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KAGallthetime 72 points ago

This is why we have no opportunities in the inner cities. It’s this behavior that does us in time and again.

merkmerk73 53 points ago

I disagree.

The reason we have no opportunities in inner cities is these people aren't shot and killed like they would be in the old days

People acting like this being shot and killed did two things

1.) deterrence 2.) remove parasites from the system

When you don't suffer any consequences and you stand to gain (as in this case) - you're gonna have stuff like this happen

And it'll just get worse and worse

KAGallthetime 40 points ago

The reason “they” don’t have opportunities is because of their own actions

MAGA_MEXICAN_CHILI 22 points ago

The reason "they" don't is because they keep voting in Democrats who will pay them off then rile them up when they need the 'vote'.

Democrat policies destroy opportunities and thus ferment anti-cop, anti-family and anti-rule of law ideology.

Its funny the same government that oppresses them, they fervently vote for because gubmernet gibs.

tufftoffee 10 points ago

The reason "they" don't have opportunities is because they are low IQ. More development would happen if they didn't have a crabs in a bucket mentality with their best and brightest. Anyone well mannered and studied is "acting White" and "an uncle Tom." Hell, anyone that deviates from the lockstep black culture is an uncle Tom.

HonkNJhonk 12 points ago

Did you see where NYC is closing that one charter school that was really good and actually produced some well-educated individuals?

DannySaySay 17 points ago

Lack of education leads to higher crime/having babies with no dad that don't get read to and don't get good education repeat cycle.

Strong correlation b/w even illiteracy and incarceration.

shadle2001 24 points ago

It really is because 75% dont have real Dads to teach them how to be responsible.

CraniometricSunray 21 points ago

You can thank the government programs for that. You don’t get money if you’re married, or you get far less. You are being paid to be single and have lots of kids (more kids = more money). This is happening all over the country. Poor and middle class people’s of all the hues need to get rid of that crap, it’s killing the family dynamic. It’s been insidious in this country and needs to end.

deleted 8 points ago
DannySaySay 2 points ago

Also denial of school choice programs. No, you have to go to this public school that doesn't give a shit about its teachers or students but complains "muh funding" when kids are given a choice to go to a school where people care about them and give them the tools to break the cycle.

SadPangolin 1 point ago

Lack of education

How do you educate Somalians who are officially retarded?

tufftoffee 3 points ago

Rooftop Koreans.

Mexicola1976 -2 points ago

When were people shot and killed in the old days for doing this?

HanAssholeSolo 6 points ago

Where do you think the name “Target” comes from?

MAGA_mantis 5 points ago

The wild west days.

Larka 5 points ago

Ask any of the horse thieves in the Arizona Territory in the later 1800s.

DLane1 3 points ago

It was so common to kill criminals it wasn't news.

DRKMSTR 7 points ago

They're not even locals though.

tufftoffee 4 points ago

Always bussed in. Every single time.

MySidesGoUp 5 points ago

We were NEVER supposed to make our cities the American Dream. Our cities were immigration systems that did scale the growth of the developing US. But did so compromising our way of life and our rights.

Now, the populace in these cities rely on government entitlements or income from govt ‘work’. The govts rely on the volume taxation.

Getting out, starting a business and a family- that stuff is chastised by whores, apes and faggots. It’s worse now since so much bullshit non-essential work incl media setup shop in our cities.

Socialismsuckz 51 points ago

I don't understand the destruction of property of people and places that have nothing to do with what people are protesting .

KAGallthetime 67 points ago

It’s just an opportunity to steal

Socialismsuckz 42 points ago

Sigh. It's so frustrating. I wish the black community could understand that THIS is how we get people hating them... why not just have a peaceful protest? :/ MLK is turning in his grave.

KAGallthetime 42 points ago

I’m black and detest wanna be joggers

Dr_Falsey 25 points ago

“Daddy ain’t around, he’s probably out committing felonies”

NAFTA took a proud people and took their jobs. Then the elites sold them crack and coke and the thug lifestyle. Then the private for profit prisons were making the elites rich and the democrats behind it who also control the mis-educational System did a huge misdirection of the root cause.

MySidesGoUp 1 point ago

And many times that is a lie- that part ‘probably’.

