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free-money- 196 points ago

It's like WaPo hired people who followed the Iraqi Information Minister back in the day.

Jeb4HOABoard 85 points ago

I wonder what Bagdad Bob is up to these days

QuranIsToiletPaper 89 points ago

"Trump just won re-election, but Sleepy Joe still got some electoral votes. That's a good thing."

  • Washington Post, November 4, 2020
_ra247 76 points ago

Trump may have more electoral votes, but he actually lost. Here’s why.

thisguy883 [S] 75 points ago

"Muh popular vote. "

I still get people telling me Trump is not legitimate because he lost the popular vote.

I'm sorry that California and New York doesn't run the country like they wish. (i'm not)

commies0ride0free 35 points ago

Somebody failed civics (them)

WWWYZZ3RDDD 22 points ago


July_1776 15 points ago

Willfully ignorant

A1waysLurk1ing 8 points ago

aka EVIL

liberty4alll 14 points ago

Since Democrats claim to be the champions of minorities, shouldn’t they be happy that the election was won by a minority of voters?

Donarudo_Taranpu 9 points ago


ShartMaster 9 points ago

• \ / •


᠌ ᠌᠌▬

Darkheartisland 3 points ago

Running our culture, finance, and tech is not good enough for them.

H_Guderian 21 points ago

"We lost the election, but we're winning the idea war." - Brexit Remainers

OwningTheLibs 12 points ago

Maybe but let's not be complacent bc we're up against the dirty democrat playbook.

NimblePepeCentipede 5 points ago

You're Welcome, Xir.

Dr_Falsey 10 points ago

Baghdad Bezos

EatDirtCommiePinko 3 points ago

The same question had occurred to me last week, and I looked him up. It made me sad more than anything else. For seventeen years, Baghdad Bob has been a broken man. We never really did take care of Iraq after the invasion. It could have been set up for success, but we were unwilling to pay the price it took to secure the outcome we wanted.

And here we are today.

bloodyminded 7 points ago

It's almost like peace in the Middle East was never our goal, or something.

GenderlessWookie 2 points ago

It could, and should have been left alone, but never leave a Republican with too much power or he'll find something to fuck up. I'm still old enough to remember being told that I was against the troops (I worked for the Marines at the time) because I thought the Iraq war was wrong (it was) and we had no business there even if he did have WMDs (he didn't).

RapidAsparagus 1 point ago

When asked where he had got his information he replied, "authentic sources—many authentic sources".

beta-detector 5 points ago

Writing news headlines for our MSM.

projectarcturus1 4 points ago

Last time I checked, he had taken over Wrigley Field. kek

Crockett 2 points ago

Still pretending to be governor of Georgia, I think.

leakmouth 24 points ago

Ok which one of you pedes wrote this headline for WaPo? Fess up

PepesCovfefe 8 points ago

“LanceMH1 9 minutes ago OK, so don't vote for Biden. And if you refuse, I will not cry tears for you, your children, or anyone in your world. Even though I have spent fifty decades since I was a young white boy from the suburbs defending and supporting your community - thanks to a wonderfully enlightened mother. You deserve exactly what you and the rest of us will get. Unfortunately, we will all suffer from your stupidity. I tire of this PC nonsense on the Democrat-side of the aisle while vicariously allowing racists, demogogues, and their minions to slowly take over our political system. The Left, women, and minorities need to understand this is the greatest binary political choice in American history. Be stupid at your own peril. Don't ask any pity from me if you stay home or vote for Trump or anyone else other than Biden. Full stop!” Literally a comment on the article.

the-new-style 11 points ago

I have spent fifty decades

Defending the community since 1520

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 6 points ago

500 years of virtue signaling.

LonelyLadypedeSF_CA 2 points ago

SJW math continues: "Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. The U.S. population is 327 million. He could have given each American $1 million and still have money left over!"

stepping_razor123 4 points ago

"thanks to a wonderfully enlightened mother."

Guy needs to go see a good psychologist.

"The Left, women, and minorities need to understand this is the greatest binary political choice in American history."

I have the diagnosis he is a narcissist.

DarkMemeDuck 2 points ago

He certainly thinks his women and slaves ought to stay on his plantation lest he go get the whip.

deleted 2 points ago
thisguy883 [S] 83 points ago (edited)

Link to article:


SPEZ: Insta Sticky.



