than that though, if it’s racist to have a black spokesperson/ mascot, then I guess it’s racist to even BE black. Think about it, black people are out here doing black face all day, everyday. How racist is that?

LearnAboutRoaches 4 points ago

Holy Jose 'Ole, dang PF Chang

DragonNRG 3 points ago

Like... it's not like these brands were invisible util the george floyd thing happened. they must just keep a list of all the dumb crap like this that they want to eradicate and say to themselves "ok we will wait til there is some heavy sh*t that goes down and we will tack all this stuff on to our list of demands like adding pork onto a bill right before it passes."

I'm kinda surprised the Washington Redskins outrage hasn't resurfaced again. Or maybe it has and I just haven't seen it.

SuperSaiyanPOTUS 2 points ago

Its just another power grab by the elites. Even if doing these things effects their sales negatively, they still see it as a net positive by changing the culture in favor of their agenda.

redditadminssuckit 2 points ago

Zaterans is better anyway

PepeHandsEmoji 1 point ago

Was anyone actually offended by any of these brands? A strong looking Native American women, an Indian independent store owner, and then 2 brands depicting African Americans smiling. I used to just enjoy their products, but now I just find them annoying.

Should we get rid of Fruity Pebbles mascot because of the insensitive depictions towards early humans and neanderthals?

diaperrash 1 point ago

Dont give them ideas. Lol

Quietam_Unum 1 point ago

Fuk U! aint no peepul uv color in advertysing no more! RAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysisssssssmmmmmmmm

deleted 1 point ago
astro_eng 1 point ago

Doing the KKK's work for them. What a world!

InLimbo 1 point ago

The only one of these that actually pisses me off is the removal of Apu.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu created the documentary, 'The Problem With Apu,' all while claiming that he didn't give a sh*t and that it "didn't really concern him that much."

He goes on to say, "just because something is funny doesn't make it right." Yeah, no kidding, but a comedian's job is to make people laugh. I highly doubt that people who watched the Simpsons became actual racists towards Middle Easterners after seeing Apu on-screen.

Mugwort 1 point ago

All this stupidities must be planted by an organisation that follows something like what Yuri Bezmenov told us about: Support and implant crazy ideas into several groups that fight for some lofty political, green, gender etc ideals. The crazy ideas may well be contradictory among different groups. Use sectarian principles; let the members fear each other and be afraid of punishment and expulsion. The goal is to harm and break down the society and take over it - but only those in the top organisation know the real goal. There will not be any socialism or a green stone age society and no bridge from the mainland USA to Hawaii. But there will be terror and obedience.

cchris_39 0 points ago

Aunt Jemima tastes like shit.

Thankfully Fat Mammy Butterworth is white. That’s some good syrup there.

cchris_39 0 points ago

Did something happen to Apu?

deleted -1 points ago