So many black kids lose in the single-mom lottery like whites and other races. It should be pretty alarming the abortion rates and multi-partner breeding. But of course these things are en vogue

PlatypusQuest 1 point ago

Hate It Or Love It 👍 I still have that verse memorized, lol.

deleted 13 points ago
zwiebelsaft 7 points ago

And bear in mind that the police deal with events like this.

It’s chicken and egg at this point.

careyanne1000 21 points ago

I watched the autozone go up in flames and thought the same thing. Imagine taking your car in, you have to leave it overnight for repairs and the next day it is just gone. There is no thought for anyone else but themselves.

krzyzowiec 13 points ago

You made me think of the employees that don't have a workplace any longer. That's tough.

HockeyMom4Trump 10 points ago

Especially now...finding another job will be tough

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Miserable_company 3 points ago

Those wipers can be really complicated to install, bro.

deleted 1 point ago
Miserable_company 1 point ago

Imo it’s usually a sign that they’re about to tie their point to an anecodote... worse, a hypothetical anecdote!

Tellman125 [S] 8 points ago

If you have no money to buy food or anything else, and weren't eligible for a stimulus check, you'd just wait for the shutdown to end so you could go back to whatever means of getting money you were using before? This has now been over 2 months in states like NY and it will defininitely be 3 before restrictions begin to be lifted.

Gobberwarts 15 points ago

They only took what they needed to survive. Who doesn't need eight TVs when shit is as bad as this?

Socialismsuckz 7 points ago

They aren't protesting not having food or money. It's over a murder. You would never know that though that by the footage.

deleted 1 point ago
Jackhererer 6 points ago

My take on why this happens is 1)lack of education 2)assholes in media, local government who immediately claim racism and call for arrests. When this happens people get out riled up who just go out "Rabble Rabble Rabble" https://southpark.cc.com/clips/153618/rabble-rabble-rabble for example.

The problem is those who incite the riot by getting people all fired up never get in trouble for it. Thus creating and endless cycle of stupidity.

DRKMSTR 5 points ago

They're not local to the area. Rioting is just a free opportunity to loot and break stuff they'll never be held responsible for, and since they aren't local, they won't have to ever pay taxes to fix the damage.

ianpatrick1966 1 point ago


jgardner 28 points ago

Can you imagine what the riots would look like if the media actually talked about the crazy number of blacks murdered by blacks?

Miserable_company 3 points ago

There wouldn’t be riots though. The anger is targeted outward when they’re rioting. Those bad cops. That bad orange man. The city wouldn’t riot if it’s own crimes were being disclosed, except at the person who is doing the disclosing

Apersonofinterest 25 points ago

I saw those “shoot the virus” comments all over the place.

No dummy, the virus isn’t going to break into your house to steal your shit and rape your women but people are and you can sure as shit shoot them.

OnlyTrump20 8 points ago

It's like they never saw a Mad Max movie.

Tellman125 [S] 6 points ago

After being stuck at home long enough day after day, their Netflix "Popular Movies" queue will get them around to it eventually, like definitely by early July.

Apersonofinterest 3 points ago

The Death Wish remake with Bruce “What Choo Talkin’ Bout” Willis will eventually show up in the queue.

DinsdalePiranha 21 points ago

Interesting how stores just let them do this too. I suppose shooting looters is more about PR than law.

canadianhere 21 points ago

Regular employees like cashiers are told not to go after looters, because it's not worth the personal injury.

Security, on the other hand, is usually not given guns and even if they were, won't shoot looters because security tends to be unionized and would say it's a jeopardy to their health and safety (in other words, if you want shootings, pay us more.)

DinsdalePiranha 17 points ago

Regular employees would be stupid to go after looters unarmed and untrained. Personally, I'd peace outta there.

Security knows you can't fight 200 people with 18 bullets without ending up a smear on the pavement.

Management knows it's just the cost of doing business in Clown World and passes the costs on to other shoppers.

I'd think they should have just locked the place down with their metal curtains and whatnot. Anyone inside gets out through a one-direction revolving gate system from the 1970s. They're probably illegal now though.


merkmerk73 15 points ago

Security knows you can't fight 200 people with 18 bullets without ending up a smear on the pavement.