WaPo is doing some damage control:


AmericanJawa 49 points ago

I didn't believe it was real. Then I saw the article for myself.

I still can't believe it's actually real.

ObamaSpiedOnTrump 30 points ago

I thought the same thing. I cannot believe that's actually the headline.

weltbild 7 points ago

will they escalate the defense to "conservatives pounce on joe bidens harmless joke"?

SniffedByBiden 4 points ago

It's the opinion section, don't get so excited. That used to be a fun section to read back in the day with more local newspapers.

CantThinkOfUserName 27 points ago (edited)

I believe it. Just last month they had a picture of Mitch McConnell sitting on a skull of thrones in an article about the Senate approving a record number of federal judges under Trump. Cocaine Mitch looked like a total badass. The WP thought this was insulting him by making him look like the grim reaper or a heavy metal lead singer. They've lost their fucking minds.

FakeNametag 31 points ago

Imagine how bad you've failed when you've turned a stuffed suit like McConnell into a death metal cocaine superhero. Like before all this could you ever imagine a metal chick ripping her bra off and throwing it at Mitch?

I like the direction things are going in this country...

Trumper007 9 points ago

We have to drink together!

FakeNametag 3 points ago

I'm at work, maybe I should drink anyway?

I'll have one in your honor when I get home.

Trumper007 4 points ago


RuleoVicus 7 points ago

Lol that's one way to look at it. And I love it

BlueSaltMiner 2 points ago

Needed the archive-link too. This is like an article one would expect in a German newspaper, April 1945.

wytxcook1 36 points ago

Earlier, Biden’s campaign adviser said he was speaking in jest and indeed the camera captures a slight chuckle.

Another black woman (the author) excusing a racist joke from a racist old white man. Let it be known.


Yes, Joe put on a KKK hood and participated in a lynching, but he was clearly just doing it for the lulz.

I_LUV_WINNING 10 points ago

Some black people love to live on the plantation.

deleted -2 points ago
DisrespectfulNipples 28 points ago

Democrats do have a tendency to take black votes for granted.

They do literally nothing except bribe them for votes.

thisguy883 [S] 21 points ago

The fact that those words can come out of a black person's mouth says everything you need to know about how much control Democrats have over black people.

And black people just let it happen.

AmericanJawa 9 points ago

Some people just want government to be a parent.

Democrats are happy to make that happen.

GenderlessWookie 2 points ago

Looking at this country for the last 6 months, most of Americans want government to be a parent.

Chalupamancer 11 points ago

Declaration proclamation in the comments is a classic example of the level of education in the United States.

stormybanks 2 points ago

After reading the article, I still don't see how making the hill steeper is a good thing for Biden. LOL. "It's an opportunity to change"? Having a functioning brain is a good thing - not endless gaffes.

SpezCucksHisWhoreGF 1 point ago

See my username

Keyboard_Warrior 58 points ago

If you don't like to rub Joe Biden's leg hair you aint black.

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 22 points ago

Why doesn't Joe Biden sniff black kids? Racist!

axrevolutionai 10 points ago

He doesn't need to sniff them, he already knows about roaches!

weltbild 7 points ago

they come out at night, steal things and when the light is on they scatter

stratocaster_patriot 4 points ago

they run some bad boys

stratocaster_patriot 3 points ago

I think it has more to do with the ass whooping he knows he'd get.

GenderlessWookie 2 points ago

There is that one clip where he kisses some black woman at a graduation(?)? So he is an equal opportunity sex offender. Maybe he doesn't like black children. Ageist Racist!

stratocaster_patriot 5 points ago

If ya'll don't understand roaches, you ain't black.

buckinghampi 3 points ago

Come on man! You know the thing!

DisrespectfulNipples 42 points ago

First time I 100% agree with the Washington Post.

weltbild 21 points ago

democrat governors could literally dress up in KKK garb and the media would still defend them

Skabliggum2 15 points ago

Proven! See Gov. Northam

buckinghampi 3 points ago

Gov. Blackface Northam literally being a Governor blows my mind at least once a week.

