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CisSiberianOrchestra 223 points ago

HCQ being effective against Coronavirus wasn't part of the plan. Big pharma was hoping they could make billions developing and selling new treatments. They didn't anticipate that a cheap drug that's been in wide use for over 60 years would be effective. This is why the media has been desperately shilling that it's ineffective and even dangerous to take.

booleh 145 points ago

nah, they KNEW it was effective since 2005

they just counted on being able to media smear it into oblivion if it was ever found out. that plan got blown to fucking pieces the second that trump mentioned it, which meant that everyone on the right would come to its defense and it was no longer a 100 to no-one fight

can you imagine the US with 200,000 deaths and the media utterly crucifying trump for not knowing about a cure from 2005 that "we could have had"?

that was the reality timeline they were banking on when they released this virus

CantThinkOfUserName 109 points ago

Even worse Fauci knew about this success of HCQ against SARS in 2005, and he has been trying to downplay the treatment or take a wait & see attitude.

HuntersCokeDealer 94 points ago

Fauci is without a doubt a deep state piece of shit trying to make Trump look bad while lining his own pockets. He never wore a face mask in the press briefings until recently, after the curve had flattened and the virus is dying down. He wants to scare people after initially downplaying the virus. Trump must know he's a cunt but has to play along.

ProphetOfKek 60 points ago

You can find him on 60minutes talking about how masks were not beneficial.

TheThreeSeashells 71 points ago

You can also find him talking about how handshakes should never happen again, but anonymous sex is fine. A "doctor" who built his career on AIDS research thinks anonymous sex is fine...during the plandemic...when everyone is supposed to be "social distancing."

HockeyMom4Trump 5 points ago

Yeah that was weird.

NPCNN 4 points ago

Fauci approves of rim jobs too

InsanityRules 1 point ago

Liberals approve as well

TheThreeSeashells 38 points ago (edited)

He never wore a face mask in the press briefings until recently, after the curve had flattened and the virus is dying down.

Because the masks aren't about safety. They're about signalling compliance. As things start to open up in some areas and the "natives are getting restless" everywhere else, they need to force the masks as much as possible to take a literal head count of who's willing to comply. It's why they're using thugs to punish those who fail to do so and broadcasting the examples outside of fake news media sources, and placing them in "entertainment" programs like LivePD.

FullTimeRaptor 26 points ago

So....body-shaming is back on the menu......boys?

HockeyMom4Trump 7 points ago

Yay! Just in time for Stacy Abrams!

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spockers 1 point ago

Yes, but only if you're a denture-wearing 80-yo leftist with dementia trying to hold on to power.

thuggishruggishtrump 13 points ago

Morbidly obese WTF??

Damn the Deep State is literally having a meltdown with the recent news, I bet Trump knew what he was doing by mentioning he was taking HCQ, we all here knew he was taking it lol, it was just a matter of time until he came out to admit he takes it and now this entire event is going to come crashing down. No more masks, no more of this "social distancing" bullshit.

incogneato 4 points ago

" . . . and . . . and . . . and . . . YOU'RE FAT!!!"

that's how you know they got nothin' else and it's game over for them

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HockeyMom4Trump 3 points ago

Yep. Gonna be hard for them to keep screeching about how dangerous it is at this point.

MAGAngelo 8 points ago

Over the target

_TheConsumer_ 28 points ago

I was walking by myself the other day, in NYC. A woman on her porch looked at e and said "You're going to kill all of us! You should be wearing a mask!"

I had to have been 10+ feet away from her in open air. I wanted to be Brooklyn with her, but I let it go. I just laughed at her and walked away. I couldn't believe how effective (their) message got out.

DragonsAndDiamonds 29 points ago

I think the scariest part of all of this for me isn't the draconian, tyrannical shit that's been happening, it's the sheer amount of people willing to believe it all and go with it.

Block_Helen 18 points ago

Yep. Even otherwise sensible people have been infected by fear. The others are enjoying the exercise of their native desire to push people around.

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HCQaddict 2 points ago

The church situation is the absolute worst part. Only one church is in partial defiance near me and playing into people's fears about the virus still. Another popular one is established by the state to hold our kids when their parents suddenly are gone.

spockers 2 points ago

It's saddening to see the sheer numbers of sheep surrounding us.

TheThreeSeashells 13 points ago (edited)

I couldn't believe how effective (their) message got out.

I haven't worn a mask since this started. When I'm walking around the supermarket without one, I've actually seen people walking down an aisle toward me stop suddenly in their tracks and turn around as if I were holding a chainsaw and covered in blood. Sometimes it's people wearing the mask down below their noses, so these are the people we're dealing with here.

