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EpicPede 22 points ago

Same here. 10/10 movie.

HEXEN 18 points ago

Really? I got 25 minutes in and was falling asleep. Never finished it.

Watched Hunt for Red October for about the 90th time instead.

Canadian-Bacon 36 points ago

"I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pickup truck... maybe a 'recreational vehicle.' And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?"

"I suppose."

"No papers?"

Patriot76 15 points ago

No papers

sagebrushfire 14 points ago

What a fantastic movie. Alec Baldwin before he was an ultra cuck, Sean Connery, Scott Glenn, Sam Neill, James Earl Jones, Stelan Skarsgard, Fred Thompson. What a cast. Back then, people flee to America to escape communism. Now they want to transform it into the Federal Republic of Ameristan.

JohnnyRico69 7 points ago

I always wished Clancy would have had Ryan meet up with Ramius again, in one of his later novels.

Pau1F01ey 5 points ago

Any other Clancy novels you can recommend? I only have The Sum of All Fears.

... continue reading thread?
leftists_are_trash 1 point ago

He did. It was a short mention, but Raimus did a cameo consult in a later book.

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WhineTasting 4 points ago

From the film actors guild?!?

Quietam_Unum 3 points ago

Sean Connery

Does everyone have a list? "All I need to hear is [name here] and I'll watch the movie" type of list?

Sean Connery Billy Bob Thornton Peter Sellers Clint Eastwood (in or producing/directing) ...

HEXEN 2 points ago

It is one of my all time favorites. In my top 5, right up there with kingdom of Heaven directors cut and Master and Commander Far Side of the World.

EpicPede 4 points ago

Thats a good one too

wong 7 points ago

Come on man, only Joe Biden can do that..

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Italians_Invented_2A 3 points ago

What movie is it?

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GeorgeOhwell 29 points ago

You get what you fucking deserve!

wong 20 points ago

Ah too bad sir, you did not type your message in all caps. Have a sympathetic upvote from me to you

EpicPede 17 points ago

excuse me I was also one minute earlier lol

wong 13 points ago

Well then fuck this guy! What a douche nozzle. Have more 2 more upwins or whatever they're called now. I've placed a hex on Georgeohwell for his unconscionable behavior - "#"bebester

EpicPede 7 points ago

Lmao nice

Ragnar_Danneskjold 28 points ago

One of the really shitty things is, they will still find some way to come after any law abiding citizen who uses force to protect. Even if 99% of the cops walk out or even quit outright, and there's like 17 officers left in the entire city, if you shoot an Antifag, they will find some way to send someone out to arrest you. There could be hundreds of rapes, robberies, arsons, burglaries, and murders going on around the city, but if just some normal shop owner shoots someone in a band of thugs trying to burn his store down, somehow, some way, the authorities will manage to scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with a few cops to send over to arrest him.

glompywompy 18 points ago

This!!! This doesn't end until the police/govt stand by law abiding citizens. If we can't protect ourselves for this exact reason, then we know the govt is complicit.

BiscuitsBrown 10 points ago

My prediction is they are anticipating citizens defending themselves so that they can manufacture a narrative of "white supremacist" violence.

SuperCoolWagon 5 points ago

They can try, but is anybody going to buy that? Nobody bought their "white supremacists" burning down black neighborhoods.

Italians_Invented_2A 2 points ago

Well they'll just arrest you and prosecute when things settle down

SadPangolin 1 point ago

That works a few times. Then it doesn't.

MrSuperPede0426 21 points ago

Link for relevance. SPOILER ALERT for 'Joker.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9az_83u-3U The best part about 'Joker,' is that liberal Hollyweird and professional TDS sufferer, Robert Deniro, realized too late they were portraying the baddies in the movie and tried to shut it down before it premiered.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack 16 points ago

This shit is so rediculous it seems planned.

