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HillarysBeaverMunch 143 points ago

Just a cohencidence!

dancn 99 points ago

If you had the same kind of luck (yea right) you would be in jail for 20 years on insider trading charges.

deleted 56 points ago
NancyGhouloski 28 points ago

Oy vey

PewPew_ThaDuK 92 points ago

Front running! Investigate

Rugar22 79 points ago

The info coming out just keeps getting better! Glad the globalists are finally suffering.

Pederrr 42 points ago

I thought 2016 was nuts.

2020 is fucking absurd.

Sumsuch 12 points ago

Man... I don't want to say too much, largely because nailing down specifics is notoriously hard, but we've only seen the smallest tip of the iceberg that's coming in the immediate future. Technology has already changed us significantly more than most people have realized so far, and the consequences are going to be spectacular.

Remember all the talk in the early 2000s about the singularity?

Pederrr 17 points ago

Technology is crazy. We all know and willingly accept constant surveillance. My favorite example actually happened with impeccable timing making it even creepier.

So I'm working on planning a homestead. My coworker has a business building electric vehicles. We're both knowledgeable with generators, motors, and electricity so we like to talk a lot about different ways to get "free" power.

I came up with an idea one evening to possibly use my heating to power a steam generator, basically trying to use something like a woodburner and find a way to basically split the heat energy between heating the house and spinning a turbine. I mean, why not?

After work I like to go to the bar and get a beer while doing some reading/research.

While walking in I get a different ad, it's for steam generators. Like, big steam generators. Damn near the size I worked with in the Navy. The FIRST time I've ever gotten an industrial ad.

It didn't click until I order my 2nd beer and close out my tab and the bartender and a guy at the bar are talking about how they keep seeing oddly coincidental ads.

I knew before this we were being watched and listened to 24/7 but seeing my ads go from video games and building shit to power plant equipment after a lengthy conversation at work................ it got too fucking real.

I believe in 2016 it went around that a lot of people like Zuckerberg and what not cover their built in cameras in their laptops with tape and shit.

I'm gonna go full on homestead like it's colonial times.

VoterIDMatters 4 points ago

Do you have the Facebook app on your phone?

This shouldn’t be surprising to you. Zuckerberg admitted in congressional testimony like three years ago that the Facebook app used microphone permissions and harvested data from conversations

Pederrr 1 point ago

I have android, can't get rid of the surveillance

ProudWhiteMan 3 points ago

Yep same thing happened to me very odd the first time it happens and you understand why.

timmythetooth 4 points ago

Please, go on.

Magabishh 4 points ago


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americathegr888 2 points ago

I mean... are they suffering? Nothing has been done to them. None of them have been arrested.

Soros made a shitload of money on this insider trade.

Rugar22 2 points ago

Well something should be done.

Protectthefirst 45 points ago

I hate ballsack eyes as much as the next guy, but SEC filings are usually like 45 days behind...

Cameron 21 points ago

That’s exactly correct. I assume Soros Mgmt’s SEC filing was released and 3 minutes later google dropped. I mean, airline stock plummeted 10% when Buffet announced BRK had sold all their airline shares earlier in the quarter

The market usually dials in breaking news like this pretty quick, so I think it’s an educated guess that someone as wealthy and capital heavy as Soros announcing something like dumping shares could also cause a massive sell off

BigFreedomBoner 14 points ago

For Soros to dump that much stock, it seems it would tank the price.

HuggableBear 34 points ago

Soros sold ~30,000 shares of Class A stock.

Google has issued 9,000,000 Class A shares. Soros sold ~0.3% of Google's Class A stock.

On top of that, that's just Class A stock (voting shares). Google's total outstanding common stock shares (non-voting) is around 650,000,000.

Soros selling 30,000 shares would have a real effect of basically zero on the share price. He sold about $40M in stock of a company valued at $900 BILLION.

The only reason this is news at all is because it's Soros.

Brlove0915 15 points ago

Thanks for the perspective.

But the timing is a little suspicious, no?

Shermoo 9 points ago


mintyfresh 7 points ago

So you didn't read ANY of the comments above?

daomino 11 points ago

Au contraire, the only reason you are trying to suppress it because it's Soros.

potato4dawin 8 points ago (edited)

The whole stock market is a self-fulfilling prophecy that the most successful traders have learned to manipulate through corruption and insider trading.

The next most successful traders have learned this and simply follow the trends of the most successful traders since if the most successful made billions by making the first move then if they can make the second move they stand to make millions.

There are thousands of people who collectively have many billions invested that follow the actions of people like Soros very closely. If a billionaire investor like Soros dumps 50%, then 10,000 millionaires will probably dump 50% too, if not as much as 100% depending on if their investments are as diversified as Soros or not. It's news because people value that information.

timmythetooth 4 points ago

So is it that one Uber rich guy who would never go to jail because he is well connected takes the heat for insider trading and allows people to suckle from his corrupt teat, thus earning him more status and power enabling him to do it over and over again?

DarkestMatt 1 point ago

That’s a lot of words for 1 dimensional thinking.

Cameron 5 points ago

Alphabet class A stock has a market cap of almost a trillion dollars. It would take a considerable amount of movement for it to affect the market. I doubt Soros dumping 50% of his holdings would do that. His announcement however is another story

daomino 4 points ago

You missed the point. It's not about manipulating the market but about trading with inside information.

