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MatthewUSA 68 points ago

I mean, Joe Biden has... you know, the thing.

bubadmt 44 points ago

NUMBER ON-- HEY-- NUMBER ONE-- HEY-- Listen black, I don't work for you! Got it Jack? You're full of shit and you're a liar, man! You wanna talk about being black, let's take this outside and eat some chicken man, then we'll see who's black. TWO-- You need to remember, IT WAS BARACK AMERICA and ME who did the thing, you know.. with the cockroaches, the kids loved it. FOUR-- It was ME-- CHECK THE RECORD. If you don't like it, go vote for the other Biden. PERIOD. Why am I stopping..? Ignore those geese, they're not black, and furth-- yes sir. My times up. PERIOD.

Mona1950 12 points ago

That PERIOD at the end drives me nuts. 3 degrees, top of the class, plagiarism, yeah we know Joe. Check the record.

1776-or-1984 8 points ago

Listen black, lmao. Good twist

Whoopies_tds 4 points ago

If if if if if if if if okey dokey

1776-or-1984 8 points ago (edited)

If Abrams tank is his VP, it'll be "listen black fat"

NormaJeanRocks 4 points ago

I like that, from now on around here we should just start calling her TANK. She'd love it

bubadmt 4 points ago


Long_time_lurker 9 points ago

Apparently, he's already locked up the baby eater vote:


HeavyVetting 7 points ago

I didn't face down Corn Pop so you could go vote for Trump!

CantThinkOfUserName 4 points ago

And we choose truth over facts.

Mcdaguc 24 points ago

This is a rare look into the leftist mind, behold its ignorance.

bubadmt 18 points ago

Come on and do the thing, you know.. come on man!

PinkoPatrol 14 points ago

Listen, fat.

I challenge you to a unicycle race while keistering pop tarts.

bubadmt 10 points ago

Listen black, let's go eat some watermelon man, then we'll see who's whack.

weltbild 4 points ago

First of all you are a liar man. If you don't like it lets go outside. Number one turn on your gramophone, call the pony express, let out the pigeons.

Pandas4Trump 10 points ago

Last time you brought pony soldiers that couldn't even do a single push up. Now put 'em up and let's settle this

bubadmt 1 point ago

We used to call things like that MALARKEY back in nineteen-diggety-eight, man. Corn Pop (bad dude, chains, roaches, the whole ten yards man)-- that was the real deal. I mean C'MON MAN-- look at my record, MAN-- the KK-I mean the NAACP always endorsed my runs for state commissioner! CHECK THE RECORD. JIM CROW, NINETEEN-DIGGETY-EIGHT, and that's it-- PERIOD. PERIOD. COMMA-- I MEAN PERIOD.

SonOfABaconator 10 points ago

I'm excited to see how the left spins this one.

PinkoPatrol 15 points ago

They're not going to bother... they're just burying it.

boxmakingmachines 5 points ago

They're not going to bother

Pretty much has been their entire strategy ever since Creepy Joe won was awarded the nomination.

I haven't found a single person who thinks Biden would be a good president. At least 4 years ago you could find a decent number of people who thought HRC was 'the most qualified person, ever' to be POTUS. Now all I hear is "well at least he's not oranj LOL!!"

BW_Operative 4 points ago

Just the amount of self proclaimed "Burners" in the replys shows you how fucked this country is. With the virus hoax and the amount of people who are going along with it and actually claiming it was necessary and see no wrong in the communist level of control imposed. TONS of sheep actually WANT communism in this country.

This country is soooooooooooo fucked!

freespeech4all 4 points ago

They are saying “still better than Trump”

TrumpGrid 2 points ago

I mean they already ignored rape and why not ignore overt racism too. They know they have lost any moral ground they had (back in the 60s they had some but no more)

trump_lsd 4 points ago

There’s nothing to spin - Joe Biden said what they already think.

classywhitetrash 2 points ago

I imagine they will put up a meme from white to orange and it will have something to do with white nationalism.

CryinJohnny 7 points ago

Haven't you heard? the left can't be racist.

Shayhawk 6 points ago

This is Sleepy Joe's "basked of deplorables" moment.

