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Fuckreddit01 71 points ago

Needs sticky.

donald_zuramp [S] 37 points ago

Thank you

Credit to u/panthicc for his thread the other day. I am just repeating the message again. It needs to be known by all the virtue signalling morons out there. BLM = Democrats. No distinction, period.


cali_expat 10 points ago

I don't think there is a difference between the 2 groups you mention.

virtue signaling morons = democrats.

They likely won't care that their money is funding a PAC or the DNC directly.

donald_zuramp [S] 14 points ago

The problem is a fuckton of companies right now are broadcasting that they are donating portions of proceeds to BLM.

They are donating your money directly the Democrats and they are "technically" telling you upfront if you navigate through the maze of bullshit and obfuscation.

This is frankly just outrageous. DEMOCRATS are the root of the problems afflicting the black community! DEMOCRATS run these urban shitholes where all this violence happens!

panthicc 5 points ago

Thank you so much for sharing this pede!

I don't really have any social media or anything, so I wouldn't know the first thing about getting the word out. I'm glad to see it gaining some traction. :D

ChuckedBeef 7 points ago

I posted this yesterday (less the link to Act Blue) but it's obvious. That $250 million the Mayor of LA is cutting from the police is going straight to the Democrat Party, probably for his future Presidential run. Mayor Garcetti should rot in a prison cell. He is straight up embezzling tax dollars into his political party.

Just_Wanna_MAGA 28 points ago

This I believe. #OBAMAGATE

donald_zuramp [S] 18 points ago

I was not able to find the "fine print" by navigating through the website, but putting the content into a quoted google search gave me the page:


VERY sneaky . . . it's on the website but good luck finding it through normal navigation. I added it to the topic post.

bovineblitz 15 points ago (edited)

Nice excellent find.

I only found it through the donate to BLM donation link - https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_blm_homepage_2019

I found more info too - in some states the law is that Actblue must directly deposit the money into the organization's bank account (which would kill the scheme). The ActBlue website calls this having a 'merchant account'.

It ALSO says that merchant accounts are only available in states where they're explicitly required. This ensures that the check scheme is available in all other states.

How to get your donations (link here)

How do I receive my donations? If you’re a federal candidate, a c4 nonprofit, or a state-level candidate that did not have to set up a merchant account, you’ll receive a check each week containing funds from the previous week. We cut and mail checks every Monday, containing funds through Sunday at midnight.

If you’re a local candidate or state-level candidate that had to set up a merchant account, the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Merchant account rules (link here)

Certain states and localities have campaign finance regulations that require ActBlue to operate through merchant accounts in order to legally operate in these jurisdictions. On our Pricing Page, you can find a list of states and localities that have such requirements.

ActBlue operates through merchant accounts ONLY in jurisdictions that legally require them

A merchant account is an electronic payment processor that will enable your committee to accept credit and debit card transactions online. Our platform is designed to work exclusively with merchant accounts provided by Vantiv Worldpay, our payment processing partner. Funds you raise through ActBlue will be processed through your Vantiv Worldpay merchant account and deposited directly into your bank account.

So now we need to find out what kind of account BLM has.

Edit: it seems that literally every single social justice organization uses ActBlue. Including the NAACP, of course.

panthicc 8 points ago

The wording is confusing here too, because on their pricing page, it only makes mention of some "local and state races" requiring a merchant account.

For some local and state races, the laws require you to have your own merchant account.

Would BLM even have to abide by these conditions because they're not considered a local or state candidate or campaigning for a local or state race? And if the money is just being funneled back into the federal race instead of state/local, would it apply at all?

In fact, a lot of ActBlue's verbiage pertains to races, candidates, etc. Very little of it speaks to organizations that aren't affiliated with a political race for office.

I'll have to do more digging, but I believe the BLM global network is considered a PAC for donation purposes.

It's especially wild to me because they're getting a ton of FOREIGN donations from companies and individuals outside of the US.

bovineblitz 2 points ago

Good catch. It probably doesn't apply to them at all.

verycute 3 points ago

This is probably according to the state where the organization resides. What do you want to bet that BLM is incorporated in a jurisdiction that doesn't need a merchant account?

freewillsetstruth 23 points ago

Well duh!!! Why do you think politicians and celebrities are pushing the bailout and blm related funds? Because they really just want to see black people succeed? 🤣😂

macrolinx 20 points ago

I don't understand the idea of donating money to BLM. (obviously)

What do people think they're going to do with it? They are not some well known philanthropist organization. Are the pledging to rebuild cities? Are they pledging to build infrastructure in communities? WTF are they saying they're going to do with it?

I mean, we all know what they ARE going to do with it, but what do they claim?

Freedom1776 14 points ago

Burn Loot Murder

People know exactly what they're going to do with the money, and they don't bother to claim otherwise.

Weapons, masks, spray paint, transportation, etc. - and of course "peaceful" signs for the media to point their cameras at. Terrorism costs money.

Epic_Caramel 12 points ago

Read their BS policies https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/

Organizers who call this network home have ousted anti-Black politicians

We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk

We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages”

It's a corporate sponsored cult movement to gaslight African Americans away from conservative values(nuclear family structure) and feed them WOKE bs. They're trying to turn the church-going stable african americans into white liberals.

MehNahMehNah 1 point ago

Dems once again exploiting the Black Community for money. They will continue to do nothing for them except enslave them.

Southern_Belle 19 points ago


So I was right?

