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HanAssholeSolo 14 points ago

Canadian here, don’t fuck with a goose unless you have a gun. My dog knows that best, he’s terrified of them on the streets, but when it’s goose season and I’m holding my 12 gauge, he’s all about supper time!

stratocaster_patriot 3 points ago

I've heard they can break a coyotes back but I have a hard time believing that.

LostViking1985 4 points ago

Maybe under VERY specific circumstance, but I doubt a hungry coyote is stopped by a bitey bird. It doesn't have a sharp beak, or even talons. All the coyote has to do is get a good bite on a wing and start thrashing, or get at the (very fragile and exposed) neck.

stratocaster_patriot 1 point ago

Well I was told the goose can do it with a wing strike. But like I said, really hard to believe.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 2 points ago

What’s the cheat code for an angry bird wing strike?

SquiggyMcPepe 12 points ago

Nah when they get in close to smack you with a wing you grab them by the neck right under the head and lift them up and hold them there for a bit. They get the message and will leave you alone though you might have to repeat it a time or two. Had aggressive geese at the farm.

Tranny_Fluid 3 points ago

I can confirm this tactic is effective on emu's also (minus the lifting). Just watch out for the flailing claws.

DL535 2 points ago

Truly, you learn something new every day.

Seriously though, trying that with a ratite, you've got some Trump sized balls on you. One mistake and you're bleeding out from multiple flesh wounds