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freespeech4all 51 points ago

They loved him and used him before he became president

He is too nice and trusting

weltbild 20 points ago

trump was there when it was still relatively expensive to do this

he could have leveraged his money and voice for power but he did not

geewiz 9 points ago

He invested in black entrepreneurs and when they came back, in many instances, to pay him back, he tore the checks up and said, "Great Job. Good luck moving forward." <== That's my POTUS

Thingthing22 5 points ago

Oh, he knew. He's just playing the part of "didn't know it would be this nasty" so they get more nasty.

Afeazo 3 points ago

They loved him because he was a genuine funny guy who had the net worth to make him “useful” to them.

They hate him now because he isn’t useful to their bull shit, in fact he’s dismantling what they tried to do.

patslimmy1 22 points ago

So Jesse is white now?

QuranIsToiletPaper 14 points ago

Vintage 90s Trump. He would make headlines, and foreshadow the future, by appearing with Gov. Jesse Ventura and forming a presidential campaign "exploratory committee" with the Reform Party, this same year, 1999.


Mavdick96 4 points ago

Your name made me Kek so hard. 😂

QuranIsToiletPaper 3 points ago

I had the good fortune of creating this account name, by chance, just before the whole toilet paper hoarding craze hit.

But it really is the best use for the Quran, i.e. Muhammad's delusional ravings.

Anaconda 3 points ago

that 2000 reform party shitshow was epic.

it turned into 3 separate factions consisting of pat buchanan, jesse ventura, and trump.

they all three are completely different people and different ideologies yet they were all allies for like 2 months in 2000 HAHHA

ChokingOnARedpill 2 points ago (edited)

When Jesse was considering running Green a few weeks back I was starting to think maybe he was gonna do Trump a solid and pull some more lib votes from Biden. I kinda wish he ran, because he's one of the few people that could poll high enough to get into the debates.

Can you imagine how AWESOME that would be?

Trump, doing Trump, which is great, Biden looking confused as hell, and Jesse going, "I'm just ASKIN questions, about the FLOURIDE in the TAP WATER!"

lol 30 years later, and he has never dropped his wrestling persona!

Toughsky_Shitsky 18 points ago

Looks like Trump did one of them thar party switches .. checkmate, drumpfies.

blackfay 15 points ago

Wow holyshit.

I've never, ever seen this before. Never heard of it.

weltbild 14 points ago

this is called lying by omission

trump received a medal together with rosa parks

HonkNJhonk 12 points ago

The way Rosa looked at Trump in that iconic picture... with pure admiration and respect said it all.

weltbild 8 points ago

did joe biden receive a medal with rosa parks?

HonkNJhonk 8 points ago

No, he had his signature on 90 or so separate bills that put the very people Rosa stood up for behind bars over minor infractions.

weltbild 4 points ago

I just like this framing. Instead of saying Trump received a medal with rosa parks it is better to say joe biden didn't xD

MAGAguitar 7 points ago

I guess the left doesn't want DJT in their rainbow any longer

ModsBanPaleos 6 points ago

So racist orange man bad

fthecoup 4 points ago

January 20, 2017 12 noon: the exact date and time Trump became a racist.

weltbild 4 points ago

1:56 Donald Trump talking about walls.

CharethCutestory 4 points ago

Worst racist ever!

iNightmare 3 points ago

Anyone send this to Major news networks like fox or oan

Ebbie8708 2 points ago

Maybe because I’ve only been paying attention the last year and half or so, but they really don’t roll out Jesse to be a slave catcher like Sharpton.

not_a_shill 2 points ago

SEEE Not only is Orange Man a RACIST he's not even good at BEING a racist! He cant do anything right! Reeeeeee

teapartypaul [S] 1 point ago

REEEEEE!!!! #Karen

not_a_shill 1 point ago

I need your manager

Thingthing22 2 points ago

Make this an ad!!

Shravan 1 point ago

They say Bill and Killary made $million from public speaking, Boy! Trump never had system signing deals with him for public speaking. Had he ever had such deals like the "K"lintons, he would have made $billions, by far would have been the greatest public speaker. See his sense of humour, it's so natural. That's what great leaders are made of. None of his words even remotely sounded pretentious. Real hero of our times.

USA1 1 point ago


Plutossextape1 1 point ago

Democrats have no faith, loyalty or humility. Fuck them all is my new motto including my family. I'm done supporting you!

johnbillaby 1 point ago

It's pretty weird and rotten to love the guy when he's giving you money and then declaring he's a racist when he's running for president.

Kekistani_Preacher 1 point ago

It’s interesting how he was never called a racist until he ran against the Democrats. #🤔

WestieMom 1 point ago

So take that Biden!

MatthewUSA 1 point ago

They loved him and now hate him just bc he is against the establishment. #Trump2020

Commiessuck 1 point ago

So according to Joe Biden, that would be a room full of non-black people and Trump?

IvIA6A 1 point ago

Funny back then, and still funniest President

mikejones 1 point ago

When I think I've watched everything out there then I find this posted here.

Jsmitty112 1 point ago

Ohh how people forget