I've come across people all over social media who have bought into the narrative that if you don't wear a mask, you're guaranteed to not only catch it, but spread it to others, killing both yourself and everyone else. Despite the 99.95% recovery rate.

I knew there were a lot of morons who still believe in fake news media, but it's really sad to see just how many. Also how many people are ready to surrender their freedoms because, "muh TV told me to do it."

Shalomtoyou 2 points ago

The only mask I wore... and I only wore once.... was a plague doctor mask to the local game store. They had a sign on the door that masks were optional. I was amazed they were open. Clerk said I didn't need to wear it, but we shared a laugh over it.

My wife's friend gave us both the regular little masks, but I never used it. Though I might have to. When I go back to work in person instead of at home, they're throwing in a bunch of rules about wearing masks. I'm not wearing them at the supermarket, but work is another story.

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LonelyLadypedeSF_CA 3 points ago

Laughing and walking away is the perfect response. Well, maybe laughing, pointing at them, and rolling on the ground LYFAO, but I guess I always over-do things!

daisytrench 1 point ago

Was she wearing a mask?

_TheConsumer_ 18 points ago

I also thought it was highly suspicious that the moment he started getting negative media attention, he "came in contact with coronavirus" , which led to him being quarantined - and absent from the spotlight.

BestTimeToBAlive 9 points ago

Damn you’re right. He really is more sinister than even I thought. It’s about money & power. Truly Dr. Doom

BornAgain_American1 35 points ago

It's pretty obvious that this has always been the plan.

Think about who was supposed to be in office.

China tried executing the plan without Hillary in power but it backfired bigly.

-Howitzer- 28 points ago

So you think COVID was always part of the plan with or without Trump? Interesting.

If HRC was in office when this happened the country would be 100% gone. Communist.

FreedomAintFreeYo 24 points ago

Look at all the power that the blue states are getting off on right now. Once they take freedoms away, good luck getting them back. Signed, a blue state prisoner.

thepilotofmoya 21 points ago

good luck getting them back.

Americans don't ask for their rights. They have them inherently and must defend them from people that want to take them. Which is exactly what we're seeing more and more every day all over the US.

Cuzyoudbeinjail 11 points ago

By any means necessary

thepilotofmoya 4 points ago

This is the way.

Spacecat518 3 points ago

I said if she wins we’ll be flooded with Muslims and all have to wear burkas, or speaking Chinese. We dodged a bullet.

chopz 10 points ago

I agree with this one. Killary was supposed to usher in a new era of incinerators and gas chambers e.t.c.

violent_blue 1 point ago

They needed a sweet old grandma to be the one to do it for the optics

_TheConsumer_ 7 points ago

I dunno. I'm leaning in the direction that this virus was cover fire for the death of the deep state.

HCQaddict 2 points ago

Great summary. The actual reality timeline was pretty telling.

deleted 25 points ago
nothingberg 16 points ago (edited)

It's worse for them than that. HCQS + Zinc is also effective against HIV


Zinc is also a potent inhibitor of many enzymes, including several viral polymerases (5, 6, 18, 24–30). The mechanism of inhibition may take different forms including direct displacement of Mg2+ due to higher affinity of Zn2+ for the cation binding site, allosteric inhibition through binding at secondary sites on the enzyme, or more complex mechanisms that involve interactions with substrate or other cofactors (nucleotides or nucleic acids for example).

*Zn2+ Potently Inhibits HIV-RT Catalysis in the Presence of Mg2+

nothingberg 0 points ago

jesus christ...enough with the "Network error - try again?"

nothingberg 0 points ago

I'm getting "network error - try again" constantly on this and can't edit to add relevant parts from the study. sorry....something blocking me

TheThreeSeashells 13 points ago

Surprised I haven't seen our resident "They're going to make billions off of HCQ but they prefer the vaccine out of the goodness of their hearts and we absolutely need it right away" troll chime in. He usually shows up in every HCQ post. Guess he hasn't gotten out of bed yet.

HockeyMom4Trump 4 points ago

It is going to be hard to shill it being ineffective and dangerous if President Trump is taking it.

I am seeing this as the door being opened for it to be prescribed as needed everywhere.

Shalomtoyou 3 points ago

My mother goes on about how Jonas Salk injected his children with his polio vaccine, followed by polio, so people would trust him that it works.

But she hates Trump, so I doubt she'd see this in a similar light.

HCQaddict 2 points ago

Force the VA to accept valid government research for our vets.

dougwiser 1 point ago

Good Luck with that. When they locked down the Malcolm Randal VA Medical Center went full ballistic Severe eaten up with the dumb ass Finally, this week when I took My Shipmate for his cancer visit, they had toned down a bit. They got pissed at me every time because the first thing out of my mouth was "I am not here to comply with your illegal orders" I love to see leftist bristle and become ineffective.

