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freefolk 12 points ago

Do I have to buy my own upside down cross or will they be handing them out at the door?

Imzadi 3 points ago

There aren't any doors. It is just a freaking video call. They expect people to pay $41,000 to take part in a Zoom call.

LacyLiberty 1 point ago

Chardonnay and conversation, $41K per person... Chardonnay not included...

istrucktheboard 10 points ago

That Clinton bitch is a genius. "Pay me to watch me drink."

grenades_and_ham 7 points ago

Joe will probably be wandering the property in his depends and flip flops looking for geese.

Drinkup4 4 points ago

He's still smart enough that he knows how horrible it would be to spend an evening with Hillary. Bill won't even do that.

Drinkup4 7 points ago

I think I would rather spend $15 on a 12 pack and play video games.

Oback_Barama 6 points ago

The way they are trying to "slip" Crooked into the nominee spot is about as subtle as a piano rolling down a flight of stairs.

And yes, I did purposely use Slip and Stairs on purpose.

Porneux 5 points ago

It's not even in person - it says "Please virtually join".

Tawburgle2 5 points ago

Karenpalooza. No thanks.

Rusty_Nut 5 points ago

'Joe Biden won't be there' ... And even if he was he wouldn't!

Chief_Niggums 3 points ago

41K to sit with satan?...I take it that in these days you don't sell your soul to the devil but rather pay the devil for your soul.

ron_paul_was_right 2 points ago

ugh. i'd rather pay $41,000 to be shot out of a cannon through a wall of fire and into a lake full of crocodiles than have to endure wine with the Priestesses of Moloch.

MAGAliths45 2 points ago

and for 42500 you can chardonnay and glock eight the motherfuckers

snuggs316 2 points ago

bc i always charge my friends to watch me drink chard and eat stuffed mushrooms...and pay me for the privilege of doing so....

hay-zus-krissy on a karen! how thirsty are these rich bastards that they need to do this? and if the don't need to do this, it can only mean she's running.

YuugeNews 1 point ago

Democrats: "Party of the People"

If it wasn't for Unions and a few crazy billionaires they wouldn't exist.

powershellder 1 point ago

Just an easy way to launder money.

Just like her speaking engagements. The average person can’t attend, so no one actually watches. They receive record amounts of “participation” and talk for maybe 5 minutes to nobody.

DinsdalePiranha 1 point ago

I want to speak to the manager.

deleted 1 point ago
AdmrlNelson 1 point ago

Wow lol

FutileConundrum 1 point ago

They wouldn't like my questions very much.