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grenades_and_ham [S] (289 points)

Sorry, you've been overruled by thedonald.win.

Nipple_Copter (63 points)

(Wizard meme)

Hahahaha, you have no power here

PotentialWizard (25 points)

I believe that's accurate. Not sure.

poorly_educated_13 (24 points)

"You have no power here! Begone, before somebody drops a house on you, too!"

  • Glinda the Good from The Wizard of Oz
Patriotpede45 (29 points)

I wish so bad we could just give the finger to these rats in black robes who are trying to destroy our country.

edxzxz (22 points) *

Old Ruthie the black robed rat has 9 toes in the grave and the last one on a banana peel, so prepare yourself for POTUS Donald J. Trump to fill another slot on the SCOTUS. Should be fun times watching the lefties try to smear Amy Coney Barret, mother of 7, 2 of whom were Haitian orphans. What can they do to smear her? Misogynist? Racist? Rapist? Should be a smart campaign season ploy to try and demonize her over her devotion to her faith - I'm sure that will endear the dems to the people of our country!

Pelosis_xanax (13 points)

Thatโ€™s the whole point of the impeachment circus. She will retire right after they impeach Trump so that spineless Republicans and never trumpers will not confirm the nominee of a president under impeachment.

Saneromeo (0 points)

Nah. What would stop Pence nominating her?

Patriotpede45 (7 points)

Coulda fooled me, I though she already had 11 toes in the grave lol.

magnokor (4 points)

Haitian orphans

Maybe they didn't pay the expected amount to finance Chelsea's wedding?

Babycakes (1 point)


Zadok (3 points)

Indeed, it is possible that President Trump will fill 2 vacancies over the next 5 years.

FrancisWayland (1 point)

That Judge in Roger Stone case ... grrrr.

PaigeAshley (144 points)

(Laughs in Freedom) squints eyes

Make me, Judge.

one3five (71 points)

giggles in kekistani

MawdT20 (43 points)


deleted (19 points)
Russian_Meme_Bot (37 points)

This comment didn't kill itself!

Nipple_Copter (11 points)

ABC protects pedophiles

JWatanabe (22 points)

I think, from here on out, all moderator deleted comments should read "epstein'd"

Babycakes (2 points)


357blackhawk (13 points) *

Actual deleted comment or we have to deal with the same shit here we do on reddit?

First thread I go into...

EpsteinMurdered (14 points) *

No worries pede. I deleted, I messed up the format since I was on mobile, was just easier to Epstein it!

HonkWorld (2 points)

with your name, it made perfect sense anyway. Epstein knows about being deleted.

RiverFenix (13 points)

It was a joke - MODS here are GODS

IronMaiden (7 points)

Giving me reddit ptsd here...

Brocklanders (39 points) *

Free at last

Free at last

Thank god almighty

We are free at last

PaigeAshley (13 points)


BudGrillz (12 points)

Aaaamazzzinggg Graceeeee......

Timevampire76 (11 points)

...Hooooow sweeeeeet the sooooound....

Barney_Gumbel (8 points) *

.....I once was banned!!!!!

Lazy_Melungeon (5 points)

...that saved...a wretch... like meeeee! REEEE!

Smirks in MAGA

spez_this (8 points)

I would love to see the Donald make this same statement, Andrew Jackson -style. Though we would probably see another impeachment session. Maybe at the end of his second term, or if the R's get the house back (and a speaker with a backbone).

Glock26gen3 (48 points)

Normally I would say, "kiss my ass," but as this is a special occasion I'll go with, "Slurp my butt!" ๐Ÿ˜

grenades_and_ham [S] (29 points)

No appeal was filed, shit was promptly overruled.

PocketPosse (15 points)

I prefer "Suck my 11th Circuit"

RiverFenix (7 points)

Defeat any Judge with this one weird trick;

  1. Your honor, do I have a right to a fair trial? (he'll say yes)

  2. Your honor, the presence of such a massive conflict of interest ensures this is not a fair trial... (He'll look confused)

  3. Your honor, who do both You and the prosecutor represent?

Jhugley328 (9 points)

My personal favorite is 'you can lick the browniest part of my pale white ass'

ampedUpAlligator (6 points)

Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar?