DestroyerofCobwebs 2 points ago

It would be difficult for someone who hasn't worked in the pharma industry to understand the scale of the forces arrayed against having an out-of-patent drug be an effective treatment for any new ailment.

Have you ever noticed that a huge portion of the ads on TV during the nightly news are for prescription drugs? Think the media companies don't understand the implicit threat in that?

Block_Helen 2 points ago

No, they knew. They formed the plan to squash it in the event that others (sensibly) brought it forward.

Vinyl_Hunter 79 points ago

He’s a force of nature

Fire, Water, Earth, Trump

fthecoup 47 points ago

What was an instant classic: the collective GASPS, SHOCK AND AWE among the Trump hating presstitutes when Trump said that!!!

Vinyl_Hunter 47 points ago

It’s hilarious to go over and reddit and see that literally every person trying to talk sense to them is downvoted to oblivion.

Like 30 different comments were “I’ve been taking hydroxychloroquine for 15 years for lupus and it works just fine for me. I’m not dead.“

PianoPede 22 points ago

It’s a Chinese-owner shithole. Check r/Sino out for a laugh.

ConditionalFeels 7 points ago

I had to go look. Holy shit it is garbage. Straight Chinese propaganda.

PianoPede 5 points ago

Yes. It’s twilight zone level

Buce-Nudo 2 points ago

Current stickied post in r/Sino: Bill Gates says China ‘did a lot of things right’ with coronavirus response


spez: Wow. The whole place is a sad Chinese rip-off of thedonald.win.

Twitter 15 points ago

every time they downvote someone into oblivion it's a redpill - shitholes like that with power hungry admins/mods will always fail.

mintyfresh 23 points ago

Fifth element. Trump's the real 5th element.

  • Trump
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Water
Schrodingers_Cat 10 points ago

REEEEEEEEEEe - Loo Dallas.... Multipass.

mintyfresh 3 points ago

I was astonished to learn that film was French-made. 🤣

LonelyLadypedeSF_CA 4 points ago

I learn so much from you Pedes. Your element ordering just made me look up the group Earth, Wind, and Fire, out of curiousity for the missing Water. I never questioned it before. The originator's sign, Sagittarius, has a primary elemental quality of Fire and seasonal qualities of Earth (autumn) and Air (spring), hence the omission of Water, the fourth classical element.

deleted 1 point ago
ADAM_SCHITT 8 points ago


slickrock 7 points ago

The dum dum Demorats and their propagandists are so stupid.

They are critical of HCQ effectiveness, and shriek that it will kill.

They should be celebrating that GEOTUS is taking it.

One must be dumb enough to vote Demorat.

HCQaddict 1 point ago

"Yeah but will he inject fish bowl cleaner?"

6-_-j 3 points ago

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Will

DaishoDaisho 2 points ago

Why ya got to leave Aang out man? Airbenders may be the most pacifistic, but they still kicked ass.

Fuck Whorra though, mary sue that's ALMOST as bad as Rey.

SpaceManBob 2 points ago

Korra isn't a mary sue.

mishaclara 78 points ago

When he said it you could hear audible gasps from the media. I was giddy like a kid on Christmas morning.

CisSiberianOrchestra 50 points ago

Yep, all the reporters in the room collectively realized that their anti-HCQ narrative just lost a lot of its credibility.

PROCIsAsshoe 9 points ago

I'd be willing to bet a great deal of money that HCQ regimen was what Boris Johnson was given.

CisSiberianOrchestra 7 points ago

Imagine how badly the media would lose their minds if Boris tweeted "President Trump, I heard you're taking HQC + zinc. That stuff works wonders. I know from experience."

wethepepe 3 points ago

i'm right there with you

the biggest indicator is no one is saying what he had

if it was anything else but the trump pill they'd be saying "this is the most promising thing!!"

PROCIsAsshoe 2 points ago

Absolutely! It's the concept underlying Coulter's law that is leading us to the conclusion. Anything which is inconvenient to their agenda is omitted from reporting and they got real quiet on the subject when BoJo recovered. Just a whimper of "Oh yeah, he's OK now."

NOTWOKE 31 points ago

Funny. My wife and I had the same reaction. It hits several targets with on bullet. The reaction was immediate and predictable. They'll be REEEEE ing for a week. And he'll be healthy to boot.

Cue Fauci..

TheThreeSeashells 14 points ago

They're probably just going to amplify the "HCQ doesn't work" campaign. I noticed even the local fake news team dedicated an almost five minute segment to it last week.

whocaresguy420 21 points ago

"he's lying and he's just trying to make money off his expensive 43 cent treatment!"

aKekabove 3 points ago

notmypotus. Lol

HCQaddict 2 points ago

$.45 after tax, coincidence? Don't think so!

