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671-EVIL -12 points ago (edited)

LOL. Just no. You live in la la land. They are not as smart as others on average, see here. Look at the mean IQ. Consequently and contrary to your claims, they are less capable and have less potential, which explains their lower income. Income and IQ have a strong correlation which has repeatedly been demonsteated. Even the GDP of a country and it's mean IQ are exponentially correlated. Also, a lower IQ is associated with more crime. The average IQ of criminals is around 86 and coincidentially, the black mean IQ is around 86 as well, explaining the higher crime rate among blacks. Lower IQ also means people are less capable of planning ahead, so they don"t understand the consequences their choices will have, e.g. voting for Dems. Read the Bell Curve.

JoePCool14 9 points ago

No reason not to push for greatness though. The more successful people, the better!

FormerGraveheart 7 points ago

You spreak true, but you'd probably get fewer downvotes if you didn't start the comment with "LOL". Makes you sound like Anaconda.

deleted 1 point ago
loric4882 2 points ago

Whatever your point is, making up statistics doesn't help it

RarestPepe 2 points ago

Bell curve is about difference between people living in sandy shitholes, western and Asian civilizations, black Americans are not the 80 IQ Sandpeople those statistics talk about

cuckslasher 1 point ago

Whites have lower IQ than Asians and blacks have lower Iqs than both on average.

that doesnt mean you cant have a successful honest life as a white or black or whatever. a high iq doesnt mean shit if youre a social idot or have self esteem issues.

blacks biggest problem has been cultural. rap industry and gang culture ruined millions of lifes.