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QuestGiver 9 points ago

"The only good thing about her show was seeing Big Mike's cock and balls!! "

BBC enthusiasts will have to find a new place to get their fix.

Alkalineheat 7 points ago

It's not shocking Ellen couldn't find happiness in a Godless life filled with money, fame and sin.

Jcholl9 3 points ago

On stage she's cute, funny and acts smart! But off stage she's abusive

donald_zuramp 5 points ago

I'm sorry but I disagree.

She has always made my skin crawl going back to before she even came out of the closet.

She has a voice and mannerism that tells me she is filled with anger and nastiness. She's not a person you'd want to know in real life.

I've got a pretty good gut instinct for people.

Jcholl9 1 point ago

Exactly... You remember Bill Cosby or maybe heard of him right? not a nice guy off stage and Ellen I believe is just as bad.

She's not a person you'd want to know in real life.

Darn right!

deleted 1 point ago
Drinkup4 6 points ago

Didn't Ellen basically let her crew go without severance or anything when she started doing the show from her home?

Mrs_Fonebone 4 points ago

Interestingly, Hollywood turned against her. She was recently and very publicly called out by a bunch of them for being incredibly mean and snooty. They think Ellen really lost it when pedo Tom Hanks and his wife were "detained" for CV-19. She posted crazy vids, looked 100 years old and appeared to have an ankle monitor on. Her old buddies think she ratted them out.

Apersonofinterest 4 points ago

Boy the Twitter-verse sure turned on Ellen quick after she was shown chilling with George W. Now she got to go!

Jcholl9 3 points ago

Who should replace her.... How about the: The Rock!!!

Seriously I hate this show! About a year ago my friends and I got our local Walmart to remove all Ellen promotional crap from the store. How we did this, we kept defacing the Ellen cardboard images with are finger nails!

And a week later we found other people were doing it to...

Democrats are trying to paint Ellen as the golden child. We can't let that happen!

theeyeshaveit 1 point ago

No one in Hollywood gets anywhere without belonging to the Club. If Ellen is losing her show it means the big Club (power brokers of Hollywood) want her out. Why? That's anyone's guess, but really - who cares.