Brucesky420 6 points ago

You'd think they'd be happy he's taking it, you know since it's so incredibly deadly /s

RonWisely 7 points ago

If he takes it and doesn’t die it ruins their fear narrative. So over at the commie subs on reddit they’re just claiming he’s lying.

Warren_Puffitt 70 points ago

Not once in my life did I ever think that half of the US population would succumb to nationwide mass-insanity, but that's exactly what we've got right now.

Also, my sympathy meter indicates for them somewhere below zero.point.shit, and I'm good with that.

namechangearoo 20 points ago

Those people are in an loud echo chamber thinking Trump will lose the election and be arrested. I plan to take the day off work on November 4th and just see how many usernames of mine they can ban in one day.

k614 3 points ago

I'm on a plan to username harvest over the next few months for use in early November. Could be fun times.

namechangearoo 2 points ago

I truly earned my /redacted ban today. Lol

k614 1 point ago

Wear 'em like badges of honor in this fight !

booleh 16 points ago

stupid people are susceptible to brainwashing

they're not INSANE, per se

they're just massively misled by leftist media, a feat made easier by the "reputation" the democrats built for themselves being the party that comes to the aid of the downtrodden and oppressed (with the help of said media)

throw in greed and lack of personal responsibility that you get from being FUCKING DUMB, you have a perfect storm of utter lunacy that demands you conform to their version of reality which is a batshit crazy one where no one is hungry or has to work because we can just print money to pay for everything. and the only thing stopping it from happening is donald trump, whom they believe to be a white supremacist homophobic epstein island patron that has defrauded the IRS for decades

sun_wolf 4 points ago

They desperately cling onto this idea that Trump is a business failure too. We have these beautiful sparkling skyscrapers all around the world with the name TRUMP on them and Democrats want to claim those buildings aren’t there. Then he has the amazing golf courses and resorts. Democrats are in denial about those too. Then there are all the best-selling books. Those are somehow all failures too. Oh and the #1 hit TV show The Apprentice. That was also a failure to them.

KAG4EVRodysseus11 8 points ago

Every single thing you see is a media creation, a component in their matrix.

The media narrative onslaught is 24/7 and forced onto everyone via every conceivable sensory input.

The MEDIA is the REAL VIRUS and they are so powerful they can brainwash huge populations into believing in their constructed fantasyland.

Even Trump isnt actually taking them out, but what he is doing and has done since 2016 is even better, he is EXPOSING them, their true nature and role, and their agenda. Without the public trust they are nothing.

congruent 4 points ago

Have you ever sat back and considered what this country would be like if they criticized Obama like they do Trump and praised Trump like they did Obama.

Or even if just half of the news was positive on Trump.

Or even if they covered the positive economic news since Trump took office?

Leftist ideologies require constant propaganda support to survive.

KAG4EVRodysseus11 3 points ago

Thats because leftism itself - for the leadership - is all about a 2 class system, and the very tiny upper class doesnt have the number of votes to get its way and subjugate the great unwashed (when they each get a vote) without brainwashing them into doing the media's bidding.

No one would knowingly vote to be a slave.

CitizenPlain 6 points ago

Less than half, by a lot. The Leftist media works very hard making you think it is half the country. Deport illegals and it will be even more obvious. The media needs to be destroyed.

DrVSGGEOTUSPhD 5 points ago

It's like the global cooling South Park episode...I think, haven't watched for a long time.

slimcoat 5 points ago

Mass hysteria, like the Salem witch trials. It's crazy.

archdog99 3 points ago

Now you know how North Korea happens.

deleted 42 points ago
KekistanPM 19 points ago

And with one released Ukraine phone call transcript, Trump completely upended the deep state's plan to get him thrown out of office.

Cuzyoudbeinjail 9 points ago

And with 1 election We the People gave a big Fuck you to the deep state in 16 and we'll do it again in 20

HeavyVetting 2 points ago

Unfortunately didn't stop them from wasting 5 more months on it instead of more important things, then turning around and complaining about Trump not doing enough on coronavirus. We'll see if they choose to memory hole hcq, or double down on their lies about it.

AOCs_tits 6 points ago

4D checkmate move per usual

Either they knew they were lying when they said it was poison, and are now reeeeeing bc now everyone knows they were lying...

Or they believed their own bullshit and are now reeeeeeeing because their beloved poison has proven ineffective on VSG....

They are forced to accept that they are worthless liars, or forced to accept that VSG is an immortal Demi-God here on a mission of Divine Vengeance.

