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_tiredofthebullshit 104 points ago

Because fuck you, fuck your blue helmets, fuck your anti gun disarmament agenda, fuck your commie globalist agenda, fuck you, and fuck the dog faced pony soldier you rode in on! Got that, Fat? Corn Pop was a bad dude! You know, the thing.

2WOMP_BRICKLAYER 32 points ago

The entire UN has morphed into one big anti-American hatefest over the last few decades. We should still participate because major bodies like the Security Council are diplomatically expedient, but we should fund the absolute minimum necessary to achieve our goals and nothing more. Why pay them to hate us when they’ll do it for free anyway?

NeOmega 11 points ago

Security council is no longer a pragmatic solution to world power balances. France and Britain pale in Comparison to Russia, China, and the USA.

christianknight 4 points ago

It was always a commie org.

zettapede 3 points ago

This is the WHO, not the UN

2WOMP_BRICKLAYER 5 points ago

The WHO is part of the UN, along with many other specialized globalist agencies like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and many many more.

Christineblaseyford 2 points ago

Yer not black

JesusisKing 53 points ago

its kinda scary how quickly foreign portions of our internet were to paint us as petulant and vile.

NorthAfricanViolet 25 points ago

Quite some thyme ago I had a Pt that was trying to check into the hospital because his brother, and mother, had kicked him out of his own house. His chief complaint was homelessness, and he wanted to be admitted to the hospital just so that he had a place to stay for a few days.

When I asked him why they kicked him out he stated something along the lines of "My check has not come yet... They don't want me living there if I have no money, but my next check should be here in a few days... they will love me again when I have money... Once that check comes they will let me back in my house."

What you are describing sounds eerily similar to me; "They will love me again when I have money." As long as we buy them what they want, they will be our friend... To our face at least. Those sorts of people are not really your friends anyways, and are probably equally petulant behind our backs even when we buy them nice things.

For those curious: The Pt did not have a medical need that warranted an admission, however we did not just kick him out of the hospital. We got him set up with a temporary shelter so he had a place to stay for a few days until his check came in and his family would love him again...

Formerlurker92 9 points ago

Dude what the fuck. That guy needs help

FormerGraveheart 12 points ago

He needs to disown his family and find people who will actually love him.

NeOmega 6 points ago

Just telling you from experience, there are ALWAYS two sides to a story when it comes to the homeless.

DinosaurAlert 8 points ago

I know nothing about this situation, but I know of people who, as a condition of being allowed to live at home, had to give their checks to their families to prevent them from using it to buy drugs. This is usually after years of lies, thieving, etc.

the_mcgee 4 points ago

I’ve known families with drugged, and mentally damaged parents who would literally tell their kids they don’t love them to manipulate them into pay for more drugs.


mintyfresh 4 points ago

Family may be a euphemism in this case, as in Manson family.

Ricky_CIA 9 points ago

It was eye opening to see how much traffic goes to sites like Reeeeeeeddit, and how much those commie pinko faggots want to meddle with US politics. Fuck them all with a rusty rebar.

Capitalism_Fuck_Yeah 18 points ago

Woot Polandball! Try badly hand drawing them to make them look even better!

NorthAfricanViolet 9 points ago

B-but you don't understand... I am entitled to your money!!

  • The UN... Well, not just the UN, but let's start there...
fullmagaswagger2020 8 points ago


MatthewUSA 7 points ago

Well, the CCP is our enemy, and you are the Chinese Health Organization. So Fuck off, we ain't given a dime to you.

Formerlurker92 6 points ago

Kick em out of New York

Rollsablunt 5 points ago


ERansom 3 points ago

And they never will. Thats why America is exceptional. Generations of “fuck you” bred into our genes.

Bbasher [S] 3 points ago

Just posted this and noticed that it hit the Hot page in less that 10 mins and now its off for some reason.

Sumsuch 3 points ago

Of course they don't get it. If they got it they wouldn't even attempt this bullshit, just like Nazi Germany falling apart spectacularly when they were finally pressed.

Communalism gets weaker the more people you involve, while individualism gets stronger.

wartooth6 2 points ago

UN steals the credit for America's Victory in WW II.

gawd-emperor 2 points ago

thats what should be done to soros

Wizard 2 points ago

What's the message here? That America should kill the WoH?

Poopypants69 22 points ago

I think this was a meme made by the left portraying the U.N. as innocent and the USA as unreasonable, and failing to actually explain the situation. Someone correct me if I’m wrong...

MedicineBowJoe 9 points ago

This requires a stoic "Yes." meme

Bbasher [S] 7 points ago

This memes wasn't made by the left. It was made by me. Its about how the WHO lied to us.

Poopypants69 5 points ago

Haha, it works regardless of who made it

1776-or-1984 1 point ago


The_Checkz 1 point ago

Maybe have US ball say “FU, I don’t like liers.”or something. Just to make it more clear. Especially to those who haven’t seen country ball humor before.

jaykeith 6 points ago

It’s as stupid as it looks in the comic. The evil Americans are up to no good as usual and the UN which has only ever been a white light of divinely ordained humanity and goodness is suffering because... guns? I dunno it’s not worth the energy to understand

Ebbie8708 7 points ago

America is the only national that people have actually heard of that allows its citizens to arm themselves.

The WHO can try to bully us but we have the capabilities to fight back.

DaishoDaisho 4 points ago

That's a good idea though.

The_Checkz 1 point ago

Gotta love countryballs...

supersijy 1 point ago

It is always open season on Blue Helmets. And there is no bag limit.

CryinJohnny 1 point ago

This meme leaves out critical information.

deleted 1 point ago