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rooftoptendie 59 points ago

oh my god!!!!! what the fuck, this is insane! They do not want this vote to happen!

the wheels have come off the damn kalergi plan commie bus and the engine has caught fire and its hurtling off the cliff!!!!


there are really no words left for this shit.... its just time to make some popcorn, watch the news roll in, and go to the memery and get started on all this shit shovelling. We have our 4am meming points.

Thequadrupledecker 10 points ago

I'm ready to boogie down.

FooLyCooLie 42 points ago

Twitter: It may be in the public's interest for the tweet to remain accessable

Also Twitter: You can't reply to this tweet, as the tweet may reach more people.


Monzie 42 points ago

They're actively contributing to the problem too, calling Trump's tweet "glorifying violence" when he's trying to save a fucking American city from being looted and burned.

I wonder if there will be jail time for this for Mr. Jack, since he's now obstructing the President of the US from communicating with people in a very dangerous situation.

Jcholl9 4 points ago

Twitter is in a very dangerous situation right now and I guess should be shut down.

AGuyFromAus 31 points ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it ruled by one of Obama's judges that it's illegal to prevent a citizen access to the GEOTUS' tweets ... including the ability to respond to one?

deleted 11 points ago
AGuyFromAus 6 points ago

Sounds dodgy to me.

But then again ... it's twitter, so of course it sounds dodgy.

MondayCoupleIsDead 19 points ago

They just won't learn.

deleted 22 points ago
Data 3 points ago

It's not in the leftist's nature to do anything but double down on stupid. Twitter believes their cause to be a righteous one. Expect them to continue until they're forcibly shut down.

Alpha 11 points ago

If only the DOJ would just seize their domain like they have done many others.

Beat_to_Quarters 10 points ago

Trump gets sued for blocking trolls responding on twitter as violating their rights but Twitter can block everyone's replies to the president.

HockeyMom4Trump 8 points ago

Twitter better start dolling out their policies to everyone, not just Trump.

Tonightm01 8 points ago

The thought police have started to make their move.

Socialists are moving their pieces into place. Get ready for the next few months as things will start to move fast now.

SemperFree 3 points ago

They moved their pieces into place years ago. They are just activating now.

DearCow 7 points ago

So that's censorship, but what do you call Twitter bots bumping Trump haters up the line to be the first posts seen by people?

Data 6 points ago

Yes, artificially promoting anti-Trump comments is a form of suppression.

Wal_Mart_Security 7 points ago

Would someone please fucking bury these assholes?

Miserable_company 5 points ago

This move feels very similar to the war waged on T_D, slowly trying to incrementally crush a conservative voice. The difference here, is the voice they're trying to crush has a LOT more power. This should be fun.

HadEnoughInCA 2 points ago

Wow, it even says it right there - we try to prevent a tweet like this from reaching more people. These people just can't help themselves.

Socialismsuckz 2 points ago

They feel their power is about to come to.an end.

avgdude420 1 point ago

We're in the end game now boys

Jcholl9 1 point ago

How about that Twitter is challenging the President of the United States...

They think they're the only platform but I already joined GAB

Throwaway_Test 1 point ago

Did Trump originally have comments disabled on his account? And did a court action ultimately force him to enable them? Hey, maybe this whole 4D chess, twenty moves ahead things is not just blowing smoke! Also, there are a number of comments here suggesting a distinction between enabling comments and blocking specific accounts, so actually I am not too sure what the real story is regarding the history of how Trump has used his account.

AdmrlNelson 1 point ago

Get the Supreme Court involved. If they can issue a ruling that says public figures can't block people on Twitter, surely they can issue a ruling that says Twitter can't block people from seeing and interacting with public figures on Twitter.