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PurestEvil 2 points ago +2 / -0

I can't say I had a good education. None of my teachers or professors anywhere were of any remark to me. The good ones were those who didn't unnecessarily torture us. Unsurprisingly, I developed 99% of my skills outside of the government education system. I honed my language skills and grammar by writing, debating and flaming on WoW forums back in the days even.

so why does the soviet regime get a free pass?

Well, because as you probably know, media, academia, most of politics are dominated by Marxists or "moderates" leaning towards Marxism. But it's not just that, it's rather the hippie idea of boundless tolerance and welcoming of degeneracy. Someone argued that postmodernism and everything it entails in itself is the issue. So there is a massive bias.

But see it like this: The clever trick was to pretend that fascism is oh-so fundamentally different from communism (or "Democratic Socialism" / "Socialist Democracy"), but the truth is that fascism is an authoritarian revolt against Marxism itself - like the degeneracy promoted in media, or even their fake news - while largely being similar to its practices. The underlying ideologies are in opposition and somewhat orthogonally turned (race based vs class based) - but both are deeply collectivist, anti-capitalist, anti-Individualist. Both oppose free speech, both have little regard for human rights (negative rights) or individual liberty.

However, Marxism is a multitude more brutal and cult-ish. You could say, in many regards Marxist type Socialism is like Fascism on steroids.

So by name-calling people bigot, Nazi, racist, etc - they pretend that the person is close to fascism or a fascist, while also pretending that they themselves are somewhat different. But it's closer to: "We are playing the same game, and we are rivals, so I publicly smear you to damage your reputation while I bolster mine. It's all about power, and the end justifies the means."

A Libertarian however is in fundamental opposition to both ideologies, and may very well see them to be the same type of overzealous, authoritarian insanity. And the fascist would say: "Well, if the Marxists win because you are too weak and let them abuse you every time, your liberties will vanish anyway, and you will get the worst of both worlds: Maximized tyranny & an insane cult attempting to dissolve your culture forever."

But power corrupts inevitably. It's a devil's bargain. And it will backfire heavily anyway... all the while all sense of ethics is thrown overboard.