CantThinkOfUserName 41 points ago

Joe Biden often doesn't know what state he is in and can't complete a sentence without an awkward pause. And here's why that's a good thing - Bezo-Post

weltbild 8 points ago

the liberal media defends democrat governors who dressed in KKK clan garb on camera

joe biden needs to answer why he isn't speaking out against that

stratocaster_patriot 4 points ago

Joe Biden just sharted his toothless diaper on camera and that's a good thing.

Banick088 29 points ago

It’s so hilarious to watch them in “crisis containment mode”

My fiancé is based, but doesn’t search for information like I do.

I Told her “Biden is ahead in the polls”

She almost fell over laughing

stratocaster_patriot 8 points ago

And then there's the hilarious micro containment they try to do. Every time one of his handlers tries to steer him in the right direction he fucks them off and says whatever shit entered his head at that moment anyway. That's exactly what happened with you ain't black thing. He needed to listen to someone in control of their faculties but he just never does.

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 5 points ago

Laugh it up but they were right about the popular vote (which is what the polls are for) and they were only a little off in the 2 or 3 states that mattered the most. They objectively didn't do that bad a job.

I'll take the downvotes. Dems are cheaters and that helps. But way too many on our side are just taking 2020 for granted. They are gonna cheat like never before.

10MeV 18 points ago

You're quite right. I think their cheating slacked off a bit in 2016 because they were SO convinced that Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit had it in the bag. They were shocked, SHOCKED, that she didn't win. Couldn't believe it. The fix was in, how did it happen? HOW?

They will NOT repeat that mistake. They'll do a full court press right to the election. Cheat-by-mail is a key component. It's already developing, and may be too far along for even half of the nation to intervene. We'd better be very, very aggressive.

weltbild 8 points ago

2018 was bad 2020 will be the same on steroids

Ithrowawaay 11 points ago

Popular vote only went that way because of fraud in the first place.

Not preaching complacency by any means, but there is no way people are less fired up about VSG, and more fired up about Biden, compared to Shillary.

He is an empty suit, complete with an empty head. The optics on this clown are laughable.

thisguy883 [S] 9 points ago

everyone forgets that the majority of Hillary's popular vote count came from the most populated states / cities in our country. And they all happen to be Democrat strongholds.

_TheConsumer_ 10 points ago

This. She ran up the score in NY and CA.

stratocaster_patriot 3 points ago

We need to trick Biden into calling half the country white conservative racist shitheads. Then he will have made Hillary's 2nd mistake.

stratocaster_patriot 4 points ago

I think that's the point though. There will be fraud like never seen before and that can cancel a lot of fired up people's votes. And never underestimate brand loyalty among minorities (Latinos in particular).

Ithrowawaay 3 points ago

The way I see it- dems are going to lie, cheat and steal no matter what. Like they always do.

Contingency plans need to be put in place, ie Deus Vult. But I’m hoping that isn’t necessary.

GarudaOne 1 point ago

When it comes to brand loyalty, nobody beats Asians when it comes to voting Democrat as a bloc. They vote D more rigidly than even Jews do, and are second only to blacks.

Most of the Christian conservative Chinese and Korean-Americans I know here in Los Angeles and surrounding counties are voting for Biden. I know of one Chinese-American who is grudgingly voting for Trump... The only reason he's doing so is because Andrew Yang dropped out.

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 2 points ago

Yeah, and we're gonna see more fraud than before this year..

Banick088 6 points ago


2016 state polls of by:

Michigan - off by 4.8%

MN - 4.5%

NC - 4.5%

Ohio - 6.6%

Penn - 4.9%

Wisc - 6.3%

Maine - 4.8-%

Iowa - 6.7%

All these polls including the National were WAY off before the last two weeks where they tried to correct.

Stop listening to fake polls and spreading fake news

You sound like a Democrat

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 1 point ago (edited)

You sound like a Democrat

You sound like a douchebag. Suck my dick, faggot.

Stop listening to fake polls and spreading fake news

I haven't paid any attention to Faux, CNN, MSNBC, you name it, for decades. I haven't had cable in decades. Aka likely much longer than you.

I am simply informing your ass that the polls predict the popular vote and they were correct whether we like it or not. That should bother us and concern us.

All these polls including the National were WAY off before the last two weeks where they tried to correct.