People run when shots get fired, they don't swarm like zombies

DinsdalePiranha 2 points ago

I think of it more like Black Hawk Down. They wait until the shots stop and extract revenge.

DicksOutForHarambe 1 point ago

reporters said there were armed protesters among the crowd

Tellman125 [S] 7 points ago

Plenty of NYC subways stations have those, actually.

krzyzowiec 2 points ago

I don't know... looks racist.

DinsdalePiranha 2 points ago

Everything is racist. It's just easier that way.

Mexicola1976 7 points ago (edited)

Target has one of the most aggressive Lost Prevention teams in retail. They will go after you and the police will be involved. Their loss prevention will go after you, even when you're out of the store.

They also have a pretty sophisticated system of facial recognition technology at their disposal.

jasper_db1 4 points ago

Facial recognition? Well it's a good thing COVID gave the looters a totally legitimate reason to wear masks in public!

HockeyMom4Trump 4 points ago

Mayor Frey made it mandatory in Minneapolis on Tuesday at 5 pm. Then they loot on Wednesday.

cccpneveragain 6 points ago

I worked at a Target a long time ago. If there had been a riot going on I'm getting the hell out of there and going home. It wasn't a bad job and they weren't bad to work for but even if my car was a Sherman tank and I had a mini arsenal in it there's no way in hell I'm going to stick around and risk my life to defend their property. Not part of the job description or consistent with the pay.

Gobberwarts 0 points ago

Everything is insured

deleted 1 point ago
HockeyMom4Trump 5 points ago

Target closed and sent employees home. The stores did not let them do this. They broke windows and just did it.

ianpatrick1966 5 points ago

Pawn shop owner protected his store and shot one of the joggers who was looting the pawn shop.

MPD arrested him, the store owner.

God help us, we need #rooftopkoreans

MythOfNeutrality 19 points ago

The Somali/Muslim owned businesses are not being looted or robbed because they are standing outside with machettes, knives, and guns. Never thought I would say this --- but GOOD FOR THEM for exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

zwiebelsaft 3 points ago

Yeah same. I seriously love the West African immigrants because they’re super chill for the most part but the hood trash... smh

HockeyMom4Trump 3 points ago

Yes. I am glad they are defending their businesses. Good for them.

SadPangolin 1 point ago

They also know that, if they use those weapons, they won't be arrested for it.

Americans know that if they use those weapons... they're going to jail.

Ragnar_Danneskjold 8 points ago

I don't support these rioters. I don't support their tactics. I don't support their ideology. I don't support their choice of targets. I think they're awful, violent, greedy, selfish, and dangerous.

But I do admire one thing about them. When something happens that pisses them off, they are not afraid to go out and actually do something. The something they're doing, who they're doing it to, and why is all wrong and terrible. But they actually do something. It's a level of commitment and dedication most on our side lack. Sure, sometimes we make a show of pretending to almost do something. Like the guys outside the bar in Odessa, or the MI protestors. But one of the biggest reasons why the State continues to trample freedoms is because they know at the end of the day, we're all bark and no bite. They're not afraid of us or our guns because they know we're never actually going to use them. We'll post about how we might need to someday on the internet. A few with more stones will actually grab their rifles and show up someplace. But when the State comes to call our bluff, we fold every time. We meekly put our rifles down and go away quiety. And we've show that teeth that are never used are not something to be feared. These protestors actually use their teeth. They use them wrongly, on the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, in the wrong way. But when something riles them up, they do actually go out and use their teeth. We don't. And that's why the State continues to walk all over us. And I'm just as guilty of this.

AsapBobandi 6 points ago

Well said pede. I don’t like to deal in hypotheticals, but if at some point we do grow some balls and actually do something, what do you think the event will be?

HockeyMom4Trump 3 points ago

I know what you mean. I wish Lindsey Graham had the fire in his belly like a protestor.

