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TrumpTrain 6 points ago +6 / -0

I actually like my city Little Rock and am proud of it. It has problems, but who doesn't. The crap is escalating each day because the mayor and the police chief don't do anything to stop it. Like today, the Police Chief, which was hired by the Mayor, which enthusiastically accepted an endorsement from a lunatic leftists that ran into a cop with his car, and took a picture with him on a separate occasion, the Chief allowed people to sit in the road all day long and block downtown traffic. Fucking bastard asked them early on to move and they refused. He continued trying to ask them to move and they wouldn't, so he let them sit there all day long...

More examples of this crap, but basically, by allowing them to do this, they are encouraging people to do it more.

DatNewbChemist 5 points ago +5 / -0

That's when you just start doing mass arrests. I think what will really sting is if these people (not the peaceful protesters but the violent rioters) get slapped with felony charges and on top of their prison sentence, learn that they've forfeited their right to vote and be politically active in that formal sense.