Lol, okay? Please don't reply trying to explain how they fake polls to try to persuade public opinion, because I think that's your next step. I am aware of that. But I think a more accurate snapshot would be the polls a day or two before the election, not your chosen 2 weeks.

They have Biden up by more now than Hilllary at the same time. If the history repeats, what do you think that means? It's gonna be a lot closer than it should be. Of course it is being inflated now just like 2016. But, again, they predicted the popular vote correctly, which is what the polls are for.

Anyway, if you didn't toss in "yOu SoUnD lIkE a DeMoCrAt" I'd explain more. Everything is fine, dude. Trump is gonna win every state by 15%. Dems don't cheat. Hell, we probably don't need to vote anyway it's gonna be such a landslide!

Banick088 1 point ago

Triggered! Look how angry you got just because I showed you data against your ideas. Go away kid, you are obviously a little bitch

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 1 point ago (edited)

Ran out of arguments?

Triggered, the left uses that nowadays loser.

Address the arguments I made or go back to sucking dick, faggot. You called names and said an argument. I called names and made an argument. Then you bail out cause, I don't know, you got hurt feelings getting called a faggot?

I addressed all of your "data" picked during a specific time frame.

Banick088 1 point ago

Tell your mom I said hi!

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 1 point ago

GOOD argument

ThePowerOfPrayer 4 points ago

"But way too many on our side are just taking 2020 for granted."

We had more Republicans show up to vote for Trump in the primaries than Biden and Bernie voters put together in many states, so how do you figure?

The only thing we can do is show up to the polls to vote.

QUADBRIX 21 points ago

I'll take, "Headlines Hillary Would Never Write for 1,000."

wytxcook1 18 points ago

“Joe Biden you did not issue me my blackness. You cannot take it away. You will not race-bait me back to the DNC plantation. Looks like Joe Biden wants to put us black people back in chains.”

Let's see Joe do more push-ups than MAGA Muscles.


RedRestoration 3 points ago

does he have any tweets? its looking like there are no posts.

ObamaSpiedOnTrump 17 points ago

"Joe Biden raped a woman. Here's why that's a good thing."

weltbild 6 points ago

Joe Biden didn't speak up against his party colleague being outed on camera in KKK clan garb, ten reasons why this will help him with the black vote.

technoraptor 16 points ago (edited)

joe biden gaffes are baked into the cake... Don't rely on biden ship sinking from gaffes. They are defininetly helpful, hilarious and might cause a temporary 1-2 pt drop in polls, but they are minor inconveniences to the democrat machine.

Most of the dem voter base are hardline/single issue voters and would vote for a bag of manure with a (D) on it rather than trump.

DontApologize 4 points ago

This. Biden could die the night before and still win - even if everyone knew about it. Leftists vote for ideology not good people. All the want is someone who will come in and start knocking every wrong thinker down to size..

Ithrowawaay 4 points ago

While I don’t disagree, this shit does not do him any favors.

Add it all up and that is more than 1-2 points at the polls.

Mail in? Different story, fat!

stratocaster_patriot 2 points ago

That and those same hardliners won't be seeing these videos anyway.

IvIA6A 2 points ago

"That's just Joe being Joe."

The sniffing, the rapes, the gaffes, the segragationist racism. No problem

Fredo_Cuomo 13 points ago

Don Lemon: Why Joe Biden's Racism is Good for Blacks

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 7 points ago

He's just starting a conversation.

weltbild 5 points ago

Just a prank bro.

whocaresguy420 5 points ago

It was a learning moment: here's why

weltbild 6 points ago

Conservatives pounce on Joe Bidens harmless gaffe.

magnokor 13 points ago

The DNC/UN/MSM are going all out for "damage control" and "control of the narrative".

Come on. Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment was clearly a joke.

Biden Apologizes for Saying Black Voters 'Ain't Black'

Biden apologizes for saying African Americans 'ain't black

Joe Biden Apologizes For The "You Ain't Black' Quip

Joe Biden Walks Back Remarks About Black Voters

The media will have this erased and forgotten in a couple of hours.