I did say that giving money to BLM smelled like money laundering disguised as virtue signaling.

bovineblitz 13 points ago

Screenshots of terms and links outlining the scheme - https://i.maga.host/XeiVT1l.png

donald_zuramp [S] 16 points ago

They don't even have to wait 60 days.. It says right there that the group earmarked can just refuse the money, then Act Blue keeps it.

bovineblitz 11 points ago

Good point

underline added - https://i.maga.host/P5yvywZ.png

Evilresident662 10 points ago

Trump needs to address this to bring the undecided onto his side! Even just a tweet would help

Okuser 9 points ago

Does anyone have the image of how BLM only trends on twitter during election years? need it for a friend

MsAnthropic 2 points ago

You can send them the actual link so they can check it themselves, so they know it’s true: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&geo=US&q=%23blacklivesmatter

HadEnoughInCA 8 points ago

Now that is some bullshit. What do you expect from shitty Democrats, though.

OrangeElvis 8 points ago

Great info. Have posted to my FB page. Expect death threats imminently. If I get none, I know I have been shadow-banned, lol.

Pres_Trump 6 points ago

It always has been.

Highball 6 points ago


Same reason the DNC had as many primary candidates as possible. It's a means to extract as much money out of their user base as possible.

The same reason there was the uproar from the DNC when Beto wouldn't turn over all of the campaign funds he raised.

jennyfrutex 5 points ago

[Paul Joseph Watson voice] well IMAGINE MY SHOCK

PotentialWizard 5 points ago

BLM and Antifa were pretty active up until the 2016 election too. No doubt they disappear again on Nov. 5.

joker 5 points ago

Also Soros supports BLM at least through the Open Society Project https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_projects_supported_by_George_Soros

donald_zuramp [S] 5 points ago

And we also see exactly how he took over Wikipedia. $$$

joker 1 point ago

Lol yeah, that is certainly true.

Tenspot20 4 points ago

I'm curious if there are any Republicans or even any Trump Supporters who also support BLACK LIVES MATTERS agendas, protests and actions.

B3fre 4 points ago

I agree that the donations themselves are nefarious, but BLM has no reason to refuse the donations. The money will be funneled to their leaders and back to the DNC through the usual corrupt methods.

donald_zuramp [S] 7 points ago

They "refuse" the donations and then it goes to Act Blue. Act Blue can disperse in any way it chooses.

I have no doubt that BLM takes some of the money, maybe even most. The point is that the scheme exists. BLM uses Act Blue and Act Blue is explicitly Democrat party ONLY. BLM can take as little as much as it wants and then give the money to DNC if its left over.

For example if these protests wind down BLM has no need for funding at the moment, it's all gonna go directly to DNC candidates' campaign funds.

B3fre 4 points ago

Yes, regardless of how it gets there, the money ends up with the DNC.

CMDRConanAAnderson 3 points ago

Very good point. I wonder what they'd find if they investigated their finances? Waiting on Barr to release the financial ties to Antifa and not ponder out loud.

Lawless 3 points ago

The dnc sure loves terrorist groups

rooftoptendie 2 points ago

BOOKMARKED. Nice redpill, fren!

tamagotchibreeder 2 points ago

This is important and needs to be stickied.

TrumpOrTreason 2 points ago

Fuuuuuckkk.. this makes perfect fucking sense now!

Tenspot20 2 points ago

Democrats have been standing on the throats of Black People for hundreds of years.

WasabiFootprints 1 point ago

The DNC is a scam; therefore anything it does is.

deleted 1 point ago
Nightjar -2 points ago

This is so absurd it is hilarious.

ColbyP 3 points ago

Not at all. Money laundering is extremely common. Tricking people into funding you through a bogus cause is classic politics

MavisBeacon -5 points ago

The only people who use the phrase "full stop" are soy boy leftists . Op is a plant

Woefully_Inept 2 points ago


Woefully_Inept -6 points ago

Please don't use "full stop" that's liberal retard shit. They say that shit all the time between claps. Don't lower yourself to their level.

deleted 3 points ago
Woefully_Inept -1 points ago

Really saying "please stop" is hyperventilating? Get those emotions in check. Might mistake you for a feels based libtard. And you use some trendy millenial buzz term and you get called a retarded liberal. Words matter if you hadn't heard. Lmao

deleted 1 point ago
Woefully_Inept -1 points ago

Shill? How am I a shill if I LOATHE EVERYTHING Liberal? Liberalism is a cancer that needs erradicating. And I say that as a 25 year cancer survivor. I have experience.

Shit is super amped up right now so let's turn things down a notch. There's no need for the arguing. Have a good night dude. We are indeed on the same side. MAGA 2020 Landslide!

donald_zuramp [S] 1 point ago

Ok Boomer.

Woefully_Inept 1 point ago

Don't be an ass please. We're all on the same side here. If you want to sound like a retarded liberal by all means go ahead. I personally try to distance myself from any and everything that would come across as liberal.

And I'm 41 dipshit. Gen X thank you very much.

panthicc 0 points ago

Also refer to OP with they/them pronouns or you're a BIGOT.

Seriously, what's with the language policing? I'll use whatever words I want, thanks. Liberals don't own "full stop".

Woefully_Inept 1 point ago

The ONLY people I see talking the way the OP does are liberals. Fuck liberals. Don't share their syntax. Why would you want to emulate ANYTHING they say or do? Go right ahead use the phrase if you want to sound like a libtard.

panthicc 0 points ago

I mean, "full stop" existed and had meaning well before they started using it. I didn't even know it was "their syntax" before this thread and personally idgaf. I don't care about them enough to let inane shit like that even enter my brain space, let alone bother me. If it fits with the point I'm trying to get across, I'll use it. They don't get to take anything away from me, least of all my speech. If anything, now I want to use it more. It'd probably piss them off.

Caring about what words people use sounds a lot more libtard to me than saying "full stop".

deleted 1 point ago