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Averon 77 points ago

This was worth watching.

wong 40 points ago

Can't see the flag for the tears in my eyes.

Averon 26 points ago

Same here pede.

wong 30 points ago

Just because America was built by immigrants doesn't mean it isn't being plundered by them. America was built by PATRIOTS. I love this country but nowhere near worthy of that title.

I'm so angry at the Democrats who have no idea what it means to be American.

God bless America.

SquiggyMcPepe 31 points ago

America was mainly built and populated with white european immigrants. This opening up to the rest of the world specifically third worlders with no education or love of our culture didn't happen until the 60's when the democrats figured out they can ship in votes and eventually replace us.

Dirkstruan313 12 points ago

Fucking based and truth pilled

CQVFEFE 5 points ago

That stupid poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty though

SquiggyMcPepe 4 points ago

That poem was written by the french about europeans because at that time we were taking in so many trying to escape the endless horrors of unending war and hardships because we were seen as a beacon of hope in a mad mad world. Welp the madness finally creeped into our nation too and we have to purge it. The creators of that statue would be shocked to see how their message was perverted and turned into a method to breed us out of existence or at least down to minority status in our own country.

Dirkstruan313 1 point ago

That poem was written by a Jewish communist in America

TwoIfBySea 3 points ago

Its about culture. It is the most important resource we have and it will be permanently destroyed if we don't stand up to the liberal horseshit.

SquiggyMcPepe 4 points ago

The apple pie and baseball and take care of your gramps and grams culture is still there all across the nation in most non big city D controlled areas. The problem is that the media in all its forms no longer promotes that culture and actively tries to destroy it by focusing on every divisive issue they can hoist up no matter how inconsequential. This happened because american six billionaires with globalist views along with many rich foreigners now own all our media outlets and our corrupt leadership allowed it.

CQVFEFE 6 points ago

America was built by PATRIOTS. I love this country but nowhere near worthy of that title.

If you love this country, wong,....unless I'm wong, that makes you a patriot

TrudopesEyebrow 3 points ago

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it”.

deleted 0 points ago
Biomedohio 7 points ago

The Last Full Measure is what I just watched before watching this video clip. I think all pedes should watch it. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0783640/

pastaroni 4 points ago

Thanks Pede, I'm going to watch it with my dad tonight

NormaJeanRocks 2 points ago

I couldnt get into that movie, felt like a cheesy Lifetime movie and I had to turn it off. Hopefully it didnt get really good later on, plus I cant stand Samuel l Jackson anymore.

Trumpfan1 5 points ago

One of the greatest stories ever told! May God bless the American Patriot...”Land of the free, home of the brave!”

proDeoEtPatria 59 points ago

“American patriots will die on their feet, before they live on their knees.”

Amen. Great post OP.

Land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE.

DONT_reply_with_THIS 36 points ago

George Washington said "The thing that sets the American Christian apart from all other people in the world is he will die on his feet before he'll live on his knees."

gabwinone 22 points ago

Can we remind all the politicians that are trying to scare us onto our knees right now??

EdBuck 16 points ago

It's crazy what they did. I volunteered to throw myself into whatever needed to be done from 03' to 07' USMC. I'm not so sure now that I have people that depend on me. Most of these guys left family and friends to fight. It's a CRAZY sacrifice.

Inspector_Cheez 4 points ago

The first stanza of the Star-Spangled Banner ends with a question:

"Oh say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

DearCow 43 points ago

OK, confession time; cried like a bitch & I'm a fucking Canadian.

Alberta51stState 17 points ago

How many Canadians on TheDonald? Chime in, eh!

Shin 16 points ago

BC Hoser reporting in. After the bastardization of our own anthem, I can only hope the American anthem at least remains untouched.

Home_ 3 points ago

More of us than you think brother

The New Western Alliance is rising

htownpoke 2 points ago

US, CANADA, UK, AUSTALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. That would be interesting but I fear there might be too many leftists in the wild.

Home_ 2 points ago

Haha I was referring to western Canada splitting off (Yukon, BC, AB, Sask and Manitoba) and either forming a new country or being absorbed by the US but as far as your comment goes I’m right there with you on that as well

Alberta51stState 2 points ago

Wouldn't that be amazing? I mean, Quebec almost did it back in the day. Wexit would be an interesting chapter in the next generation's history books for sure.

In the year 2022 there emerged Western Canada - the richest and hardest working country in the world, next to the U.S.A. A melting pot of cultures and beliefs all bound by the idea that Eastern Canada can go f*ck itself.

Filetsmignon [S] 2 points ago

You have my support from down here in the lower 48.