Socialismsuckz 2 points ago

I agree. Can you imagine if these people had better ethics (not destroying private property of people that have nothing to do with the murder) and if they were not sold on the dem party? I respect that they will go out and fight but I don't respect it's usually because the media is pushing the narrative and in a way manipulating them into action.. I think the media tries with conservatives too but we know it's a trap. This case and killing is awful but I can't agree with looting and breaking things because of it. Honestly, until they realize they are pawns in someone else's game the black community will never flourish.

catatonic_frog 5 points ago

2A, 1A, 4A under assault? I sleep. One dude gets killed by a shit cop? REAL SHIT

MAGA_mantis 1 point ago

Where is shaq?

turanian_552 5 points ago

Not to mention leftist politicians letting criminals out of jail to 'protect' them.

KAGallthetime 8 points ago

Baltimore Mayor Rawlings after the Freddie Gray hoax

“we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

CantThinkOfUserName 5 points ago

April 26th, 1992

There was a riot on the streets

Tell me where were you?

You were sittin' home watchin' your TV

While I was participating in some anarchy

First spot we hit it was my liquor store

I finally got all that alcohol I can't afford

With red lights flashin' time to retire

And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire.

Dr_Falsey 7 points ago

I was in downtown LA by USC after a night of partying. My boys dad, lawyer and self made man from Compton told us to GTFO because he’s been through watts and knew what was gonna happen. Thankfully we heeded his wise advice.

zwiebelsaft 2 points ago

Didn’t everybody outside of the tribe GTFO watts after the riots?

Dr_Falsey 2 points ago

Don’t know man. Before my time. Just know that it was in everyone’s best interest to GTFO for the 1992 ordeal unless you were a rooftop Korean.

Ragnar_Danneskjold 3 points ago

Yo, straight puttin' it down, gettin' my scoot on

It's jumping off in Compton so I gots to get my loot on

And come up on me some furniture or somethin'

Got a VCR in the back of my car

That I ganked from the Slauson Swap Meet

And motherfuckers better not try to stop me

'Cause they will see that I can't be stopped

'Cause I'ma cock my Glock and pop 'til they all drop

Mexicola1976 1 point ago

The date is wrong.

Shariablue_Sorosbots 4 points ago


CoreyAnder 3 points ago

There’s a whole lot of SJW people that work at Target. Hopefully this is a wake up call for some.

CraniometricSunray 3 points ago

They don’t look past the moment to different possible outcomes, there is only one, therefore....they’re surprised.

EuropeisFinished 3 points ago

It’s not desperation. It’s opportunism.

Inalienable 2 points ago

Um, what's happened to zerohedge? This seems like a deviation from their reporting style..

They quote only Biden and Ilhan Omar?? And practically encourage the spread of violence to other cities? Has zerohedge been co-opted, controlled resistance like Fox? Wth

BoughtByBloomberg 2 points ago

A dude lost his life to cops because of abuse of force.

All the momentum behind that GONE! It's now just an excuse to get some free shit.

ShampocalypseWOW 2 points ago

Well there's your problem. No Roof Koreans...

Parkyr413 1 point ago

This is about those cops not the virus

Thep1mp 1 point ago

Yup. When I get pissed off about government injustice I steal toasters and burn other peoples property too.

Peacebears 1 point ago

Thank God they're wearing masks

Phillysmackdown 1 point ago

CNN refuses to call them rioters. Just protesters here🤡🤡

marsajane1949 1 point ago

Anyone who actually said 'what are they gonna do,shot the virus'. Put themselves on blast to everyone showing just how ignorant and stupid they are. Its amazing how anyone could be that unable to think for themselves and be that dumb.

SauronWasFramed 1 point ago

I posted two articles to r news about the riots and looting. Neither of them show up in the news feed.

Reddit is censorship

Fuchtard 1 point ago

The left is losing the Black vote. Time to drum up some racial incidents, and release a picture of the cop that killed Floyd George alongside a picture of a guy with a red hat with a racist slogan. Ice Cube tweets it out, not realizing he is part of a political dirty tricks operation. They are associating racism with Trump supporters because Biden is losing Black support. Now we have riots, these Leftists don't care about anything but winning elections.

SCSPatriot1 0 points ago

PS..Burn it all down .

deleted -10 points ago
MsAnthropic 4 points ago

There’s as many comments about him as there are about the dozens of people shot over the weekend, or about anyone else killed by police. His story isn’t special. What is special is a city going up in flames.

Assuming what people think by judging things they never said just makes you look stupid.