Chaotikizm 10 points ago

I'm sorry for.... you know the thing,

ShrikeDeCil 7 points ago

Brad Pascale remembers here

MamaLlama4DJT2020 4 points ago

Holy hilarity, that one made me do a snort-laugh!

wranlon 10 points ago

Biden: Oh stewardess, I talk jive.

pmurTJdlanoD 9 points ago

Biden is a racist piece of shit senile child toucher. Why that's a good thing for his campaign in 2020.

MAGA1776 8 points ago

old white rich elite accused of rape, saying retarded racialist shit during interviews with popular black broadcasters

Number 1 Democrat candidate for President of the US

_TheConsumer_ 7 points ago

In 2008, one of my friends said “I’m not voting for another old white dude. It’s time for change.” I should note that my friend is white.

Today, he’s giddy that Biden will beat Trump. When I reminded him about his comment, and how Biden is very old and very white, he said “This is different!”

ShrikeDeCil 2 points ago

"You're right. He's old. White. ... and senile!"

thisguy883 [S] 4 points ago

They wouldnt have it any other way.

quigonkenny 3 points ago

So nothing new then...

MAG_n_KAG 8 points ago

Jesus Christ, they are a parody of themselves.

zdrast 8 points ago

This is exactly why there can be no break from the constant narrative that President Trump is some kind of mentally retarded super-Hitler.

So that they can literally run a racist senile rapist and tell everyone "yeah, we know, but the alternative is so much worse! So shut up and vote for the racist!"

OliverWillis 3 points ago

Takes some real mental gymnastics to contort the mind to think he's both Hitler and mentally retarded. Prolly takes a whole semester in college to make sense of it.

sustainable_saltmine 7 points ago

He smells like Ben Gay, racism and failure

Salty_Ramen 6 points ago

Charlemagne is a cancer to the black community. I have never heard such stupidity spoken than what I heard listening to him on the radio.

Anonymous_user_of_US 6 points ago

So... serious question, are we sure Trump hasn't hired the media to write our memes for us?

quigonkenny 5 points ago

Why hire them when they're so happy doing it for free?

BigFreedomBoner 6 points ago

Remember that time Joe Biden was caught on tape conditioning a loan of $1 billion if the leader of another country personally fired a prosecutor who was known to have done nothing improper, however he was investigating company in which Joe Biden's unqualified son was a director of and believe it or not, was paid much more than other directors and nothing happened?

Soulmask 5 points ago

Some journalists say that communists countries have lines for food. Thats a good thing. -Bernie Sanders

MatthewUSA 5 points ago

Meme it up!

4moreyears 5 points ago

Why losing is good for your cuckhold fantasies

thisguy883 [S] 4 points ago

I remember when they tried to shill for being a cuck by writing an article on why its a good thing to let your wife sleep with other men.

Disgusting degenerate media.

Loathsome_Left 4 points ago

I'm in disbelief how idiotic Democrats can be. I keep expecting that they're not really serious with running this Uncle Creepy that lost two prior presidential bids... Are they going to pull a last-minute switcheroo with a surprise canidate in their convention (now in August)?

DontApologize 2 points ago

You can be idiotic when you have the entire MSM running public relations for you.

PichaiLiedToCongress 3 points ago

Yes.. It's a good thing ...

For Trump, you dumb fucks

Justhalftheshaft 3 points ago

How many times are they going to write obvious satire like this?

PepesCovfefe 3 points ago

“LanceMH1 9 minutes ago OK, so don't vote for Biden.

And if you refuse, I will not cry tears for you, your children, or anyone in your world. Even though I have spent fifty decades since I was a young white boy from the suburbs defending and supporting your community - thanks to a wonderfully enlightened mother. You deserve exactly what you and the rest of us will get. Unfortunately, we will all suffer from your stupidity.

I tire of this PC nonsense on the Democrat-side of the aisle while vicariously allowing racists, demogogues, and their minions to slowly take over our political system.

The Left, women, and minorities need to understand this is the greatest binary political choice in American history. Be stupid at your own peril. Don't ask any pity from me if you stay home or vote for Trump or anyone else other than Biden.

Full stop!”

Literally a comment on the article.

ObongoForPrison2020 3 points ago


NatJenkins 3 points ago

You really need to envy headline writers. In their eyes, everything is a good thing.

Ibleedpede 3 points ago

Wapo: “10 reasons why showcasing soft bigotry of low expectations is what the African American community needs this election. #6 will blow you away.“

blackops 3 points ago

love the spoon fed headline.

