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CarpenterRichard 4 points ago

That Houston police chief sounds like La Raza. They all teamin up. Gonna have to designate La Raza terrorist too.

HerbertHumperdink 4 points ago

Tucker is on point here. Especially about leftists weaponizing race 24/7 - 365. That shit needs to be eradicated permanently from political discourse. It's arguably the single most dangerous weapon America's enemies have against the US.

Diabolik 2 points ago

Wow, Tucker can read President Trump’s mind now? Amazing. Why is he only a FOX opinion piece? If he has so much info surely he could relay it to the President! Lol fuck off with Cucker

Don-O-Mite 2 points ago

I find myself questioning Tucker most often when the shit is hitting hardest; so Im not surprised. (to be fair, I dont watch him and just see clips when shit is hitting, so undoubtedly my opinion is skewed and bias)

Lla26 1 point ago

How would Tucker know anything about Kushner influencing Trump? Does Tucker sit in the Oval Office during discussions? Does Trump confide in Tucker about his decision making? No

goodguy 0 points ago

He went coo coo crazy and I changed the channel and thought, "I just lost some trust in this guy."