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RememberTheLiberty 275 points ago

You know the signs that say don't feed the squirrels/birds because they'll become dependent on handouts and create an aggressive population?

ProphetOfKek 97 points ago

Yup. Almost got in a kung fu fight with a goose camping this weekend. Would rather not get in a gun fight with a rioter, but I sure as shit will if I have to.

Sigma 53 points ago

Careful with the geese, somehow they are all proficient in the crane style.

Sting 16 points ago

Definitely don’t want to get goosed by a goose.

HanAssholeSolo 14 points ago

Canadian here, don’t fuck with a goose unless you have a gun. My dog knows that best, he’s terrified of them on the streets, but when it’s goose season and I’m holding my 12 gauge, he’s all about supper time!