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sustainable_saltmine 8 points ago

No Governor of any state should have unilateral power, even in a SOE. Their power should be limited to gathering and deploying resources, NOT ordering around the residents, deciding what's "essential" and forcing everyone to stay locked at home and isolated. The Governor's "Emergency Powers" should also be subject to legislative oversight at all stages and never allow for an "Auto-Renew"

Jackietreehorn 6 points ago

Tyrants hate being challenged.

Getfuckedcommietrash 4 points ago

He belongs in Guantanamo.

msean3231 4 points ago

I guess the message here is never go against a Goldman Sachs alumnus. They always play to win even if if means crashing the global economy. They did it once before you know.

AngelMark 2 points ago

Well he is a kiddie fucking money laundering treasonous SWAMP creature so...