"[Here's what happened and here's how you should feel about it!]"

Afeazo 3 points ago

If any news source tells you how to feel, you should immediately stop reading and disregard the source.

JohannKrupps 3 points ago

This got "Here's how Bernie can still win" vibes all over it. Hopeful, but no payoff.

We all know what's gonna happen. Let's make it happen in November.

sysopz 3 points ago

Keep polishing that turd, Wapo.


"Why losing the 2020 Election was a good thing" - WaPo's future article when we sweep everything.

Keyboard_Warrior 2 points ago

Cause he can smell who they will vote for when they become of age.

Ruejitsu 2 points ago

"Joe Biden might be going senile, but here how that will help working class families."

deleted 2 points ago
dudeduderson 2 points ago

lol wtf is with WaPo?? I thought they were commies and they're all in on Biden.

I figured the NYT would have gone this deep but damn... its just embarrassing to watch.

Nogozone 2 points ago

Nobody likes Joe Biden. Here’s why that’s a good thing!

RumDrummer 2 points ago

They'll spin anything because there are idiots who believe whatever they're fed. "Joe Biden, convicted of pedophilia. That's a good thing." And they'll be like, wow so diverse, he loves all ages. There's no conscience with these people, at all.

bellcurvestrikesback 2 points ago

What is their rationale

Slothboy 2 points ago

I love how the headlines literally tell you how to think. That's a good thing. That's a bad thing.

mercynurse 2 points ago

Remember when Biden posted Obama with a giant #N on the photo?



dissenter_track 2 points ago

That's a good thing.

So these are the new breadlines, huh?

HemRoidRage 2 points ago

Charlemagne would be wise to denounce his guest. Joe threw an egg on his face.

Wintergreen 2 points ago

Washington Post after Biden's inevitable disaster when debating Trump: "You know, in a way...Biden actually Won That Debate"

Alienus 2 points ago

I wish we could just stop prechewing everything

That's a good thing.

No, let people decide. If someone is unable to determine whether or not something is a good thing, that's excellent. Helps spot people who are clueless.

Looks like all we have working in our favor for spotting idiots is their inability to engage in meaningful discussion or if they happen to step on the boobytrap that is the onion or babylonbee.

joebud 1 point ago

I still don't think Biden is going to be the nominee, they have someone ready to sub in a few months before.

worksof0zymandias 1 point ago

But he ain't nowayys taaarred.

diogenesLamp 1 point ago

There really needs to be a word to convey the idea:

“so fucking ridiculously audaciously stupid that they don’t even realize that they’ve become a caricature of a caricature of a caricature of themselves”

There might be one in German. If not, maybe something in French.

Magentapede 1 point ago

These guys were writing headlines for Hirohito in 1945 about how much Hiroshima would actually HELP the Imperial war effort.

SoldierofKek 1 point ago

That's a good thing.. I agree wapo..for us Trump supporters. It's also a good thing for America

stratocaster_patriot 1 point ago

Now we can start a real dialogue on race issues in this country and the challenges that people of color face in Trump's America (or something like that)

Yep we can w w we can do better as w w white people and look, I was there when MLK was shot OK, I ain't never gonna forget when he said that thing. C'mon man, I'm about as black as they come Jack and look, if the white people don't like it they can vote for someone else.

Diotima 1 point ago

The sad thing like 100% of the black Democrats are sheep and will vote for Biden even if he went on TV and said they were a bunch of N-words only good for working in the field. So Biden will still get 90+% of the black vote.

SaveFerris 1 point ago

That article is a nonsense word salad. Couldn’t finish it. These people think we are STOOOPID.

fdagasfd 1 point ago

They're trying to Saul Alinsky memes. Project it first so hopefully it's stale when mocked.

Honestly just comes off as boomer cringe denial.

TruthIsForceOfNature 1 point ago

This is good for Bitcoin.

Omega13 1 point ago

I love all the demwits on the Twitter-sphere. Every liberal mouthpiece seems to think they have some deep psychic insight on what Biden was trying to say or what he really meant.

Chaotikizm 1 point ago

It must be easier for Biden to sleep on an incline.

deleted 1 point ago