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emonoob 75 points ago

All these floyd protests started end of may, right?

So should we be seeing the big spikes in infected people by now?

I mean, it wasn't just texas and florida where people were protesting.

UpTrump 32 points ago

Why are Texas and Florida seeing big numbers but nobody else is?

roflcopter 46 points ago

Texas: A lump of positive tests at prisons was added in a huge batch.

Supersonic-turtle 2 points ago

I live in a region where there is a big prison, a few meat packing companies, and the only real hospitals within a 200 mile or so radius. We have “high” numbers because of those factors not because we are backwoods or reckless and for the past few days we have seen a substantial drop in new cases almost zero.

emonoob 38 points ago

My guess is, texas and florida have increased testing.

Hospitalizations and deaths are still going down, afaik.

leakmouth 31 points ago (edited)

Yes. Funny how every day you hear about bazillions of new cases but no deaths or anyone even sick

AngelMark 16 points ago

Cases not deaths! I'm not buying it! Most cases people have no symptoms. I think half the positive cases are bullshit! How can you have SO many people that are positive but don't have not even 1 symptom! I think it's all BULLSHIT!

Pandas4Trump 11 points ago

It's the tickle me elmo virus. It's real, just adorable and near harmless

Kekintosh2020 9 points ago

Schrödinger's Virus. Both real and fake at the same time but depending on your political beliefs.

Choomguy 3 points ago

The worst viruses have no symtoms!

InSaNeOldGuy 4 points ago (edited)

Of course MSM is targeting Conservative Texas and Florida... I live in Texas and can honestly say there's no change here. Other than MSM saying we're all gonna die.

Know this.. Texans don't watch MSM / Foxy / Scarf numbers; we don't believe in the hype. It's all garbage. We've opened businesses, bars, hotels, salons, beaches, parks and we are NOT going back into some kind of CCP quarantine again.

Abbott would be tarred and feathered if he tried that crap.

CuzzinTerio 2 points ago

^This. New cases only reflects testing capacity/availability. New hospitalizations, deaths, and % of positive tests are more important metrics which is why this “second wave” narrative is bullshit

ElectricChad 25 points ago

Yes, here in Florida all of a sudden there are huge spikes over 2,000 cases a day. Talking about closing restaurants again. More areas mandating masks. The sheep aren't listening so they are doubling down.

Also, one of the cops famous for being on LivePD that was supposed to go to the rally all of a sudden has Wuflu and can't go.

ChuckedBeef 29 points ago

Fuck em, if they get sick, they get sick. It's not fair to deny everyone a life, especially the kids, because some people have weak immune systems. Those people should stay at home, not demand everyone else stay at home to protect them.

I just don't care anymore about the fucking WuFlu.

Criss_P_Bacon 22 points ago

Never in the history of the US were the healthy quarantined.

FuckReddit4545 12 points ago

because some people have weak immune systems

This is also an argument against vaccines. I'm not particularly anti-vax or anything, I'm fine with polio etc. But vaccines against everything under the sun are ridiculous especially when there's infants involved. I always hear, "iM ImUnOcOmPrOmIsEd". Tough fucking shit, that isn't everyone else's problem. Maybe YOU should be the one who stays home and receives injections, not the rest of the healthy population.

AngelMark 6 points ago

Exactly! It has a 99.89 survival rate AND there is Hydroxycloriquine!

Lady_MaGa 2 points ago

Sadly, the FDA just recently said they no longer will allow Hydroxycloriquine to be used for Covid-19 leaving 92 million doses in a stock pile and blaming our President for the millions of $$ lost because of it. The swamp is a very nasty place.

HockeyMom4Trump 3 points ago

Amen! Young people missed school, prom, graduation, spring sports, Little League, pool time...all because some people have weak immunity? Enough! If you are old or have health issues, stay home! Stop quarantining the healthy.

Choomguy 2 points ago

I never did.

tooeasy4lyfe 4 points ago

I'm in Florida aldo. Wtf is the deal with the spike? Just more testing as FL governor desantis said? Just curious as to what you've heard about regarding Florida.

CousinEddie 13 points ago

Also: they tested positive, now what?

It’s always crickets.

How many of those are in the hospital? How many are riding it out just fine? How many have zero symptoms at all?

Being positive doesn’t mean anything. The result of that is what’s important.

Cbllbc 11 points ago

Because Florida is where the sports are. Reporters don't want happy people this election year.

thisguy883 8 points ago

A Dem judge here just ruled that we need to start wearing face masks in public again starting on the 22nd here in San Antonio. He ruled this as a response from a petition made on change.org, a Soros funded site.