Wondering if they want the police to quit so they can install a force full of chodes who will carry out the whims of the left. If that happens God help us

EpicPede 24 points ago

The end goal is to centralize/federalize all police. That makes it much easier to let the looters run wild while heavily policing us for things like hate speech and being white or whatever.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack 13 points ago

That's exactly what I'm afraid of so in others words lefties are sitting around enjoying this shit bc were 1 step closer to their end game

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Snake 3 points ago

Epstein may not have been found out if it weren't for local police https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Epstein#First_criminal_case. It's too bad he owned Congress and presidents and judges and media and other law enforcement.

Evei 6 points ago

I agree, but I think their ultimate goal is to find a reason to bring in the UN "Peacekeepers" as an "emergency measure until we can get a federalized police force activated".

..and you know how "temporary" works with the governments.

BiscuitsBrown 6 points ago

They won't need UN goons, they will have armies of "contact tracer" social workers to use soft power. They won't take your guns, they'll take your kids.

Madman2020 8 points ago

They'll still have to try taking my guns first.

EpicPede 2 points ago

I could absolutely see that being the result. Scary stuff

Ragnar_Danneskjold 5 points ago

This. The Left wants an American NKVD that is only answerable to them and not any of the communities.

Pau1F01ey 2 points ago

The FBI isn’t it?

Ragnar_Danneskjold 7 points ago

As of now, no they are not, at least by the book and on paper. The FBI doesn't write traffic tickets or investigate noise complaints. They don't prosecute assault charges if there's nothing that crosses state lines. What the Left wants is to get rid of the entire idea of local police enforcing local and state laws entirely, and replace them all with one National Police. The cop in West Bumfuk, Nowhere would no longer be an employee of the City of West Bumfuk, he would be a Federal employee of the National Police, doing all the same stuff the West Bumfuk Police used to do, but now only under the control of the Federal Deep State and not answerable at all to the citizens of West Bumfuk.

SkipperinTrumpsNavy 2 points ago

So basically the one thing they've always wanted. Unlimited power in Washington to tell the States what to do.

Ragnar_Danneskjold 2 points ago

The age old conundrum we face as conservatives. Our highest ideal is to not seize power and to just be left alone. Our default stance is to not get involved, leave people alone, not makes rules, not be in charge. What we value the most is to not be in charge because we don't want anyone in charge. So we're essentially always fighting against ourselves. We need power to enact our will, but our will is for no one to enact their will and for everyone to just live their lives free of coercion, theft, harm, tyranny, etc.

The Left has it easy. They want one thing: total domination. Everything works towards that. Every different Leftist movement, no matter how wildly disparate, from the flamboyant faggots fighting to suck each other off while wearing assless chaps in front of 8 year olds on Main St in a parade, to the most radical fundamentalist Muslim who wants to burn gays alive. All of it is working towards one single goal: total domination. And when the arena of the game is trying to outdo the other to gain power, they will always have the advantage over us, because we're always simultaneously fighting them, and fighting against the game itself. They're only fighting us.

LordSluggo 1 point ago

I've been saying this since the BLM movement started. I was an insane conspiracy theorist until this month.

EpicPede 1 point ago

They are very close to getting it

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justforthissubred 11 points ago

Worse. Their private force will consist of H1B visa holders. That way they can trust them not to have any problems brutalizing Americans. Much easier than trying to get citizens to do it to each other.

americathegr888 7 points ago

Already happens with "legal" immigrants as it is. Just look at the Justine Damond case.

What's his face was a "muh based legal immigrant" Somali Muslim who shot her for no reason because she was white.

EpicPede 3 points ago

on the money

SadPangolin 1 point ago

Their private force will consist of H1B visa holders.

I think you meant to say 'Somalians'.

bubadmt 2 points ago

Not everything eventful is actually planned. I'm sure if we really knew the ins and outs of conspiracies, we'd be shocked at how much of is actually true, even if it's only to a certain degree, but in this case, I think it really is that simple: these cops have had enough of the bullshit and decided to give the city a giant middle finger and let them sort it out. It's not farfetched. Teachers and unions do it all the time and they're the farthest things from gunfire and violence. So I for one do believe the situation is exactly as it seems. You reap what you sow.