Data_bank (35 points)

The best part about this site is that weโ€™ll finally get real user numbers again

Fabius (27 points)

It's unbelievable how good this feels. No more reddit. It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Feelsbadman (9 points)


Nipple_Copter (5 points)

For me itโ€™s not getting ass raped by spez, the Reddit admins, and their uber-Left agenda.

f_bastiat (27 points)

How can he keep getting away with this!

Whoopies_tds (26 points)

Ok, this place is legit๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

MehNahMehNah (25 points)

Day one of the last days of Reddit. I was here, and there...

GrumpyAmerican (7 points)

I was here. I still am, but also was.

Epsteinwuzkilled23 (4 points)

Do you like beer, too? :D

FAQ-REDDIT (21 points)


RlzJohnnyM (21 points)

Hee hee heee


ErinCinderella (19 points)

Eric Ciamarella Eric Ciamarella Eric Ciamarella

TruthTrumpsLies (18 points)

That Judge needs a glass stomach.

312variable (18 points)

Fuck that Cunt.

try4gain (16 points)

This comment has not been edited by spez

BlackJack1776 (14 points) *

Hawaiian judge can just nut up and MAKE me.

LanceUppercut (13 points)


For_All_Mankind (13 points)

Eric Ciameralla is a faggot bitch and now I can say that without Reddit admins shitting their pants.

YourWifesBoyfriend (7 points)

I expect that they are still shitting their pants.

jpuggles (12 points)

Damnit! And we have such a good thing going over here!

Madmartigan305 (11 points)

Suck it Liberal cuck Hawaiian judge. Trump is flipping the courts Libtard bitches.

Moose (10 points)

God these Hawaii Judge memes make me laugh every time.

Only a commie bastard wouldn't laugh at a Hawaiian judge meme

the-cuck-stops-here (9 points) *

Come and make them.

ENVYNITAZ (9 points)

Nice Win!

FreedomFromGovt (7 points) *

Heyyy, it's my buddy--Envynitaz! I'm already seeing my old friends here! I'm just so very... sniff happy...ahh..bawl...tears...urgh...

TychoDurandal (5 points)

Hello San Diego fren.

ENVYNITAZ (4 points)

hello living near the busiest international border in the world WIN

AIDS1255 (9 points)

I don't give a fig what that judge wants

lurkwellmyfriends (9 points)

The judge has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.

Chodeus (9 points)

Lol, I love this place already!

GuerillaYourDreams (9 points)

I only have one question... can I say Eric Ciaramella here? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

JPG-007 (9 points)

โ€œHawaii judge rules newly founded website to be unconstitutional. โ€˜no free speech allowedโ€™ he arguesโ€

Babycakes (1 point)

screw the Hawaii judge!

JoeJenUSA (9 points)

So glad we are free from that retched site.

Windir (8 points)

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in...

Whereisthebaldman (8 points)

Welp..... It's been real. Guess we don't have a choice!

Clabber (8 points)

Hilarious. Thanks for the lightheartedness. Need this.

Dropcord (8 points)

Get bent.

Gene04 (8 points)

Adam Shit gonna impeach us

ComradeSchiff (5 points)

One ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒฟ coming right up!

Babycakes (1 point)

bug eyes is very worry according to my friends in CALIFORNIA. HIS BOYFRIENDS are staying away from the liar.

Illumination (8 points)

Hilarious! Yep; weโ€™re home, this post confirms it. We might as well delete the old Reddit bookmark now.

Babycakes (1 point)


Grimdal (8 points)

Thank you, this got a genuine laugh from me. Wouldn't be surprised that this is what some people in power of social media want though. They don't actually want us to have our own platforms, they want us to use THEIR platforms, where they make the rules and can shape their liberal narrative as they want.

Fabius (8 points)


Let's do this fellas. It feels like 2016 all over again.

No more oppressive bullshit. No more humiliation. I love you guys.

Bill_Clinton (7 points)

I bet he inhales!

dakrare (7 points)

He can't keep getting away with it!

MAGAPEPE2024 (7 points)

Ahahahhahaha, you have no power, here, Hawaiian Judge.

GatorGirl (7 points)

Pedes have the best sense of humors

free_dom0 (7 points)

Too late, already deleted/deactivated the Reddit account. Fuck that shithole.