TrumpGrid 2 points ago

only until his next one

SaltMeAllOver 6 points ago

God, the amount of memes from pedo joe comment is delicious.

NADSAQ 6 points ago

One drop rule is pretty clear about voting Biden...

reena 5 points ago

Wait. I'm unsure.

Is a dog-faced pony-soldier white or black. Asking for a friend.

patslimmy1 5 points ago

"It was just a joke" - that'll be the defense. And it was a joke - a racist one.

elcn 5 points ago

his defense will be he doesn't remember saying it.

TrumpGrid 2 points ago (edited)

I'm sure he's already forgotten everything he said %insert_time_period_here%

elcn 4 points ago

inaccurate chart. any skin color past the first row MUST VOTE BIDEN according to racist old joe

DickTick 4 points ago

I want to give a shout out to our meme making army.

I realize these dumbfucks give such good material that the memes literally make themselves, but it still shouldn't be understated how important you all were in 2016 and, even more so, how important you will be this November....

Joementia2023 3 points ago

It's sad how many NPCs believe they have to automatically align with the Democrat Party because of their skin color. We need more people like Kanye, who actually exercises independent thought

HeavyVetting 2 points ago

Even if you're white you'll still be expected to stand by your brothers sisters xis and xirs who are required to vote for Biden. It would be racist not to.

Canadian-Bacon 4 points ago

You put brothers before sisters. Why do you hate women?

charbatch 2 points ago

This is great. I've always wondered at which shades of skin color Democrats can call you "brown people".

DRKMSTR 2 points ago

It's just a grid with random.....oh....oh no....it's a skin color chart.

Sususu 2 points ago

Reminder that these racists are NOT 🚫 liberals, they are LEFTISTS ☭, there is a HUGE🙌 difference.


Another good video on why you shouldn't enable leftist doublespeak


BadManOrange 2 points ago

Shit, I've been in the sun too long. Guess I better vote Biden now!

incogneato 2 points ago

So, 100% chance he'll have a VP candidate who is black. There's no alternative now. It will be Michelle Obama, Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris. (Biden can't choose a male cuz he got wimmin problems, too)

Mona1950 2 points ago

What if I have a tan???

tacosrcool 2 points ago

Shows how racist Democrats are.

mintscape 2 points ago

Did anyone listen to all of the interview? He also stated this: "One thing people in jail have in common, they can’t read."

Horton 2 points ago

This reminded me of the Peter Griffin race guide - https://thedonald.win/p/FfyO1lJf/

Choppermagic 2 points ago

No orange? Racist!!!! LOL

PotentialWizard 2 points ago

Yay, I have a choice!

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trump_lsd 2 points ago


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Swampy 1 point ago


conservativefrank 1 point ago

Forget Joe's comments. Listen to the show host. Imagine if a white person said "I want what's best for the white people". This guy said he wants what's best for "my community", aka the black community. It's blatant racism.

Holeinone 1 point ago

Where do Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King fall?

wrongaddress 1 point ago

Damn, I have to unsubscribe. I'm the first "must vote biden," brown. Well that's good to know, on my job applications, I'm going to select, "two other, not hispanic" going forward. Probably won't get as many rejections now that I can help meet quotas.

Lispychicken 1 point ago

looks at arm


I guess I have to vote for Biden.

basedtexapede 1 point ago

Well, you could also vote for the other Biden.

deleted 1 point ago
ImWithHearse 1 point ago

Trump campaign should make something like this. Make it portable like ones at the paint store. You could just walk up to people, compare colors, and say “we’ll you’re voting for Biden, right?”

slaphappy2 1 point ago

If you ain't voting Trump - you ain't white.

I'm not racist for saying that, right ?

Because the Democrat Party teaches us that voting for the American interest is too old-fashioned. Something out of the 1940s or 50s. /s

HiddenDekuScrub 1 point ago

Damn. Trump may have this in the bag.

Not saying we shouldn't show up and vote mind you. I hate that straw man. I'm saying show up with the biggest you-know-what-eating-grin your face can muster, and wear that grin proud, even if they make you crawl on broken glass to do it. (Add a few childish Nyah Nyahs for good measure.)

one3five 1 point ago