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saveMySpeech [S] 2 points ago

Also remember:


For over 50 years, CDC said hydroxychloroquine is safe to take for any length of time, safe for children, safe for pregnant women when taken to prevent malaria. Then suddenly "experts" started claiming it can be fatal and dangerous and what not.

For anyone who tries to argue you about the side effects, show them this and read the "Adverse Events" on page 12 PDF:


This concerns the entirety of HCQ use over more than 50 years of data, likely millions of uses and of longer-term use than the 5 days recommended for Covid-19 treatment.

Nevertheless, even if the combined HCQ+AZ produced a 10-fold higher incidence of fatal Torsades de Pointes and long QT-interval syndrome than either agent alone, and even if both events were 10-fold underreported in FAERS, thus hypothetically giving 1200 fatal events, that would still be very small compared to the millions of uses of these medications that the FAERS database represents.