Either way, it's reeeeeeeeeeeeeally painful to be a leftist media douchenozzle today.

sun_wolf 2 points ago (edited)

The corporate media and establishment Democrats all know that HCQ is the cure to the China Virus. But they don’t want a cure. A cure is not part of their plan, and throws a YUGE wrench in their agenda. So they must instruct all of their puppets to smear the cure and tell everyone the cure is poison. The most evil people going along with this are the doctors. The doctors have the moral authority and public trust to stand up to this, but most of them refuse to do so because they either hate Trump or are terrified of being smeared/murdered by the Democrat establishment if they step out of line.

One of the most brilliant things the globalists did to pull doctors and nurses into their scheme is they preyed on the egos of doctors, calling them our “frontline heroes”, and doctors are enjoying the non-stop ass-kissing the establishment media is giving them in every TV commercial and now don’t want it to stop, and they preyed on the narcissism of nurses by turning them into social media attention whores. The globalists were actually very smart to immediately zone in on the fundamental character flaws of these two professions.

namechangearoo 32 points ago

The idiots on r/pol are hoping he dies from it and it will kill people. You mean the same HCQ that they have used to prevent malaria for the past 50 years will kill you if you take it for the Chinese flu? That’s strange.

twowomps 4 points ago

That sub will get quarantined any day now...........................

namechangearoo 2 points ago

Lol. Mods will surely deliver

BigCovfefe 19 points ago

You know he was like... well why don't I just take it? With a big smike on his face.

chinita_atx 19 points ago

Doctors saying HCQ is not safe, including Obama's SG, have been lying to people with a straight face. FDA deemed it SAFE and EFFECTIVE for malaria. So it is safe. Dr Oskoui on Ingraham last night said that heart issue is not even on the packet of Plaquenil. It's used off label for lupus so it is safe. We only have a question, if at all, on whether it's effective against covid-19.

Brlove0915 17 points ago

You are correct. HCQ has been around since the 50's, you take it 1-2 weeks prior to going to malaria infested places, take it the entire time you're there and then continue taking it for 4-8 weeks after your visit. A six week regimen as a minimum. It is safe enough to be prescribed to children and pregnant women. They are lying.

mishaclara 11 points ago

Yep this doctor cured 83 people in a nursing home in Texas. My doc said It’s being widely used here. It’s why we have so few deaths: https://hotair.com/archives/karen-townsend/2020/04/17/results-texas-nursing-home-using-hydroxychloroquine/

KekistanPM 4 points ago

MSM doctors: "What we have here are 83 unique cases of people having better-than-average immune systems that were able to fight off HCQ and COVID."

I made that quote up of course...but those doctors could literally expand it into two paragraphs and say it with a straight face; and people would believe it and say it was rational and logical.

SkitShowPhrenia 18 points ago

We don’t call him Dr. Geotus for nothing

AngelMark 16 points ago

What a timeline we are living in! 🇺🇸

trumplandslide 16 points ago

For your reference:

Hydroxychloroquine Facts:

– Used for 60+ years (1958)

– 100+ Million people used it

– Safely used for long time (years) by Lupus patients

– 10,000 Lupus users tested, not a single one tested positive on Corona Virus

– CDC declared it as safe to take for even pregnant women

– Out of patent = free market = cheap ($20 for treatment)

– Used in India as preventative

– French scientific study over 1,000 patients, 98% cure rate

– Brazil hospital, 90 deaths before HCQ, 0 deaths on 500 patients after using HCQ

– New York Doctor (Dr. Zelenko) 98% success rate on hundreds of patients

Be aware of the BS “studies” that try to disprove the above:

– Above recommended dosage it is dangerous. Really? You can kill people with too much water!

– Below recommend dosage (instead of 400 mg they used 100 mg) – Not very effective, no kidding!

– Doing a “blind study” where instead of comparing to a placebo they use another effective cure (vitamin C). This was a Gates funded study

– Dismissing it because it is not 100% effective. The flu vaccine has an average of about 30-70% effectiveness. Almost nothing has 100% effectiveness.

– Used too late and without Zinc for Corona virus. HCQ and zinc can stop the virus from replicating, but it does not repair damage. HCQ without zinc is not very effective.

– Skewing the baseline, e.g. using sicker patients for HCQ test than the alternative test

and on and on.

The most recent Virginia study used at least no zinc, too late and had more sick patients in the HCQ group than the other, see https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/devastating-renowned-french-dr-didier-raoult-destroys-liberal-trump-hating-media-va-junk-report-hydroxychloroquine-video/

Hope this is useful.

Link: CDC declaring HCQ as safe:


anotherunperson 2 points ago

Or... if you're the VA, you put HCQ treated patients in the control group.

Erikabodereka 13 points ago (edited)

A very Trumpian way of rendering a vaccine unnecessary.

Edit: I think the term I’m looking for is “non-essential”.

