FREE SPEECH FTW (media.thedonald.win) 🐸 PEPE 🐸
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CousinEddie 104 points ago

I've already started a new batch of reddit accounts. Farming them now to look legit and in 30 days, they are going to drop some serious "hurtful commentary" on those depresssed simps.

DJT_MFer 41 points ago

Love you cousin eddie

CousinEddie 61 points ago (edited)

I love you too MFer.

Its a lot of grind, but I can either play COD or CIV IV, or I can grind on social media and and bring a deeper darkness to the addicts who believe the internet is real life. It's essentially a video game but with real retards who believe this shit on the other end.

With social media I can take actual people, slowly get them to buy into ideas, then steer them right into a brick wall. Walk away from the account and do it again with another one from my incubation farm. I dont read any responses, all of their retorts are completely lost into the ether.

That is far more enjoyable than looting, building fake armies, or new gun skins.

Pepeinfinite 31 points ago

Absolutely diabolical. This is a winning attitude right here.

IcculusBased9 [S] 17 points ago

Yes, this guy diabolicals hardcore.

Pepeinfinite 8 points ago

Diabolicals with some bad dudes

IcculusBased9 [S] 13 points ago

You should see him when the shitter's full.

Guruchild 4 points ago

Merry Christmas!

bubadmt 6 points ago

Corn Pop has entered the chat.

Sigma 4 points ago

Look chat

CmonGubMintGibMe 7 points ago


0kBoomer 5 points ago

Explain the process please.

CousinEddie 24 points ago


  1. Install a VPN so your location changes whenever you want (google "VPN")
  2. Start small to see if its fun for you! Create 2 new email addresses on whatever platform you like. Use names of things you are not into. Example; I use cricket or soccer players b/c I know nothing about either. I just googled for player names to use as inspiration for my account names.
  3. Now you have created 2 new characters to play the game!


  1. Fire up VPN
  2. Start new Reddit account with one of your characters
  3. Think of what socially retarded loser your charcter could be, that would best get other fucking losers to listen to you.
  4. Now youre "in character". Post in their voice. This takes a while once you start b/c reddit is berry berry worried you might not be real (LOL). So be patient and take your time
  5. Build your charcater online by playing along in their forums. Slowly build rapport with other losers.
  6. Once youve got enough karma to freely post anywhere, begin injecting doubt and fear. Reddit LOVES fear. Try not to fight anywone, that will blow your cover. Always be passive and slightly worried whenver possible.


  1. Log off VPN
  2. Remember this is just a game
  3. Remember this is a character and anyone can stop the game by simply logging of and walking away. Social media is not real.
  4. Enjoy
CousinEddie 20 points ago


Don't argue with people. Reddit doesn't resond well to people who are assertive. Take the beatings and keep on "being nice". The sweeter and nicer you are, the more reddit will trust you. If you can get bullied that's a good thing, let them dogpile.

If they suspect your cover is blown, don't attempt to talk your way out of it. Just walk away form the account like it never happened. Your game character has been killed and now you use another.

Never go back to dead characters. Once the account is burned you leave it entirely behind.

pedeparrot 12 points ago

rofl it's literally the matrix plot... took the redpill, then re-enter the matrix to sabotage and free the minds from le reddit circlejerk

spez can be Agent Smith... his nazi mods=clones

CousinEddie 12 points ago

these fuckin morons will believe anything.

My goal is to create a new Heavens Gate full of redditors.

... continue reading thread?
DefKon1 5 points ago

That is Right...🐸

PurestEvil 2 points ago

Interesting... I got curious... what kind of things do you write? And how do you write it? Do you just make up stuff that aligns with their nonsense and bring it to the extreme? Or do you inject them with things that will cause doubt, while being "under cover"?

And do you really play along for a month and paddle their stuff "honestly"?

LinconChurchill 4 points ago

Love the attitude. That's dedication to the cause!

America_No_1 6 points ago

Shitters full!

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Guruchild 3 points ago

There's 40 million of us with more time on our hands than we ever knew what to do with before March.

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1776-or-1984 10 points ago

The ban is what we want. It's a lawsuit or free speech now fam.

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1776-or-1984 9 points ago

I'm not even on reddit. But the line has been drawn, start screen capturing and logging every abuse they do from here on out.

Class action that makes Sandmann look poor

Randomwithaj 5 points ago

Go forth, cuck, and lick the hand that feeds you. I’ll not be tread upon

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CousinEddie 5 points ago

That’s even more fun. Working around the bans is part of the game. Otherwise there would be no challenge.

geewiz 22 points ago


JonahND 16 points ago

Dunno. I'd say, yes, yes free speech can bite. Freedom of speech means people will say hurtful things. People have to learn to take the bad with the good. It's the only thing that works.

IcculusBased9 [S] 10 points ago

Words are violence?

CantThinkOfUserName 15 points ago

Well to the left 'smirking' can be violence depending on the context.

IcculusBased9 [S] 14 points ago

Which is why Nick is now a millionaire.

