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Teddy_Schmoozevelt 59 points ago

The Left and their lock downs have now pissed off

  • Skateboarders
  • Surfers
  • BMXer's

Keep going. See who's left to support you in November.

DocOne 17 points ago

That video is 3 years old

Sticky 9 points ago

Karens aren't anything new

WhitePowerRanger 9 points ago

And still amazing

deleted 1 point ago
yper 34 points ago

BMX is fuckin’ RAD 🇺🇸

Harambe 30 points ago

Pains me to watch this. Dumb cunts like this need to be broken like their husbands and fathers should have. Sorry not sorry. The weak do not dictate the lives of the strong

prawnexodus 24 points ago

It's entirely true. The 3rd generation of feminazis are out of fucking control and think they have any authority whatsoever.

I sincerely would like to see her try this in any islamic hellhole, like Theran, Iran, or Birmingham, UK or Malmo, Sweden

FrankEinstein 29 points ago

This video is 5+ years old. El Toro High School

RuleoVicus 16 points ago

And that means...?

Karens exist before, now, and will in the future.

FrankEinstein 4 points ago

This video is 5+ years old. El Toro High School

FrankEinstein 4 points ago

This is a little different from what I would normally call a Karen.

This person is an employee of this school and has some responsbility. If this person would have seen this activity, done nothing about, the school would be liable.

Unforatentely, as awesome of these bmx'ers might seem, they most likely the kids of wealthly parents who will not hesitate to use litigation to hide that fact they raised an irresponsible monster. These bmx'ers would hide behind their rich parents lawyers if they were to get injured on this high school campus.

MW23232 1 point ago

I thought it was! I had to call one of my kids in here to make sure -- before I saw your comment - 20 steps?

Miasmo 23 points ago


AlohaChris 21 points ago

That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

inspir3dgenius 12 points ago

It was a very nice jump

PewPew_ThaDuK 21 points ago

Dumb crazy bitch lol

Anti-Globalist 20 points ago

A good life lesson can be learned here. Never try to reason with retards.

InscrutableCarrot 17 points ago

AND THE PAYOFF WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Thank god he nailed it.

iactuallylovetrump 15 points ago

This is one of the best Karen videos so far

Pres_Trump 13 points ago

And he landed it. Niiicee.

pray_for_kekistan 8 points ago


The_Checkz 7 points ago

“Your using crazy words” - guy filming says to Karen. This should be used every time the left and Karens breakout their ridiculous exaggerated words that mean nothing really...

freewillsetstruth 7 points ago


freewillsetstruth 7 points ago

X-treme Karen

DinsdalePiranha 7 points ago

So sick of the Karenavirus.

mrgreencard 7 points ago


Conman 4 points ago

If California was a person

Billo7 4 points ago

This is a picture prefect illustration of how the Left views their relationship with the average people. She wanted them to stop because she has the authority to make them stop. Had she only wanted to diffuse the situation she would have stepped aside given them one more chance and then asked them to leave. But, no! I said, "you have to stop and I have authority to do so"......and they don't. They, "the Left" don't have the authority to tell us to do anything. They really don't. They just believe they do.

Spcwolf 3 points ago

Power for the sake of it, and that power has to be used at all times.

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f_bastiat 3 points ago

Bikers are in the wrong, i used to get myself into the same situations skateboarding. Note to any of you trying to kick out skaters/bikers, dont waste your time just call the police and we will bolt. Lady just didnt want to get sued, i don't think her intention was to be the fun police. As ive gotten older i see what a little asshole i was growing up.

WhitePowerRanger 2 points ago

Lol when is the last time a skateboarder has sued anyone? I always hear that stupid ass excuse and no one has ever shown me an example of a skateboarder falling down stairs and winning a lawsuit. I’m sure there’s one or two cases out there, but it certainly isn’t the norm and any judge who sides with the skateboarder is an idiot

f_bastiat 3 points ago

Never seen it happen, but i guarantee if the lady walked up and was like yeah go for it then you gotta go, and that dude got fucked up, you better believe the video of her giving the OK would be played in court when the kids parents sue. Best case scenario is politely saying hey yall cant be doing that, i have to call the police if you dont leave, and then go call the police if they dont leave right away, puts her in clear if anyone gets hurt and doesnt make her look like a crazy 'karen' on camera. Just my 2 cents having been in these situations.

whybag 3 points ago

Rule 11: Do not bother children when they are skateboarding. - Jordan Peterson

But they're on bikes, so it doesn't matter lol - Karen McKarenson

CSMKek 3 points ago

That was the shit! He nailed it!

T_D_AmeriTrump 2 points ago

What does this have to do with Trump?

And seriously, those kids are a bunch of punks. They're trespassing and completely disrespectful. Seriously surprised that all the comments are in favor of the kids. That woman was just doing here job.

AlphaOmaga 2 points ago

Imo we are getting played when people keep posting this 5+ year old video of a lady being harassed trying to do her job. Oh well.

sharkman100 2 points ago

KAREN!!!! Ive missed you! Thank god your back!

Also that was a sick move

Edit: I think this is fake. I think the chick is someones mom.

DatNewbChemist 1 point ago

What a cunt

Grond999 1 point ago

OLD video apparently. Fun to watch. Insane jump too!

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victoryisusa 1 point ago

I’m so glad for those guys but it filled me with rage. I’ve had enough with these Karens in my city.

I_no_asshoe 1 point ago

Whether the kids were in the right or wrong isn’t the point. It’s how Karen handled the situation...

AlphaOmaga 0 points ago

Heh this is NOT the video to use to prove this point. It’s a cool video. But the bikers are in the wrong here. I don’t blame them for having fun and making their movie.

List of things wrong here. (Disagree all day but these are facts) and the lady did nothing wrong. Literally just trying to do her job and uphold legal their obligations. The bikers however...

Trespassing (told to leave then didn’t)

Theft (got in and drove a cart)

Kidnapping (moved a person in a vehicle against their will)

Public endangerment (they knew she was in the way and kept attempting the jump)

Maybe Property damage (assuming they used those rails)

Again... I don’t really care. No harm no foul for the most part. Let the dudes have their fun then when you get caught just leave. And the video itself is epic.

Just don’t use this to make this “Karen” point. It wasn’t some random person. It was literally her job.

WhitePowerRanger 0 points ago

Lmfao @ your definitions of “theft” and “kidnapping”

Property damage? I’m dying.

AlphaOmaga 2 points ago (edited)

Hey. I hear you. But not my definitions. Im just saying the system has gotten fucky with less.

If it was me I woulda just chilled and watched, pretended not to see them, then done my “job” and told them they gotta go as they were leaving. Lol.

WhitePowerRanger 1 point ago

Lol I feel ya. I got caught up in the legal system once. I learned that splashing someone with a cup of water was considered “assault” (it wasn’t done out of malice either. Some chick was hyperventilating on the ground so I just did what my mom did when I was acting retarded and splashed some water on her. And yes. She was acting) it would honestly be hilarious to see what charges prosecutors would levy on these kids, probably wouldn’t be far off from what you said.

RapidAsparagus 1 point ago

Grinding rails can strip paint, or leave paint from the bike. If you're not concerned with how things look, then it's fine. The rails will still work. If you want everything to look new, then you may have to repaint.

WhitePowerRanger 1 point ago

Ahh the damages must have been in the fives of dollars.

MichaelGioIreland -1 points ago

"Trespassing, theft, kidnapping, public endangerment, property damage". He did a trick on a bike. Ok Karen.