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outlyingspine 28 points ago

they realized how much time is actually wasted in school. Work in a school, can confirm.

byecomey 16 points ago

Teachers can do something I can’t do: crowd control.

Of course, that’s not needed at home.

tombombadil 7 points ago

Teacher here. That is pretty much 85% of what you are taught in college education courses. Hardly any of it is pedagogy or how kids learn. The majority of it is simply how to manage a classroom full of kids.

AngelMark 1 point ago

Yeah we know! We see how DUMB American kids are becoming thanks to public education n the teachers they employ that WE have to pay for!

Scalpmaster 20 points ago

We are in that. I can not believe what social studies has turned into. Our children will be homeschooled from now on.

chambleepede 12 points ago

Pick a religious or independent program then. The state run online schools are the same crap.

laneybelle 7 points ago

Yes! We have been a Christian school family for years but decided to home school the beginning of this year. Went back and forth on doing the "free" public home school option but decided on BJU. It is a Biblical program-and very rigorous! Highly Recommend!

TheThreeSeashells 11 points ago

When you trim out the B.S., they'll find their kids can complete their grade in about a third of the time, if not better. Now we just need laws that prevent paying the school portion of property taxes if you don't have a kid attending public school.

Persistence 2 points ago

Imagine the economic boom if parents had access to the same funds schools did per student, we could afford to have one parent stay home all day again

farangbak 6 points ago

This 52% must have BOTH mom and dad at home. I am a single father of a 10 and 7 year that is working remotely and can't give them the attention they require. Food on the table or teach??

stonepony 4 points ago

You don't have to teach. They can probably navigate a search engine better than you or I can.

But yeah, the babysitting factor for single parents will be the only thing keeping our government schools populated.

SpaceForceMilitia 1 point ago

Finances allowing, a tutor to supplement your plan could help you there.

kekNation 2 points ago

This is why voucher should be a top 5 issue for Trump.

verycute 5 points ago

My kids are in high school, learning the curriculum in less than 20% of the time. Plus they can sleep in late and bunch their free time. No one wants school to start again.

deleted 5 points ago
I_Used_to_be_me 4 points ago

My fiancee and I are trying to figure out the financial details of starting a family, and we've already determined they will absolutely not be going to public school. We're trying to figure out a way to homeschool, but it's tough. I'm the one that will likely be able to get the better job, but I'm also the one that has an education background and certified to teach, and would like to be able to homeschool my kids, but, it just doesn't seem like a financial possibility unless we can manage to basically find a few other families willing to essentially pay me to homeschool their kids as well. The one benefit is that my fiancee is in early childcare, so at least for the first ~8 years or so, she'll be able to take care of and homeschool our kids (and will likely open an in-home daycare)

just_me_01 2 points ago

There are so many resources available to homeschool parents today!

Look to see if there are any co-ops in your area. Like this one in Michigan: https://mihomeschoolconnections.com/

I_Used_to_be_me 2 points ago

Yeah I'll definitely look into it. Gotta worry about getting my money right, and knocking out some baby 'pedes first, though, lol

Thingthing22 3 points ago

If you have kids who are old enough to be homeschooled virtually then yes. Otherwise this is hell because both my wife and I have jobs.

stonepony 2 points ago

The magic words are "Test at A levels in every subject and you can have a cell phone". "Test at A levels one grade ahead, and you can play fortnite (or, minecraft, or whatever)".

The only teaching you have to do is weekly testing.

_bryan 2 points ago

Good. Unfortunately it's too late.

Rugar22 2 points ago

Hahaha let the public schools suffer and close down. Hopefully more private schools rise up after this too!

AngelMark 2 points ago

Yeah because the parents realize the commie teachers are a WASTE OF SKIN n tax dollars!

deleted -12 points ago
EpsteinIsAlive 13 points ago

Fake news!

My wife and I homeschool our daughter and she is leaps and bounds ahead of her peers in both literacy and math. Multiplication by 5s and 10s, addition and subtraction with numbers in the thousands. She understands what a triumvirate is, what it means to “cross the rubicon” and is learning how to write in cursive.

She is also learning how to grow vegetables, take care of her personal belongings, and how to make the right choices, even when everyone else is doing the wrong thing.

She is in the 1st grade.