Cameron 1 point ago

Except his sec filing was 45 days ago, meaning he dumped stock 45 days before it dropped, not 3 minutes before it dropped like OP suggests.
This whole post is misinformation. I’m sure he insider trades but this is a shitty and uneducated “gotcha”

daomino 0 points ago

Hmm, so he had the inside information 45 days before everybody else, not just 3 minutes. That's even worse. Do you work for him? Is the iluminaty involved?

Cameron 1 point ago

So according to you, every time an investment group sells stock it’s because they’re insider trading? Warren Buffet sold all of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock in airlines, was he insider trading?
I bought $15,000 worth of oil index stocks about 45 days ago myself and sold off everything I had left in a handful of pharmaceuticals

Am I insider trading?
Investment groups exist to manage funds and that means making big moves like selling or buying large amounts of shares during volatility. This is nothing new to anyone with an ounce of knowledge of how Wall Street works. Don’t be an ignorant fool

... continue reading thread?
ProudWhiteMan 2 points ago

No the trick is his government goons waiting for his call to get the ok to start the investigation. The Google antitrust investigation could've happened 60 days ago.

deleted 3 points ago (edited)
Trumper007 40 points ago

LOL Thats good because Barr tends to like those things - #JUSTASKBURR

Grindelwald 31 points ago

Soros has moles inside the DOJ

astro_eng 16 points ago

That is the true takeaway.

Berzerker_king 26 points ago

If Trump breaks this monopoly, I will happily kiss his feet to say thank you. This will be a dream come true. Google if not stopped will grow into an evil dictatorship, the complexity and depth of which will make 1984 look like tele tubbies.

Not that I'm anything less than super duper in gratitude for what he has done already, but you get the idea ...

XCorneliusX 19 points ago

Google has already become just that. I want a non google or apple phone to be viable.

Thingthing22 20 points ago

Now fucking nail him for insider trading!

latetotheparty 17 points ago

Nothing to see here... move along.

SAW2TH 12 points ago

Wouldn’t it be great if it were this that sent him to jail?

GatorGirl 10 points ago

That is the definition of insider trading!!!!!!!!!

XCorneliusX 9 points ago

Martha Stewart was in prison for $10,000 in insider trading. Soros... That is more than 10k.

gawd-emperor 8 points ago

Take his money freeze until investigation is done and have him sell his house

OhLollyLollyPop 8 points ago

Insider information. Is this legal? Should be investigated heavily for many years, just because.

justwinning 8 points ago

Gordon Gekko said "If you're not inside, you're outside!"

pedeypete 8 points ago

Google is no longer under the protection of the puppet master.

GGJanitor 7 points ago

Shouldn't TYT be SOL without Daddy Warbucks?

daty_dato 7 points ago

Arrest him.

Based_Trumpster 7 points ago

This is all that's needed to arrest his ass. Calling Billy Bagpipes!

remember1776 7 points ago

What a Coincidence!!!!!

DonttrustChina 6 points ago

They got Capone for tax evasion, let's get Soros for insider trading.

Soulmask 6 points ago

Bottom feeders never change! Vulture capitalist at his finest

IslamIsEvil 6 points ago

That’s called insider trading. It’s illegal.

deleted 6 points ago
DearCow 6 points ago

Who leaked to him? Find them and arrest them.

travelkarl 5 points ago

My guess is there's a lot of this info going to big democrat donors and hedge funds. If the justice dept is capable of setting up a president, it's capable of anything.

lunchboxx10 5 points ago

Raid his home!

BonerDonor 5 points ago

Well that's clear evidence of insider trading.

Miserable_company 1 point ago

Unfortunately, as compelling as it is, it’s circumstantial. It can plausibly be explained away as a happy little accident. Now, a pattern of it, or inside documents showing a conversation held prior to the sale could be incriminating. But this in and of itself is not going to stick.

Rodger 4 points ago

So how soon do you think it will be before the FBI will subpoena and sieze SoRoS's cell phone and question him? Oh yeah, that's right I forgot he's a liberal Democrat who can do no wrong. You know them liberal Democrats have a get-out-of-jail-free card tattooed on their butt cheeks.

RedNonna 6 points ago

Don't forget the 6 a.m. raid with 29 armed agents and conveniently placed news cameras.

SoldierofKek 3 points ago

Good let's put that fuck in prison for insider trading!. Them let's make sure he gets shanked in prison

tokenninja 3 points ago

Anyone else smell RICO

HeavenlyTrumpets 3 points ago

Obviously someone told him ahead of time.

Abarth 3 points ago

Prosecute him for insider trading

TrumpsColossalBalls 3 points ago

Get him!

ifififififokiedokie 2 points ago

nothing to see here!

DinosRFake 2 points ago

It's not like the Ballsac Bond Villain could possibly have insider info is it?


Damn, making money must be laughably easy for these crooks.

Xal1 2 points ago

Fuck Soros.

VoxVulgaris 1 point ago

We should all have some excellent information like that.

On the up-side. I pray to God that they do bring an anti-trust lawsuit against these shits. For the sake of our freedom, Google needs to be broken up.

Nicktdot 1 point ago

Unfortunately, Twitter OP doesn't know that the filing dates back 45 days from posting

cajun_robear 1 point ago

Find the person in our government who leaked this info to Soros.

HenkZeilstra 1 point ago

Well what happens now??

BuckyRancher 1 point ago

Jail, jail now don't pass go don't collect 1200 dollars