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PurestEvil 1 point ago

I haven't existed back then. But it's interesting... once we see the mask slipping, once we see the truth about the media and the establishment, we start to question everything we know about the past. We start to wonder: "Wait a minute, has it always been like that, and did I just get aware of it now?"

And it looks like, the answer is yes. It may be more vicious today, because we have a president who fights back actively. But the process existed for ages.

Also McCarthy was right all along, and the media covered their Marxists allies in high positions even back then. There is no reason to believe it ever stopped.

luke21 2 points ago

They actually were neutral towards the Nazis after the Soviets signed a non-aggression pact with them. The media has always sided with evil quite naturally. They just used to not be as shrill as they are now.