Perhaps it is not the “homeschooling” that caused your boss’ poll to go so terribly... maybe the virtual program or product that those parents bought that sucked and they want a refund.

Be weary of those who would tell you that you are incapable of educating your own children. They are often trying to seduce you into allowing the world to shape your children.

Government indoctrination sucks. Homeschooling can be LIBERATING.

God bless.

deleted -2 points ago
EpsteinIsAlive 2 points ago

Lol. You have no idea regarding the social activities of our daughter. We have play dates almost every day, karate and dance lessons, and our neighborhood kids play out on the street almost every day. Just to make a few ways we help her grow socially. Even during the Wuhan flu!

You seem to think that schooling at home means there are no social settings. A common misconception by ignorant, state education loving, lazy cunts - much like yourself.

EVEN IF she is less “socially” adapted than her public schooled, purple haired, LGBTQIATRY+, gender fluid peers - so what? I’d rather her have a good education than be fucked up in the head by people like you.

Thanks for your opinion though! It really, really matters 👍🏼.

Now, go back to pedaling your shitty product and indoctrinating children in the name of “social adaptation.”

deleted -2 points ago
SpaceForceMilitia 2 points ago

You did basically call their kid a mongoloid. What did you expect?

EpsteinIsAlive 1 point ago

Lol. It’s not being worked up, it’s defending homeschooling for the benefit of interested third parties reading the comments between you and me.

Your blasé attitude proves that your convictions are weak and you have no real defense of public indoctrination.

I’m sorry your life has lead you to a dead end career with a company that nobody wants to do business with... well, maybe 1% of people want to do business with.... and you fee that you are virtuous for defending the right of the government to taint the minds of our youth with liberal faggotry.

Persistence 1 point ago

The fact that you want to steal someone's child to keep your job that only failures at life get shows me your probably a teacher.

Persistence 0 points ago

If the state of our society is any indication, i would prefer my child stay as far away from that shit as possible.

daty_dato 10 points ago

You actually think that what is currently taught in most schools trains people to deal with real life? If they did, they'd actually train they what life is about. Instead they turn out a bunch of whiny babes with an ideology that now takes an additional decade to beat out of them. They come out of school actually believe that they deserve something because they exist. It's both baffling and honestly disgusting.

Callofthewild 5 points ago

I love all the architect interns that come to my husband's firm thinking they are God's gift to architecture. It's amazing. Such a waste of time and money. He generally tries to help them too.

wytxcook1 8 points ago

Your first sentence has nothing to do with the article linked and homeschooling.

Of course 99% of parents want a full refund of tuition when all they are getting for it is their kid sitting 30 minutes a day with an ipad looking at power points that some lazy fuck teacher put up while wine drunk the night before.

Teachers are mailing it in. Parents care, and are sitting down and teaching their kids, hence the favorable views towards homeschooling.

You refute your own point right off the bat.

TheThreeSeashells 9 points ago

Additionally, no parent in their right mind (key qualifier there) is going to waste time with the SJW crap peddled in the public schools. I can't imagine a homeschooling parent saying, "We were going to spend the next hour diagramming sentences and learning how to divide and multiply fractions, but instead, let's watch this hour-long video of a perverted man dressed like a woman telling us about how we have to accept his lifestyle as 'normal.'"

MegoThor 4 points ago

Additionally, no parent in their right mind (key qualifier there) is going to waste time with the SJW crap peddled in the public schools.

"Nu-Math? WTF is this shit!?"

daty_dato 2 points ago

Mailing it in? My Wife spends far more time preparing e-learning then she did at work. It's now a 7 day a week job. She isn't mailing shit in. As you've probably guessed she isn't of the public school variety.

wytxcook1 5 points ago

she isn't of the public school variety

So, someone that'll actually be fired if they suck at their job.

Donnybiceps 6 points ago

Just follow the Ron Paul home school curriculum and you're good to go. The kids will be autonomous around 11 years old.

deleted 0 points ago
laneybelle 5 points ago

Just clarifying- are you saying that those who choose to home school their children -that those children are unprepared for real life? Home schooling is debilitating?? There are so many options for home schooling now. It's certainly not for everyone but there are a myriad of choices now and many many families not only make it work but are thriving.

stonepony 4 points ago

Homeschooled kids do better. They get better jobs and they make more money.

Callofthewild 3 points ago

Your way of thinking is an example of why I put my kids is private school.