GenericInsult 13 points ago

The ultimate would be if Trump anounced that he got Covid, and recovered without missing a single day's work by taking HCQ.

5000wattsx 4 points ago

They'll move goalposts and try to say he made others sick, then try to force his resignation and arrest when they find the most sympathetic person and say they died because Trump infected them.

patslimmy1 12 points ago

I didn't know it made your eyes glow red. Where do I get it?

hollow_fang 5 points ago

Your eyes glow red when you take it and then successfully fight off the virus. Better than immunity papers, for sure.

sir_rockness 11 points ago

I have a family member who was a pharmacist for years.

I asked them if HCQ was safe months ago. They said, of course, they've been using and prescribing it for years.

Its amazing having good relationships with people you trust breaks the spell of fake news.

Brlove0915 8 points ago

Chloroquine has been around since the 30's. HCQ is a milder form of regular chloroquine, it has fewer and less severe side effects. It has been around since the 50's. Both are literally older than ibuprofen. Anyone suggesting that we don't know enough about them are either completely ignorant or lying. We have nearly 70 years of data on HCQ, how much more testing do they think we need?

KekistanPM 1 point ago

I hope there weren't any leftists in earshot; I don't want them to get swatted at 4am.

porkrice 10 points ago

Sad that the White House doctor had to put out a statement because people are saying he’s lying. I bet next Congress will call the doctor to testify and see if he’s lying for the president. These people are abhorrent

KAG4EVRodysseus11 3 points ago

the next impeachment scam: President LIED about taking HCQ! IMPEEEECCHHHH

FreedomWon 9 points ago

I know I'll never get tired of winning but you think the presstitutes would get tired of him winning all the time. The moment they pitted themselves against him was the same moment the outcome was never in doubt. Don't they get it yet?

Cuzyoudbeinjail 1 point ago

Oh I'm sure they get it, but they also get that sweet stack of yuan from China on the regular.

agod 8 points ago

Here is an unadulterated video Trump says he's taking anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 | LBC. It is increasingly difficult to find.

Brookes 8 points ago

Just sent an email to Neil Cavuto. Told him this old fart has a heart arrhythmia, been to Africa twice. Took HydroxC each time as a malaria prophylactic.....still alive. No Neil it will NOT kill you. Perhaps you should leave the doctoring to....I don’t know.....doctors?

cccpneveragain 7 points ago

If they believed themselves, shouldn't they be happy? They think it kills you and they want Trump dead. I'm not really seeing their issue.

CitizenPlain 2 points ago

I like the 4D thinking :)

MAGA_____bitches 6 points ago

HCQ kills people...

No it doesnt...

Yes it does, Drump is a murderer.

You know, I've been talking it for weeks... Reeeeeee

deleted 6 points ago
Bullwinkle 5 points ago

His body. His choice.

NoWeaponFormed 3 points ago

Same thing I said! I think it's genius....

AndyCuomoIsAMobster 5 points ago

Fredo Cuomo actually said with a straight face that Trump revealed that he is taking HCQ because he's trying to cover up a terror attack in Pensacola.....

Fucking seriously. Enemy of the People.

DrVSGGEOTUSPhD 5 points ago (edited)

I'm worried the commies will take Trump out with poison while he's on HCQ. This would do so much to advance their wicked plans.

incogneato 3 points ago

They're already trying that, kids. I still think that's why he was suddenly hustled over to Walter Reed one night a few months back. I cannot imagine having to live the way he does.

NoWeaponFormed 2 points ago

He should have kept the info to himself

sun_wolf 3 points ago

They are literally already trying to kill him every day. At least one food poisoning attempt has failed, although they were able to take out (poison) his food tester on a trip to Scotland though. But the point is, what Trump says or doesn’t say about hydroxychloroquine isn’t going to change this. Once they have decided to try to poison you, there is not really anything above that.

NoWeaponFormed 1 point ago

His food tester was poisoned?? Does he have a new one?

taosbob 5 points ago

Even given their agenda, the media truly sucks. I have to marvel that they've never bothered to interview anyone from the 100 millions around the world who've taken chloroquine sometime over the past 60 years (like me).

And can no one even do a 15-second search ("chloroquine without a prescription") to learn that this "deadly" drug is freely available over the counter in the UK?


Choppermagic 4 points ago

All Trump needs to do now is to mention that we should be careful about who we give HCQ to since there may not be enough and BOOM, everybody will be demanding their HCQ as the miracle cure and the media will be embarrassed again ha ha

luke21 4 points ago

He is pissing all over their vaccine plans. This is brilliant, and the media is squealing like castrated pigs.