TommyLasordasBallBag 1 point ago

Hello fellow ballbag

proDeoEtPatria 11 points ago

Democrat cities are such failures.

Trump-45 6 points ago

The only reason they have the illusion of law enforcement is because conservatives are doing the support on law enforcement. The Democrats ride on the boot heels of conservative smart & hard work! You look at what they all do when left in power!

KekistanPM 8 points ago

Actual narrative: "BuT oThEr CiTiEs DiSsOlVeD tHeIr PoLiCe AnD iT wOrKeD oUt FiNe!"

Just like socialism, right?

Canadian-Bacon 2 points ago

It worked out in one city (I forget what country) but the police were basically the mafia there and caused most of the crime.

Deplorable_in_PA 2 points ago

Yeah, they cite Camden, NJ...which basically shut down their PD and doubled the size of the county PD. Of course county cops were non-union, city PD union. But I doubt that had anything to do with it (cough, cough).

RWS400 8 points ago

To be honest, the cops in blue cities did a pretty good job of making everyone hate them by being the enforcers for the dems insane lockdown

The cops I think are realizing the burned their bridges pretty good

Atlanta should burn because thats what they all voted for

ProdigalPlaneswalker 2 points ago

Mistake #1: Enforcing unconstitutional lockdowns

Mistake #2: Standing down to rioters & kneeling to protestors

Mistake #3: Walking away instead of arresting the mayors (as they should have done three months ago).

AenAllAin 5 points ago

Everyone who supports the police, buy a sign and a bumper sticker to show it. That way the police know who to respond to, who to help and who to just ignore!

ProdigalPlaneswalker 4 points ago (edited)

They didn't do their job.

Should have arrested mayors three months ago for illegal lockdowns.

Should have arrested rioters the first night instead of standing down.

Should not have released criminals from jails because of Wuhan virus.

Who did they arrest instead?

Family playing in the parks.

Dude kayaking alone in the ocean.

Salon owner trying to open her shop.

Dude protecting his shop from rioters.


spez: I wish no malice to the cops, but they're making a mistake walking away instead of arresting the mayors (as they should have done three months ago)

Remember-The-Liberty 4 points ago

Low property values and increased jogging.

SavingPrivateGrace 4 points ago

You get no protection or service!! Blue walkout!!

DebunkTheLeft 4 points ago

I disagree with the graphic. Minneapolis and Seattle have along way to go before they are "brought to heel".

Johnson 2 points ago

Funny the most left cities fell first. I can hardly think of more liberal big cities in the US. Maybe DC.

Pau1F01ey 3 points ago

NYC: Am I a joke to you?

Madman2020 3 points ago

San Francisco just pooped a used heroin needle on your front lawn.

Mr_Beanths 2 points ago

I live in Atlanta. FUCK THESE PEOPLE!

Well, I live in a suburb that has great Police and leadership. It’s Republican obviously.

RyanUpCreek 2 points ago

Twins Mariners Braves Vikings Seahawks Falcons

1 if by land 2 if by sea

Scuffers 2 points ago

Elections have consequences

local elections are just as important as national, this current situation demonstrates this.

Vote for Soros DA's, get total fucktards in office and what's your town/city get fucked.

insert_username_here 1 point ago

Seattle is doing fine outside of the CHOP actually (I've avoided the CHOP, so maybe it's really horrible there), but i agree with the message here.

yzzp 1 point ago

you give antifa way to much credit

BumpForTrump 1 point ago

George Soros?

the-new-style 1 point ago

"Defund the Police" is really "Globalize the Police"


Hillandbill 1 point ago

It amazes me no one knows who ordered the Chaz police precinct shut down. I watched the press conference, the chief and mayor seemed more focused on putting their mask on and taking it off than answering questions.

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EpicPede 5 points ago

you wouldn't get it

Madman2020 3 points ago

Did you and your husband go get a beer?