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myredditnameisfake [S] 2 points ago

Someone get a rope and lets start dealing with these traitors

VoterIDMatters 1 point ago

Bingino already spelled it out:

Obama declared all Russian diplomats persons non grata when Flynn was in the Dominican Republic to cause Kislyak to call the incoming DNI (Flynn) - knowing that the call would be then allowed to be listened to (allows listening to Kislyak’s calls from inside the country because persona non grata).

They knew he was calling Flynn and used that as an excuse to spy on Flynn, this creating the russiagate narrative.

myredditnameisfake [S] 1 point ago

Yes that is what Bongino said, however that is not what the article states. "FBI officials — if they thought about it at all — figured Flynn need not be masked because they did not see him as an innocent American incidentally caught up in foreign surveillance. They purported to suspect that he was a clandestine agent of Russia."

VoterIDMatters 1 point ago

Yes but that isn’t true, is my point.