CmonPeopleGetReal 4 points ago

Big pharma triggered

Block_Helen 4 points ago

Think of how many lives could have been saved. People who would never have had to go to the hospital and die on a ventilator (and possibly infect others) because they would have been recovering in the comfort and safety of their home.

Think of all the nursing home staff who could have taken this as a preventative and avoided causing death and suffering. They could have avoided not only the virus but the psychic pain of knowing they caused the death and suffering of others.

This is real shit, Dems. Real blood on your hands.

wethepepe 2 points ago

And that doesn't even mention the massive impacts of shutting the economy down had on people and their mental health

Light_HIV_Effect 4 points ago

Had no idea Pelosi was a doctor and knows Trump is "morbidly obese", has a heart condition (he doesn't) and wants to dictate what Trump and his doctor determine are the best care.

There is a cure for covid-19, however there is no cure for TDS. SAD!

TheThreeSeashells 4 points ago

So healthy he was doing wall-to-wall rallies in 2016 and 2018. He'd be doing them again if the Left didn't cook up this fraudulent shutdown to block them. Meanwhile, their candidate would be hiding in his basement doing video "rallies" that look like Max Headroom outtakes.

digital_daisy 4 points ago

It's always amazing how stark the contrast in tone is when it comes to the stories MSM covers. On ABC's World News Tonight, they were really hammering in a dark tone that the FDA "warns" of "dangers" with HCQ. However, in the subsequent story about a new vaccine, the tone was cheery and optimistic as they spoke of a test subject who was about to have his 2nd round of injections.

ThePowerOfPrayer 1 point ago

Hitting us in the "feels" is how they try and get us.

hollow_fang 3 points ago

I knew he wasn’t giving up on it

big_donnie_42069 3 points ago

Can someone catch me up to speed?

CitizenPlain 3 points ago

Watch the Q and A with the fake media after Trump's meeting with restaurant executives. Near the end of it, discussing HCQ, Trump casually mentions he has been personally talking the drug (as a countermeasure) for the last week and a half. The press flips out with questions and gasps.

suckmycorona 3 points ago

Stop listening to the media. They are not intelligent people. Think about it, their existence is based on going around and talking about what "other" people are doing with their lives. Pathetic existence.

Vapourface 2 points ago

Next up: hospital supply-air dosing with Chlorine Dioxide at 3ppm. Animal studies show rats infected with influenza by aerosol do not then develop the infection if they are kept in a dosed atmosphere. No need for facemasks in hospitals. Search: Takanori Miura and Takashi Shibata "Antiviral effect of chlorine dioxide against influenza virus and its application for infection control" 2010 Osaka

iIndianaJones 2 points ago

He out Trumped all of them. He managed to make Fauci look like a clown, and the media are melting down. It's glorious and sad to watch.

eagleeyeddjt 2 points ago

Speaking of can't stump the trump... when are the 2020 Centipede videos coming out?

We had this one 2 months ago and then nothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4DzdlvjgUg

nothingberg 2 points ago

By rejecting HCQ, they are acting like vaxxers


NeOmega 2 points ago

Now lets watch bill gates and his kids, and all the other Karens and their children and grandchildern, do what they think is best, and youtube themselves taking the first wave of rushed vaccines.

duvalpede 2 points ago

Folks are freaking out on my local news channel's FB pages. It's hilarious.

augustinius 2 points ago

Pic reminds me of the Marauder in Doom Eternal.

Only Trump is Marauder, Doom Slayer, and Sam Hayden all in one.

Yes, the Left is Hell and its demons.

NoWeaponFormed 2 points ago

Hey, his body his choice....

SoYuge 2 points ago

I've noticed the media IMMEDIATELY stopped talking about it.

Like they realized there was no spin they could add to make it look bad. All it would do to bring it up would be to remind people Governors were trying to outlaw it, but it ended up working.

Maaam 2 points ago

The media attacks and articles are out in full force today

FluffiPuff 2 points ago


The_Eski 2 points ago

Donal Trump is a Terminator, confirmed.

InTheArmsOfThePepe 2 points ago

"Why didn't you notify us before making this announcement!?!?!?"

"You didn't tell us you were going out for steak dinner!!!" (remember that beauty from early in his term)

BigE123456 2 points ago

Unfortunately I have family members that believe the Corporate Main Stream Media. It is so sad when the truth is right in front of their faces and they refuse to see it saying how dumb and stupid President Trump is. TDS at it finest! You can lead a horse to water but..........

Red-in-Tooth 1 point ago

Boosts morale a ton. If people are told he is taking it, they will ask for it and take it too, and see results. Huge confidence booster if nothing else.