1776-or-1984 4 points ago


Randomwithaj 5 points ago

Yep, words are violence. Misgendering is violence. Calling Stephen Colbert a faggot is violence. Petting kittens is violence. The year is 1984

womp-womp-twice 3 points ago


BetsyRossRocks 2 points ago

But burning and looting your own neighborhood, just a protest.

JonahND 2 points ago

Not what I meant, but eh it doesn't really matter, small semantics difference

hai_Priesty 2 points ago

I think there's some University in Canada whose "Anti discrimation" policy has gone so over reach that not only are words "assault", if you smirk at that Trans student it's also an aggression. IF YOU DON'T SMILE back it's taken as a sign a discrimation too.

And then in a opposite way, flaring mechanical huge noises into your ear, or even beating you up outright is an act of free speech during a protest #ViolentLeft.

unable_afternoon 6 points ago

sticks and stones

JonahND 3 points ago

Not sure I agree with the message of that saying. Words can hurt. It's important children learn how to deal with the hurt. Way too many people have grown up in bubbles and don't know how to cope when they enter the real world. They want to ban free speech because they were never taught how to deal with free speech.

IcculusBased9 [S] 2 points ago

Are you telling me that RBG is not my fuckbitch? j/k

HongKongFluey 2 points ago

Words can hurt if you’re a pussy. Everyone getting triggered by words on a screen is beyond me. Shit rolls of my back. Zero fucks given.

hai_Priesty 1 point ago (edited)

I don't disagree with fact that "wordscanhurt" to some extent. However,** no one is inherently entitled against the whole world to NOT to have any risk of hurting you**.

Especially if you thought about "what actually hurts?", like someone correctly pointing out to an aspiring dancer that "he looks too flabby and no one will hire you unless you lose weight"? Or facts like "Trans people being 20X more likely to commit suicide"? A young adult considering a Transition should have a RIGHT to know all the facts, the inconvenient ones especially, even things like how he should be able to read messages (rude ones too) right from the straight Men's mouths about them thinking a large boned 6-feet-2 Men-to-woman "Woman" (that the teen may become) extremely sexually unattractive.

If children should not be allowed alone into the wild Jungle unarmed, then parents can judged their her 4 year old (or 9, or 12) is not fit for going into the wild wild westintenet yet. It's parent's responsibility to stop them are going unsupervised, and train them to be tough while on their way to growth.......... And not become the soy boys that tear up when rude people throws him a 1-liner insult, or worse -- just meltdown simply when polite people corrected him about things he was wrong about (Trump is your President, being correct by ACTUAL IRANIAN woman that Hijab is not a symbolism for women enpowerment etc and his "history" is all wrong) .

2016TrumpMAGA 6 points ago

Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther Strikes Again – 1976

Clouseau: “Does your dog bite?”

Hotel Clerk: “No.” Clouseau: [bowing down to pet the dog] “Nice doggie”. [Dog barks and bites Clouseau in the hand]

Clouseau: “I thought you said your dog did not bite!”

Hotel Clerk: “That is not my dog.”

orcwordlaugh 2 points ago

That's also where I was expecting it to go.

For those unfamiliar - https://youtu.be/SnXtuktNdlM?t=71 Warning, the end card's louder than the rest.

Randomwithaj 5 points ago

That’s wicked brilliant!!!

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IcculusBased9 [S] 2 points ago


MuhammadWuzPedophile 2 points ago

OP, I love this meme! I found it on imgflip, but they don’t have the font this uses. Where’d you make this and what’s the font’s name? Thanks!

IcculusBased9 [S] 2 points ago

Meme Generator- Does He Bite?

Jcholl9 2 points ago

Free Speech rules!!!

Snipthetipandsip 2 points ago


Beastifus 2 points ago

I laughed out loud... and I needed that... and I thank you, pede. :)

IcculusBased9 [S] 1 point ago

My pleasure fren!

yo_dawg 2 points ago

Free speech always!

Phenn 2 points ago

Do you think #ballzdeepinrbg it’s taken? Gonna go try it now!!!

ReligionOfPoop 2 points ago

This is an extremely fucking stupid meme, complete with a 2nd graders rendition of "free speech."

So right up my alley, thanks.

zorbee 2 points ago

i seriously want to go back in reddit to redpill those assholws

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Passerby6 0 points ago

I've seen an increase in crude language like this post. Isn't this site supposed to be welcoming to the younger generation?

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Walrus_Tooth 7 points ago

I’m the contrary, we need our memes back up to 2016 levels. Our Energy is lower and lower every year

DefKon1 3 points ago

Yip, I think we need to Tune it Up 2020! Chy-Na is Asshoe! ! Viva La Trump! 🐸🇺🇸

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Randomwithaj 4 points ago

Wow, judging by the downvotes lots of newbies need to lurk moar. Upvoted

WolfOfNewLondo 5 points ago (edited)

Dude for real. I love you all, young bloods, but this is a classic!

Edit: Comment said "Enough with the memes.", a classic Cuck Schumer line.

basicevent 4 points ago

Cryin’ Chuck approves of the downvotes 😆

IcculusBased9 [S] 3 points ago

I didn't downvote ya, pede.