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4moreyears 83 points ago

Joe is laundering campaign donations to domestic terrorists

schiff_for_brains 21 points ago

Remember when Beto was using his to fund the caravans?

Pepefarms remembers.

recyclabletauntaun [S] 49 points ago

Here's the blue play...

  1. Pandemic! Lock people in their homes for months get them all nice and stir crazy...

  2. Race war! Capitalize on A̶u̶b̶r̶y̶ Floyd incident, start with protesting... Digress into all out race riots, signal Antifa and other groups of paid "protestors" to come in and cause as much violence and chaos as possible. Media pulls from pandemic coverage straight into non-stop race-baiting sensationalized bullshit.

  3. Blame it all on orange man, obviously, because orange man bad! Let's hope he "over reacts" and sends in the military overriding state Governors. (Oh shit that didn't work) ok well any violence we'll blame on him anyway and spin that narrive... Let's start comparing it to Tiananmen Square and play that 24 hours.

  4. Biden can't win worth a shit... Female minority VP obvious choice! With the race outrage she will push us and get the black vote since they're fired up!

  5. Continue to push the next 5 months as hard as possible! Create unrest with help of the media... Play ALL the old cards!

  6. If Biden gets elected, he resigns...gets sick... Hillary gets to him... Whatever happens he's out of the pictures. He resigns. First female president, just so we can work to normalize that and grab that minority and female vote in 4 years come next election.

Pray for Trump 2020, let's hope this red pills as many as possible....

Darknlovely 14 points ago

Great, thats their move but they have already lost that game on # 3. Did anyone bat an eye on Geotus disassociation with the WHO? Is anyone looking at Hong Kong. The media is undressed and they are fighting a losing battle without armor. Yes pray for Trump, thats a must. Bill Barr's appearances are not for nothing. 😂. Enjoy the show.

Daemoness 6 points ago

Notice, too, that the lock down specifically targeted small businesses, while allowing big-box retailers like Target and Walmart and grocery stores operated relatively unimpeded.

And what exactly are the rioters mainly targeting-? Small businesses, AND when they DO target bigger stores, they're shutting down the only people who were (re) hiring people who have been out of work for weeks .

Tonightm01 26 points ago

This year you will be voting for your life. Never was a joke but it come to that stage.

Socialism has been growing in America over the years and is now pressing to forcibly grab power from the people.

Vegans4Trump 11 points ago

I was thinking this yesterday. If Trump doesn't win America is over. I will not feel safe here as a white person either. The hate crimes will sky rocket

Knight1_of_Sunset 8 points ago

I'm one of their precious "People of Color" and I won't feel safe if Trump doesn't get the Presidency.

deleted 4 points ago
iVote 9 points ago (edited)

12 years +4 commie indoctrination in America’s education system, coupled with commie 24/7/365 “America, capitalism, white man, bad” propaganda being gushed out via cable and social media.

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Necrovoter 24 points ago

Absolutely disgusting. President Trump should ask why Creepy Joe is bailing out the people setting America on fire.

iVote 7 points ago (edited)

I’m sure there are a ton of campaign commercials being built over this insanity, including this.

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N900mixalot 6 points ago

Because they're white supremacists ... Wait ... 🤔

What shows me how stupid the gen pop is, as reflected via social media so it's kind of questionable, is that they are being told that white supremacists are instigating while at the same time donating to get them out of custody.

If people are stupid enough to fall for that over and over, which is how it's being portrayed at this point, I don't know what to say.

deleted 18 points ago
Isolated_Patriot 22 points ago

I even have conservative family posting this shite.

But no, this is not how a red pill functions. This is a 100% successful distraction. See, if you bring up covid or social distancing now, YOU are "just a horrible person who doesn't care about the poor protesters. Can't you see this is bigger than your conspiracy theories? Why are you even talking about that at a time like this? We have to do something about this racism!! Reeeeeee!"

"Even if you show people facts, they won't listen."

This is The Crisis, and it's coming from multiple fronts, and will keep coming from multiple fronts, because as long as people are angry and reacting to the latest crisis, they won't think about the last one, they won't clear their head enough to put it all together, they will only get more and more angry until they step up and 'do something' themselves.

Final212 8 points ago

I think that the covid decimating the economy was unexpected. This was the actual way they planned on destroying the economy. Remember how the spike in black church fires happened in 92? It's easy you just find someone who slights a black person and then highlight the fuck out of it to the point of protests. Then you get some of your people to start violence then you get full on violence everywhere. Note how this happened right after Biden alienated his black vote.

Amaroq64 12 points ago

"Biden himself opposes cash bail, comparing it to a “modern day debtors prison,”"

Biden is just as much a commie as Bernie. He's just more hush hush about it.

I don't think the rest of them ever had a problem with Bernie's radical commieism. They just screwed him because they don't think they can sell it yet.

RabidZoo 4 points ago

I go to Fox to shit talk on the libs but it always lags so hard...I think they do it on purpose to frustrate people.

4more 3 points ago

Convenient after his you ain’t black comment.

flashersenpai 3 points ago

Biden himself opposes cash bail, comparing it to a “modern day debtors prison,” campaign spokesman Andrew Bates told Reuters.

I wonder what he has to say about child support warrants. Surely he wants to end jail for non payment?

AbrahamLincoln 2 points ago

Biden campaign funding domestic terrorism. Sounds about right.

AlphaNathan 2 points ago

I'm shocked I tell you

Stumpycake 2 points ago

Why is Biden bailing out white supremacists?

Firestorm 2 points ago

Biden staffers and celebrities https://t.co/lZsr75ews3?amp=1

nachosamplerREBORN 2 points ago

Opposing cash bail and providing money specifically to protestor bail are not the same thing. The money should be equally distributed for anyone current awaiting trail if the issue is truly opposing cash bail [it’s not].

Scuffers 2 points ago

At what point can this be called funding domestic terrorism?

firestorm117 1 point ago

So Biden is supporting white supremacists now

deleted 1 point ago
SemperFree 1 point ago

Terrorist sponsors

iVote 1 point ago

That’s a good look. Democrats gonna Democrat.

Cuckslayer2020 1 point ago

The nail in the coffin for Jim Crowe joe

Ladybug87 1 point ago

I thought the rioters were all MAGA people and white supremacists. Why would they want to bail them out??? It makes no sense!

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deleted 1 point ago