All around Texas, Dem mayor's are ignoring the EO of our governor and forcing people to wear masks when in public because of a sudden spike in cases.

Well guess what? Everyone who has been to places like HEB and Walmart have COVID. Face masks won't do a damn thing to stop it.

DonaldIsHuge1 4 points ago

I’d Challenge anyone to show me the law/statute the books that requires a judge to rule this way. This is just more political pandering nothing more. The ‘Judges’ can’t mandate people wear a mask as a mandate isn’t a law 🤔

minotaurbeach 4 points ago

Q took out the infection squad pretty early

quigonkenny 4 points ago

As the states are opening up, more people are coming out of their quarantines to get tested to see if they had it/have it.

AngelMark 3 points ago


HockeyMom4Trump 2 points ago

Because they have probably upped the testing

Tonightm01 17 points ago

If the was a superspreader in any of those crowds it really only takes a couple of days for it to show.

The 1 week to show then 2 weeks to recover was used to make sure countries had to close down for a long period of time. Right at the start, Italy got fucked over the course of a weekend.

Peashout 11 points ago

Didnt the CDC come out and say that superspreader thing was bullshit from the start?

Could've swore I saw the article a week ago.

MLGS 24 points ago

Everything you've read everywhere about it is probably bullshit.

Italians_Invented_2A 9 points ago

Lots of people took much longer to recover from the Chinese virus.

And no, Italy got fucked over the course of at least a month. But in Italy the vast majority of the cases where all concentrated in one area of about 10m people. An area which is famous for illegal Chinese immigrants working in sweatshops.

pmurTJdlanoD 11 points ago

And the black population was supposed to be most vulnerable to the racist virus...

saveMySpeech 9 points ago

Maybe we finally fund the vaccine? Burning down buildings, looting stores and churches seems to be the cure?

PurestEvil 7 points ago

And lockdowns for non-rioters, aka their victims. And no lockdowns for the ruling party of course because they are the equalest of all.

NahNovaBrah 2 points ago

Let's move some of that BLM money into a covid fund!

SlipperyFire 5 points ago

I was thinking the same thing. According to the MSM and WHO, rioters should be dying in the thousands in the streets right now. I kind of wish they were right on the matter right now though, would take care of a lot of commies.

MikesBigJockstrap 4 points ago

If only it were as deadly as they purport, these antifa faggots should be dropping like flies any day now.

Bye-den 3 points ago

That is the thin end of the wedge.

They will massively ramp up testing in order to produce more positives, and then declare the rally a superspreader event

Anaconda 1 point ago

i think they have been ordered to not ask new china virus infectees if they were rioters or joggers

AngelMark 2 points ago

Of course!

deleted 1 point ago
Tonightm01 30 points ago (edited)

Was talking to someone the other day about places opening again. Said to her at one point in the conversation that not one medical ""experts"" condemned the mass gatherings that have taken place over the last three weeks.

Then it sort of clicked with her as many people haven't really connected the two together.

The hypocritical nature of the left is showing more and more now.

Peashout 26 points ago

Who's to say it isn't already written?

My thought is they go straight MadLibs style.

Orangemanbad because ____________ He said ____________ and "___________" therefore we are now against ____________. We want __________, __________, ___________, ________________, _____________, and ___________ before we will feel better about ___________.

Friendly_B 16 points ago

I appreciate that one of the quotes has quotation marks and the other doesn't.

Inspector_Cheez 2 points ago

They ARE already written in many cases.

swarleybing 14 points ago

Someone has also pre-written an article about Biden winning all three debates...

thisguy883 4 points ago

They don't want debates, hence the virus scare.

If they have a debate, they will try to make it virtual and Biden will have access to all questions and focus-group tested answers.

pmurTJdlanoD 8 points ago

No need, they're lazy douchebags and can recycle all the trash they had pre-written for Georgia, Florida, Texas and just ctrl+f replace with Oklahoma.

HongKongFluey 6 points ago

Why the waiver? Why are they giving out masks? It makes it look like they agree with health “experts”. The wuflu is over. Pence said it himself. Why would they put a waiver like that on the tickets? It sends the wrong message.

deleted 11 points ago
HongKongFluey 2 points ago

Lawsuit from what? The wuflu is over. Why not make the waiver more general and not be specific to wuflu? By saying it’s over and then having a waiver with that language it undercuts the message and plays right into the left’s hands.

thisguy883 5 points ago

Because the left plans on using it to scare people who didn't attend.

Opens the campaign up to lawsuits. Lots of crazy lawsuits from crazy Dems.

You should know how this works by now.

