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pmurTJdlanoD 55 points ago

Oh shit, Issa putting himself on the line leading up to November election. I thought he was a swamp rat and maybe this is just a campaign-promoting move, but I'm all for it.

TheCIASellsDrugs 46 points ago

He's afraid because he knows the Democrats stole 4 seats in Orange County in 2018 with "ballot harvesting"

Democrats exulted as they credited a quietly passed 2016 law legalizing ballot-harvesting with their recent sweep of House seats in the former Republican stronghold of Orange County, thereby helping them win control of the House. In that case, it was Republican eyebrows that were arched. House Speaker Paul Ryan said what happened in California “defies logic.”

In Orange County, an estimated 250,000 harvested ballots were reportedly dropped off on Election Day alone. County Republican Chairman Fred Whitaker claimed the 2016 law “directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later.”

This is on top of all the other Democrat shenanigans, including Soros voting machines, Obama encouraging illegals to vote, stuffing ballot boxes, taking busloads of people to multiple polling places, etc.

Meme_Too 22 points ago

Excellent post. Thanks.

AllTheWayTrump 7 points ago

No Fuckboy paul ryan it doesn't defy logic. They fucking cheated you pos.

ClownTamer 19 points ago

Hearing them dance around the Obama one back in the day was hilarious. “He wasn’t telling the illegals and dreamers to vote, he meant the millennials!” “Why would a legal millennial be afraid of immigration coming for them if they vote?” “That part was for the dreamers.” “They’re also illegal, and their family’s that brought them here are also illegal.” “You don’t know that a DACA kid has illegal parents!” “They do. By definition they do. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be a dreamer/DACA/illegal kid.”

Illegal isn’t a race, it’s a crime. If you’re an illegal alien, you should be worried that anything you do could result in immigration coming for you because they should be coming for you because you are here illegally.

“But what about refugees!!”

Refugees aren’t illegal. They are refugees.

Illegal isn’t a race, it’s a crime.

iVote 9 points ago

Republicans were caught flat footed in 2018 and have nobody to blame but themselves for how it turned out. 2016 made ballot harvesting legal and they should have had a better harvesting organization than the Democrats. It’s that simple. Whining about 2018 makes them look pathetic. If it’s not illegal, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN.

phate451 -6 points ago

Go back to your reddit cesspool

tgwbd 1 point ago

That would be losing the war to win the battle. Far more mindshare is gained by being able to fully illustrate exactly what the Democrats have done.

iVote 3 points ago

You have to fight on the battlefield given. Fine to educate the masses along the way, but fight at the same time.

thisguy883 6 points ago

Imagine being part of a party that has to cheat in order to win a seat.

Looking at you Dem voters.