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Digitalalchemyst 7 points ago

This is the fucking saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Fuck This World.

TrumpTrain 4 points ago

Now let’s all go riot, destroy our city, kill grandmas with the Wuhan virus, beat up old ladies, and rob every store, all in his name!

Digitalalchemyst 2 points ago

It’s disgusting what happened to George Floyd. Truly horrible. But none of these protests are about him. After the first night in Minneapolis where everything got destroyed and looted everyone knew what was going to happen. “Peaceful protestors” are all complicit.

AetherSurreal 1 point ago

Yes, that's right, let's have a knee jerk reaction and say fuck the world, not hold the individual who did this responsible..

Digitalalchemyst 0 points ago

Are you fucking kidding me you pusillanimous piece of trash. Knee jerk reaction?

A man lost his life protecting his property. It’s fucking sad and didn’t need to happen you feeble minded fuck. I watched stores I go to daily burn and get looted by savages. I joined in and cleaned up my city the following day and saw the true extent of what had been done. People crying over once bustling businesses that I’m sure, some of them we’ll never open again. I’m sleeping with a hatchet next to my bed because I don’t know if the cops we’ll even come if I need them.

I’m way passed knee jerk reaction.

AetherSurreal 1 point ago

Holy shit speaking of knee jerk reactions.. Fly off the handle there much, bud?

deleted 1 point ago
GiantTheAndre 7 points ago

He looked like he was still alive. Maybe I'm wrong. But it would've been great if the guy filming knew some basic life-saving skills. Man, I dont know. Maybe its asking too much. But dammit! Put the phone down! Stop the bleeding, something!! Fuck. So mad right now. Noone deserves to die in the street like that. Especially not him. Not after serving the community he loved for so long.

Digitalalchemyst 2 points ago

He died unfortunately. Definitely would of been nice to render basic life saving skills or even just hold his hand as he lay dying.

Slick_Willys_Nutsack 5 points ago

When I watched the Floyd video for the first time it was pure anger towards the cops and disgust.

Watching this broke my heart. I've been on 2 tours to Iraq but something about seeing this done to this caliber of a human being on our soil just broke me down. This man also deserves justice but Instead this will be celebrated by the commies.

This is way worse than the Floyd video so much more so. This needs to be broadcast far and wide to expose the protesters for who they really are and seriously fuck any rioters, celebrities, corporations and media pundits that supports the riots.

We need to do something about the indoctrination and propoganda in this country. Of we don't this will keep happening Everytime the left dosent get their way. They are a party of division and they hate America and seek to destroy it from within. Don't let Captain Dorn death be in vain. RIP Captain Dorn and may God welcome you to paradise.

ignorant_slob 3 points ago

Plenty of individuals and companies pushed the hateful rhetoric of German socialists against Jewish people. There is no difference compared to the hateful rhetoric being peddled about police today. The blood of this fine man is on the hands of every company and individual who fanned the flames.

Necrovoter 2 points ago

I guess Black Lives don't matter to the rioters after all.

Digitalalchemyst 2 points ago

If all the black owned business and communities that have been destroyed haven’t made that clear already this should make it crystal fucking clear.

Ferrous_Tarkus 2 points ago

It's one thing to give your life for your friends.

It's another thing to give your lifetime to your community.

Chief David Dorn did both.

May God keep him within his bosom until the time of Judgement and Resurrection.