ChelseaHubbell 8 points ago

When the day of the rake comes you shall be spared

Les_Deplorables 4 points ago

Guilty as charged. MAGA!

Eatinglue 2 points ago

Get your damn citizenship and come on down 👍🏻

Filetsmignon [S] 38 points ago

My first stickie. Mods are Gods!

IamTHE3percent [M] 34 points ago

Thank you for sharing this amazing high energy video proudly telling the story of our countries song. MAGA! KAG! 🇺🇸

CQVFEFE 5 points ago

Yeah buddy

We come from some stubborn stock

It seems the more the left emulates the British

The more the right emulates the colonial patriots who founded a nation on an idea: that humans are born to be free. Free to think, act, worship, and speak as they see fit, and to have that freedom protected.

America will never fully die because the yearning in all people's souls to be free never will. This is why they want to breed humans for food and energy and keep them enslaved from birth, mindless drones serving the Almighty State that democrats so fervently worship.

SpaceTiger 1 point ago

Try posting it on Fakebook and see what happens. Got fact checked before it would even post.

MuhammadWuzPedophile 33 points ago

Someone with a twitter please share with with krappenick, beyonce, and jayz.

Fabius 28 points ago

Why? They aren't Americans.

deleted 7 points ago
PocketTurd 31 points ago

Got to admit, “die on their feet before they’ll live on their knees” had this Pede crying. Thanks for a wonderful post reminding all that there’s those that will give all to defend this great country from tyrants.

gabwinone 15 points ago

And that WE cannot let any of them down by letting the dirty commies take over our country.

proDeoEtPatria 9 points ago

Let the sacrifices of the fallen, never be forgotten

Based_Robin_Hood 29 points ago

I love you so much for posting this! Thank you!

Burnah 28 points ago

Great video to watch to end the day. Thank you.

scotronic 26 points ago

The thing that sets the American Christian apart is that he will die on his feet before he will live on his knees.

CQVFEFE 3 points ago

That sets me apart too, and I'm a member of no organized religion

IMHO the impulse to be free to make our own choices is universally implanted in human DNA from before birth. From the moment of conception we spend nine months plotting our escape ;)

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Unizehc 21 points ago

When I first clicked it. I thought it was going to include the stanzas that people usually do not sing. Especially, the last one since it mentions God.


EpicTrump 6 points ago

Thanks for the link. It’s good to read the actual words. Even the video that OP posted, great as it is, didn’t quote it exactly.

Toughsky_Shitsky 19 points ago


Open our country!

Let free people be free!

scotronic 18 points ago

Chills. Tears.

Fabius 16 points ago

Now we have AOC.

You think half of the people in this country are still Americans?

PocketTurd 17 points ago

I would die for that flag. I suspect you would too, along with every other Pede reading this. We are still the land of the free and the home of the brave. Don’t worry about all the Berniebros and soyboys, they don’t have have the conviction of God and Country on their side. How many of them would die for their misguided cause? Have faith in your fellow American.

gabwinone 12 points ago

You are right! They would certainly KILL to get their way, and that's what I've been focusing on and worried about.

But, most importantly...I doubt any of them are willing to DIE for their so-called "convictions"!

I never really looked at it that way.

When the shit comes down, they don't have a chance!

Thank you for that!

deleted 6 points ago
CQVFEFE 6 points ago

I would die for the flag because I couldn't live the rest of my life knowing I should have but didn't. The gnawing mental torture would be far worse than anything the commies or islamonazis could do to me.

In that moment patriots are sort of all American William Wallaces.

Eatinglue 4 points ago

I’m atheist, I’d die for that flag too.

PocketTurd 2 points ago

Hell yes I know you would. You don’t need a belief in God to know what’s right. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise.

krazikofiman 16 points ago

I'm speechless.

awsure 15 points ago

I have heard this...should be mandatory curriculum in schools

SilverStarv5 8 points ago

And for some damned reason it is not! As a young American this makes me furious!!

CQVFEFE 4 points ago (edited)

This is the sort of education and, yes, pro-American propaganda children need from kindergarten through high school.

Then maybe more of them would stand up to their sniveling commie coward professors in college. Or not even waste the enormous amount of time, money, and energy to even go to fucking college, which nowadays is basically a left-wing programming high school with ashtrays.

College was invented as a way to ensure that landed gentry and other persons of unfathomable inherited weatlh would grow up to become well-rounded, educated members of society—not as a means to prepare broke people to go sell their time and bodies for the smallest amount of money corporations can get away with paying them.

