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cook_does 19 points ago

Blacks from other countries think blacks in America are nonsense.

Wheredidiputit 3 points ago

Had a buddy growing up who's parents were from Nigeria (he was born in US). They DESPISED blacks and their culture. it was crazy. Any time he had rap music on they would flip out. "Turn off that [email protected] sheet right now!". Or if he would use slang it was "don't speek like the [email protected]". Hard R's and everything lol

rsalexander [S] 11 points ago

She's in the air force. That explains some things.. :)

DragonsAndDiamonds 11 points ago

Look at the soy boy pussies telling her to leave. LOL She is right, they are a joke.

top_eagle 9 points ago

Beautiful, powerful, intelligent woman!

Snooptwo 3 points ago

Yeah an intelligent smoke show. We call those unicorns.

Ex-libtard 7 points ago

It really is. Cringe, the movement.

here2red 7 points ago

LOL. I like the idiot white people trying to argue with her. Are they serious???

Candace Owens needs to find her, seriously

Lla26 7 points ago

She’s so right! Blacks are not oppressed or victims! Violence is wrong, police brutality is wrong no matter what color!!

White privilege Is a concept that makes these white activists feel so superior to blacks. They love it. It’s cringey as hell.

Rainman 3 points ago

She summed up the entire problem right there

cusp-of-carabelli 3 points ago

That woman is 100% right on the fucking money. And those cringey SJWs calling her wrong is the epitome of Democrat “we know better than you” bullshit. She straight up told them “I am free. I can do what I want.” If there weren’t so many cameras I’m sure some dickless, soy-fag would have tried to sucker punch her.

k614 2 points ago

Her accent is pretty hot !

Bellababeala 1 point ago

That liberal white woman yelling at an educated black woman for saying she is not oppressed pretty much sums up the leftists.

Thequeen1 1 point ago

Would love to see Candice Owens and this insightful young woman together. Working and spreading their message based on fact and not emotion!