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LacyLiberty 6 points ago

Came here to note this connection... but you did it much better than I could have, pede!

I just love that pic of her grinning and making the Pepe chin-stroke gesture...

CovfefeNegro 8 points ago

Thanks but I dindonuffin.

I recall watching the Kavanaugh hearings and nearly jumping for joy as I realized what she was doing while sitting back there. I knew immediately she was gonna be named a white supremacist, even as I also knew she was doing that stuff for US. My Lovely Wife thought I was crazy, she doesn't quite get the nuances of all this.

A Hispanic Jew, named by media as a NAZI...KEK!


Pedeville 3 points ago

Its like a foreshadowing that a character will be important

anon572759 1 point ago

Bride of Chekov's Gun?