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TrumpTrain 13 points ago

I used to think that I’d never visit that shithole LA, I’d rather go to NYC or something. Screw it, I’m adding NYC to my list of places never to visit. I think I’m just fine in the great state of Arkansas

Moebius [S] 9 points ago

I've been to both...why would anyone want to live in a place where at any moment you could get killed just for your shoes...

BadManOrange 6 points ago

de Blasio is bringing NYC back to the 80s. It's going to take another Republican to turn the city around again.

wubeizhi 4 points ago

Got extended family living in NYC. Sensible people, with a nice gun collection built up over a decade (it takes about 6-12 mo. PER GUN to get anything there).

You better believe they bugged out and went upstate the second SHTF. Work is the only thing keeping them there.