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MondoBurger 10 points ago

This is fake news

TrumpTrain 4 points ago

Maybe so, but you saying so is less convincing or equally convincing as OP

Futuramawe 1 point ago

^ Controlled opposition. Prove me wrong!

HadEnoughInCA 7 points ago

Which is real, this or the Twitter account purporting to be him that said that he had only gotten knocked out and was out of the hospital 24 hours later?

youhateamerica 4 points ago

People can and do die a day or two after being knocked out fairly regularly, even after they seem fine. So both could be true.

DavidBrockShill 2 points ago

People die from head trauma exactly like this all the time.

Based_and_proud 7 points ago

I don't know if this is fake or not, but try to imagine in your mind that exact same scene but inverse the racial roles... Dozens of white men beat a black man to the ground, hit him with skateboards, then steal his stuff while their friends all laugh and record it. Tell me how you think that would go.

Beat_to_Quarters 7 points ago

Last I read he was stable condition bro.

AlGoreRhythm 5 points ago

I want every frame of that video scanned, every face and identifier isolated, every murderer located.

deleted 2 points ago
Shariablue_Sorosbots 1 point ago

He's not a store owner and he's not dead. Other than that, cool story bro.

sun_wolf 2 points ago

Why do you believe that tweet from some unknown account no one ever heard of over the video you saw of him getting his skull bashed in with a brick? Think! The DNC needs this guy to not die because this story is terrible for them. That is also why they edited the video to make him look like the aggressor.

deleted 1 point ago
r_u_srs_srsly 1 point ago

Cool, add murder to the RICO charges.

Every antifa member arrested now has 6 counts of murder 1.