GuerillaYourDreams (6 points)

Cute. Have a swim.

khrysteen (6 points)

lmao!!! too funny

Schiff2ndMccarthy (6 points)

Thank God we r free at last

Fabius (5 points)


And the 9th circuit agrees

catatonic_frog (6 points)

Now if only he could get arrested like that judge who helped an illegal

Spacemonkey0899 (6 points)

Hawaii judge can fuck off

MrYoyo99 (6 points)

Oh dangit he's gud.

Commiewrecker17 (6 points)

๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm in heaven rn ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฃ

Multiple_Muppets (5 points)

ahhh... i really hope all the pedes join so we can get true stats of truth. I just hope the hosting is solid here so we can weather the inevitable attack from the freedom haters!

AGNT-BLANK (5 points)

Is it just me are all the comments on R_ being clipped?

BrassBelles (5 points)

This is fun!


We have the patriots on the TRUMP TRAIN BABY

2020magavision (5 points)

Your rules don't mean shit here, Judge. Fuck off.

MagaMotherFucker (5 points)

Hawaii judge can suck me hard through my jorts

ThunderTrump (5 points)

Freedom finds a way

Aven (5 points)

lol fuck you cuck judge.

Sluggypogo (5 points)

I literally lolโ€™d at this one

The SPICE on it!

Rookie_2 (4 points)

Are you feeling lucky today, punk judge?

O-Ther (4 points)

Take my first upvote in here OP ! Top Kek =]

sondybundy (3 points)

fuck the Hawaii judge, he can breath in Swalwell's fart

Vinyl_Hunter (3 points)

Laughing in real life like a crazy person.

Op has his finger on the pulse of the people

Timevampire76 (3 points)

Think about it: another four year term and we'll flip these circuits and derobe these judges.

Wexit-Delecto (3 points)

I love Hawaiian judge memes

4touchdownbundy (3 points)

N I says Fuck You! I'm here bitches!

We have the best humor folks. Let me tell you. Bigly.

richiememmings (2 points)

Everybody says it. Everybody knows it.

OPs_Moms_Fuck_Toy (2 points)

Come and get us!

LOL This is a classic.

We're back MFers โ€ฆ F yourselves, Reddtards.

MEGABALLS (2 points)

Eat shit your honor.....

Magaman001142 (1 point)

Haha, you know this is a joke right? They joke about the judge in Hawaii speicifcally, because that was an Obama appointed judge, who constantly challenges Trump Era policy, and trys to find ways to stop it from becoming law.

Thracka951 (2 points)

Youโ€™ve been found guilty of suppression evasion.

blunt_person (2 points)



Just testing out my ability for freedom of speech on this platform.



Warlok480 (2 points)


cow_moo_moo (2 points)

You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave?

A63N7897 (2 points)

Sorry judge, you have been Adam schifted. Overruled!

WeebForTrump (2 points)

Can't go back If I was never there in the first place.

Checkmate liberal.

DarthFuckinVader (2 points)

A dick he may suck.

  • Baby Yoda
solarsavior (2 points)

Jury nullification in effect.

BuildTheWallD.T.A (2 points)

it's like reddit but not controlled by some leftist shit bag nice

Elvis (2 points)

Feels great to breathe free air

Goodscumbagbrian (2 points)

reddit is asshoe!

BlaqueJezus (2 points)

Heโ€™s not my judge.

davidmode (2 points)

top kek

joe_strummer (2 points)

I can't wait until our subscriber count tops it's first million

ExposeCorruption (2 points)

Maui Waui these wannabes are so far up zucks asshole they couldnt tell the difference between a skunk and some DANK

TheXthDoctor (2 points)

Now let him enforce it.

Sunset_knight45 (2 points)

He made his ruling, lets see him try to enforce it!

Deezy (2 points)

You have no power here, Watson the Grey!

Tokens_Worth (2 points)

Epic ShitPost <3

PocketPosse (2 points)

Somehow never gets old.

Txponi (2 points)


ThaTrumpTrain (2 points)


Babyfaceposey (2 points)

First comment. Best meme so far in our new home.

Epsteinwuzkilled23 (2 points)

Hawaii judge is asshoe!

lostremote- (2 points)

Hawaii Judge can suck deez nuts

TheKingJelly (1 point)

Holy Shit. Am I finally finished? Iโ€™ve heard the Hawaiian judge always gets what he wants

patriotX (1 point)

I love this new old sub!! We are back baby!!

