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Harambe 265 points ago

Twitter is calling his bluff EO. Time to see if he was bluffing

merkmerk73 71 points ago

He needs to move off the platform. Everyone will follow him in droves bc some of their livelihoods depend on it

WinnerPlaysTCU 48 points ago

As fun as that sounds, his messages will simply not get out like it needs to on other platforms. We all picked up and moved to .win because we are passionate. Middle grounders that we need to see his words aren’t going to do anything like that. If he leaves, they win. He will fight

deleted 33 points ago
VoltronGreen1981 4 points ago

So he can post on multiple platforms and ask people to join him over at "xyz" platform.

deleted -30 points ago
VoterIDMatters 12 points ago

Shut up shillfag

deleted -14 points ago
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