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magnokor 6 points ago +6 / -0

Side of Beef

New York Times spin:

Sep 12, 2016 Hillary Clinton briefly appeared unsteady on Sunday during a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack.


The evil one threw a shoe, thrashed around like a possessed donkey, had her Nigerian doctor running around scared, had her handlers try to hold her up like Weekend At Bernie's, and then chucked her into her ambulance (van) like the proverbial Side of Beef.

The corrupted Secret Service just tried to block people seeing it. Remember, during the Barry years, that group was either drunk or unconscious, or worse.

If it wasn't for that Czech fellow who happened to be filming, the Beef would have never been exposed.


After more than an hour of radio silence, Clinton's campaign issued a statement saying the former Secretary of State "felt overheated," and later Sunday issued another release blaming the episode on pneumonia and dehydration.

"Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies," Dr. Lisa R. Bardack said in the statement. "On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule. While at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely."

But a witness told Fox News that Clinton stumbled off the curb, her "knees buckled" and she lost a shoe as she was helped into a van during her "unexpected early departure."


The New Jersey resident who took the video, Zdenek Gazda, told Foxnews.com he had been a fireman in the Czech Republic and came to the 9/11 ceremony to pay his respects.

"Everything was fine, everything was good before," said Gazda, who snapped several shots of Clinton before taking the video. "I take a lot of pictures of her. She looked very nice and everything, and I don’t know what happened to her."

After Clinton left the ceremony, the reporters following her on the campaign trail were prevented from leaving the media area for a period of time.

Scary times if Beef and cheat had won:

"I am glad to learn that Secretary Clinton is already feeling better and I wish her a speedy recovery," said DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile in a statement. "I look forward to seeing her back out on the campaign trail and continuing on the path to victory."

LacyLiberty 2 points ago +2 / -0


Whatever happened to him?