Trumpfan7 (1 point)


THIS should be the highest rated post.

I thank you.

Drwuzer (1 point)

Darn, it was a good run fellas, pack it up

Randomatical (1 point)

Thank you. My first big laugh on the new site.

Bodiazrising (1 point) *

This post got my first upvote here. Nice work. (Donโ€™t mind me, just marking it for posterity.)

Edit: oh, and also my first comment. Aaaaand my first edit.

txladyvoter (1 point)

Don't make the Hawaiian goddess Pele angry again. The last time didn't go so well for the big island.

2Aimmigrant (1 point)

thedonald.win says to go pound sand

Oh no! Please, sleepy Jeff, appeal the order!

moomoocowcow (1 point)

Whatโ€™s the backstory with this judge? Besides the obvious beta make angry face

sivkon (1 point)

You've got no power here!

ENVYNITAZ (1 point)

hello Winner!

PotentialWizard (1 point)

Ohhhh, man, that sucks.

Foxbat40 (1 point)

Fuck!, pack it in boys. Let's go back to the plantation.

Here2win (1 point)

Seems legit. Bye everybody

deleted (1 point)
YeaMenOfClay (1 point)

My first LOL here.

I love these. Never gets old.

RetroHousewife (1 point)

Havenโ€™t seen this guy in awhile and laughed so hard at this.

Flaglerhm (1 point)


BrokenLeftEar (1 point)

Overruled and blown the fuck out

WILG123 (1 point)

Fuck that fuck!! Haha

Barney_Gumbel (1 point)

whats spez's real faggot assed name?

TerraHertz (1 point) *

Hilina would like a word with that Judge.


FreedomFromGovt (1 point)

Not just no...

HowDoILogIn (1 point)

Well fuck, guess I"m going back to Reddit. After all a Kritarchy is the best government system.

Ducktape (1 point)

Dammit....packit up boys, they got us...the hawaiian wins again... Lol.

motoford (1 point)

This was great!

Welp, it was a good try fellas ties knapsack back up

You have no power here, judge cuckk.


MuhSpicyMemes (1 point)

Ok, but I'm still waiting for permission from CNN

GalaxyDelta9 (1 point)

This may be the best use of that meme format I've seen yet

sofa_king_chubby (1 point)

lol, nice to see the humor has not left

StonerPede69 (1 point)


yardeldo (1 point)

I love the classics.


patriotblend (1 point)

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Swampy City to take back the liberties that spez has stolen, for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great... now you have no power over me.


Can we send the Hawaiian judge to Mexico or Haiti?

SNOWBREAKS (1 point)

Ah, shit. How does he keep getting us!

Randomroxks (1 point)

Hahahahaha. Suck it you rat bastard. You have no power here. I love the Hawaiian judge meme.

SWAMPdrainee (1 point)

fuck those commies. fuck reddit - its indoctrination nation

courezhuit (1 point)

Great post. Way to come out swinging

TrancePhreak (1 point) *

bobama at ameritech dot net was seen leaving the judge's residence hours before the decision

HoggRider (1 point)


epaminondas (1 point)

The Hawaiian Judge actually deserves to be removed from office via impeachment.

Babycakes (1 point)


Therightside (1 point)


LittleBlackKat (1 point)

lol Fuck you, Hawaii Judge! Fuck you!,

Tx_1776 (1 point)

Pack it up boys and girls, they got us

selfstarter20 (1 point)

Good Troll

DinosRFake (1 point)

A controversial ruling, but we are obligated to accept his decision.

What's this? We aren't obligated to listen to a word he says, and fuck that guy? Well well, this is news.

How about no!

luke21 (1 point)

Don't put it past this king assed fuck.

bubblegummy (1 point)


PodunkTexas (1 point)

I have never been to Hawaii and really have no desire to go. Plenty of places to see in the Southern states here on the mainland.

Babycakes (1 point)


Babycakes (1 point)


Trump2052 (0 points)

Change is always easier from within. While this site is amazing, we must maintain a vocal presence on reddit until they ban us from the site. R/the_Donald garnered hundreds of thousands of votes in 2016, we cannot afford to loose that type of outreach if we want Don Jr to win in 2024.

Saneromeo (0 points)

Hell yeah, my first out loud laugh on the site! Hillarious.

eviantears (0 points)

Ok boomer