Indianapede 1 point ago

I love this picture of POTUS! Can it be his official potrait that goes up in the whitehouse?

kikomonday 1 point ago

Im a resident physician, you guys aren't realizing the lie that's being perpetuated. HCQ is NOT really effective in treating Covid. That's why HCQ is ALWAYS given with a Zpack/azithromycin. So that's how these sick people in the media get away with telling a lie, that's probably have killed 1000's of people. The always say HCQ, HCQ the never mention the studies of HCQ+Zpak. In addition South Korean guidelines state to give a 3rd drug an HIV anti retroviral. No one in the media has even mentioned this b/c they would have to mention you have to give this with HCQ and Zpak.
Btw, Trump took a Zpak WITH HCQ which again is not being reported on.

MatthewUSA 1 point ago

Trump be playing 6d Chess rn

ClownShowPede 1 point ago

Call me crazy but I see it as a win as long as we have a treatment that works. Whether it’s this or Remdesivir means nothing to me. As long as there’s a treatment that works we all win. The rallying cry around this treatment always seemed weird to me and I still don’t see why we keep coming back to it. Let the FDA do its job.

thuggishruggishtrump 3 points ago

Probably because this drug cures other things as well as COVID, things like HIV lol. Wouldn't be surprised if all this time Magic Johnson was taking it, just throwing that out there.

Nightbringer33 1 point ago

HDC is already known, we know the side effects. We don't need another designer drug that is super expensive, stuff like that is why our healthcare is expensive.

What if daily tonic water (with quinine, functions just like HDC I understand) and zinc daily is all we really need in order to keep this Kung-Flu at bay? I would be for that then because it is inexpensive and accessible.

Robert 1 point ago

Trump is putting his money where his mouth is - he talked the talk, now he's showing the media it wasn't all talk, he's walking the walk. The drug is well known.

NormaJeanRocks 1 point ago

I need this on a shirt

Mcbignuts 1 point ago


dudeduderson 1 point ago

I am starting to actually think patriots from the future travelled back in time to ensure the victory of Trump to stop communism from destroying the planet and allowing these authoritarians to take control.

Hey it could happen!

Afeazo 1 point ago

Reddit: I want free healthcare paid for by taxpayers!

Also Reddit: NOOOO!!! I don’t want a cheap medical solution that works! I want an expensive medical solution that is not yet proven to work!

These people are morons. They are the same people who say we need to raise minimum wage because they want to live in California coastal cities instead of in low cost of living areas because they think they are entitled to it. Maybe I want to live in Beverly Hill and be seen by a celebrity doctor to do some stem cell therapy, should I lobby the government to pay for that for me?

Tonightm01 1 point ago

Big pharma wants the billions it's hoping to get to make a vaccine.

If HCQ drives the virus to the point of not needing one they will be so pissed.

thelastlast 1 point ago

please normies, wake up to what this means

Diotima 1 point ago

It's amazing... the left's hate overrides their rational side... they've been gaslit to think HCQ is some Nazi death drug.

michaelbuddy 1 point ago

A few weeks ago ther was this mother jones article that said "trump gave up on hyrdoxychloriquine" because he hadn't mentioed in in 2 days out of 45 days of his pressers.

then this, suddenly it's back in the news. LOL.Brilliant

SmokeyMeadow 1 point ago

The CDC itself recommends taking HCQ at intervals of at least six weeks. You start two weeks prior to travel and continue for four weeks afterward. That's if you just go on a day trip to the malaria infested jungle.

unable_afternoon 1 point ago

I hope trump shows a little PowerPoint montage of all the data that backs hcq or something like that at his next briefing. Not only would it put the rabid leftists in their place but it would also do a lot for boosting morale and pushing towards the end of the shutdown.

kyblugrass 1 point ago

You know, hate to break Godwin here, but when growing up reading those history books and you wonder how a nation could ever fall for the National Socialist and other flavors of Totalitarians, then you walk out your front door and you see who is wearing masks.

TheDonaldVET1 1 point ago

Cant stump the Trump!

PokemonGoToThePolls 1 point ago

Did I miss something? Was he taking it for fun/to prove it’s ok, or did he have the virus?

altaG12 1 point ago

or was he taking it as a prophylactic to prevent being infected by the virus?

shithotseaman 1 point ago

Trump channeling All Might is giving me goosebumps.

deleted 1 point ago
1776ThereIsaidIt 1 point ago

He's calling their bluff. We are at the final table at the WSO MAGA and he's holding a royal flush.

HCQaddict 1 point ago

Why do we need physicians to okay this?

twowomps 1 point ago

Impeach the Physician to the President!

Omgwtfbbq 1 point ago

They’re acting like he’s self-medicating.

toophless 1 point ago

When is Fauxi going to be ASKED about it? Inquiring minds want to know.

deleted 1 point ago
AbsoluteNothingness -3 points ago

That's legit creepy.