HongKongFluey 1 point ago

Oh I know how it works but maybe you didn’t see the waiver. It is specific to wuflu. So some leftist can go and literally sue for anything else. And just because you sign a waiver doesn’t mean you can’t sue. It just makes it harder to win. So if the left wants to sue the campaign they can still do that. This waiver stops nothing the way it’s worded. All it does is give the left something to point to and say that the wuflu is still with us. They should change the wording.

deleted 1 point ago
HongKongFluey 1 point ago

Yeah but that waiver is specific to the virus. There’s nothing stopping the left from coming and “falling down” and suing for that. The wording completely undercuts the message that they’re using to convince the country that the wuflu is over.

deleted 0 points ago
HongKongFluey 0 points ago

Exactly! It is a hoax. And you can’t catch a hoax. So why legitimize it with an official waiver? No one I catching anything. There is no more wuflu. It was all a hoax from the start. People can sue for injury at any event so not sure what law you mean.

CantStumpTrump -6 points ago

For the same reason Trump is pushing the vaccine.

The corrupt of the new world order runes deep.

upvotechamp 5 points ago

I wish I could say you’re somewhat of a prophet, but this is as obvious as epsteins suicide was.

AmericanJawa 5 points ago

They better have follow-up articles ready explaining how they can blame one Trump rally and not all the protests and rioting that have been going on for weeks.

based_trekkie 5 points ago

Black people in Tulsa dying from Covid....

Because something bad happened to black there nearly 100 years and and they wanna tie trump to that too.

RogueLeaderX 4 points ago

I hope Tulsa is the top of the iceberg! Trump needs a new rally every day!

ShrikeDeCil 4 points ago

Is this with, or without the help of a Chinese researcher?

mrspaulrevere 3 points ago

NYT: "White supremacist Dan Dribble has tested positive, he says he has not left the house except for the Trump rally. Pictured: His wife Lisa still wearing her Women for Trump hat as she's put on a ventilator. 'She refused to take her hat off, was gasping I love you big white racist!' says Dan, who had to wash the spittle from his face after getting home from the rally where the 200 racists attending were crammed shoulder to shoulder."

MajJamesMcFarlane 3 points ago

This is beautiful. Also, only 200? That doesn't sound right. Should prolly be a factor of at least 100

minotaurbeach 3 points ago

Democrats are evil.

MrTrumpsWildRide 2 points ago

They will hate us no matter what happens and no matter what we do, so stand your ground. Ignore their screechings and their fake tears and pretend outrage.

deleted 2 points ago
RockyMin 2 points ago

Trump should have people at the entrances handing out HCQ to all attendees.

quigonkenny 2 points ago

It's already written. They wrote it the day Trump announced the rally. If we're lucky, they'll have forgotten to edit the date of the rally from the 19th to the 20th before they publish it.

DarkRiver 2 points ago

Oh yes they are very predictable now. Someone is even ready to twist everything POTUS will say too

hocuspocusfocusjeep 2 points ago

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it

Crucial8GB 1 point ago

We have about 5 more months until the election so I'm fairly certain there are going to be more bullshit to deal with until we get there.

DinsdalePiranha 1 point ago

"Women and minorities hardest hit."

Georgiamom 1 point ago

That is a given.

watchingindisbelief 1 point ago

Oh, I'm sure there's a whole team working on articles like that.

Going to be a lot of bedwetting after the pictures of thousands of people, without masks, start showing up.

tooeasy4lyfe 1 point ago

Friend of a friend works for the ny times. Said they'd go broke if trump doesnt win a 2nd term.

Magakekdon33 1 point ago

Maybe attendees can take some prophylactic hydroxychloroquine and Zicam (zinc) before, during and after Trump rallys.


WU_HAN_FRU 1 point ago


cybertoke 1 point ago

nah, they dont think. theyll report a spike the day after and still blame trump

theeyeshaveit 1 point ago

Predictable, they are becoming.

FuckReddit4545 1 point ago

Of course they are. They have shit articles ready to print months in advance. They control the narrative, yet if you ask anyone about them they think they are some sort of holy institution.

nastyn8 1 point ago

It’s already begun, the wuhan flu in Tulsa is “spiking to record numbers” these last few days.

I don’t buy the numbers at all! They’re doing everything they can to keep this rally from happening. Just ignore the news and keep MAGA’ing on, frens!

Lawless 1 point ago

So true

JoeSnifDaKidz 1 point ago

The image this created in my head was beautiful and disgusting all at the same time.

VetforTrump 1 point ago

It will be interesting g how it only attacks democrats

The_RedWolf 0 points ago

I mean let’s be real I would be absolutely shocked if there wasn’t a spike in Tulsa and the surrounding area afterwards, but I can say the same thing about cities who have had the massive protests/riots (depending on city) as well