Mind you, I'm a pro-market libertarian capitalist all the way, but also a realist and pragmatist. If you're going to sell your body movements and time, maybe a better route than four years of communist indoctrination for $100k+ would be a year or less at a trade school. That way you can come out with a valuable skill that might translate into enough money to raise a family without prostituting your wife and the mother of your children to go take orders from some other man for eight hours every day, giving HIM the best, most energetic hours of her daily life, bringing home an exhausted, irritable shell of herself to her husband and children.

No, I'm not saying no women should have jobs or that all jobs are like that, don't jump down my esophagus. For a large percentage of the population, though, this is exactly what life is like.

Just sayin

Wanderlust 13 points ago

Any recommended sources to learn more kickin American history?

treborr 12 points ago

Raised in Baltimore. Cried during this video.

I noted three errors, here. Two are nit-picky, the other is historically signficant.

It is/was Fort McHenry, not Ft. Henry. (Worth a tourist stop, btw)

The ships were not on the ocean. They had sailed up the Chesapeake Bay and were entering Baltimore's outer harbor. (Ft. McHenry protected the inner harbor.)

The "colonies" were not engaged in a fight with Great Britain. The young "United States of America" was engaged in what became known as the War of 1812. *Immediately prior to this battle, Brits had torched Washington, DC.

deleted 9 points ago
Cloudy_mood 3 points ago

Yeah- it bothered me that he kept saying colonies.

Mandy 12 points ago

This should be perma stickied for ever.

Terstermernt -1 points ago

The story was great. Not a fan of the rendition of the Star Spangled Banner op chose to use for the end though.

Eatinglue 1 point ago

There’s definitely better renditions of the song, but it’s the story that made me tear up.

LeChatta 0 points ago

The spelling errors were pretty cringe too

Wyndthough 10 points ago

Well I didn't expect the Donald to make me cry but here we are.

1776_DN 9 points ago

Touched me in a way Joe Biden never could (although you know he'd try)

SCOTUS 9 points ago

Powerfully moving, but who is the patriot that delivered that sermon? I need to know.

gabwinone 8 points ago

Well. I'm crying. And happy to be. What a great video.

fusreedah 8 points ago

I'm Australian, and I fucking love this stuff and this community that actually holds a love for one's nation as a value to treasure.

Yesterday was ANZAC Day, which has become Australia's most revered national holiday, since Australia Day (which is supposed to celebrated the First Fleet arriving in 1778 and the establishment of our not-yet-legally-recognized nation -- the equivalent of the Mayflower's arrival) has become mired in controversy with people wanting to either change the date or change the name to 'Invasion Day'. Yet year after year, we have a media and a populace that increasingly says that remembering the sacrifices of our veterans is naught but racism. The idea is that to love one's nation and it's history is a terrible and outdated thing that must be done away with.

It seems to me that America is also facing the same self-loathing, anti-nationalist forces. But at least you have this place, and this movement, to oppose it. Bless you, your rich history, your love for it, and your cause.

Banpen 4 points ago

Had a chance to visit Aussieland 10 years ago. Made my way from Cairns, through Brisbane and Byron Bay and then down to Sydney after spending a few months volunteering at an educational center in the rainforest on the border of NSW.

You have an amazingly beautiful country and people. Some of the friendliest and funniest I've met. Talking shit with you guys is next level fun. I saw a lot of Americans not being able to handle the banter and getting butthurt about it, which was even funnier.

You might be jaded about some of your citizens but for every hippie I met in Byron Bay (actual LEGIT hippies that walk the walk) I met the same amount of Aussie redneck patriots. Though to be fair, even they seemed to lean more towards environmental causes than 90% of Americans lol.

Keep up the fight, we all come from similar stock.

Eatinglue 2 points ago

I’ve visited Australia twice, love you all too! I lovingly call you “redneck England”. It’s a compliment, I’d rather hang out with you than be in London any day.

AmericanCzar 8 points ago

I regret that I have but one upvote to give. This was awesome. Thank you for sharing

SpicyMcHaggis 8 points ago

Well worth a watch... and another. Great post.

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LostViking1985 6 points ago

It's raining, pedes.

gateway-project 5 points ago

Arrrr! methinks mi Hearties, that the Legendary capt Pirate Ship Anon from 8 Ch Would approve Of That Picture!

Arrr! We Be On A Ship. Traitors walking De Plank Soon Aye!

Aries_cz 5 points ago

Nice story, and more inspirative than the historical fact that British ships had very low accuracy, as they could not get near, and ran out of ammo.

However, Washington's sentiment is great.

Sunsetmal 2 points ago

Yeah but I've seen no record he ever said that.

You're correct on inaccurate fire, four Americans were killed in the fighting

Trythisagain 4 points ago

Very inspirational but yet humbling, I wish all people could see this.

BigleaguendTouchee 4 points ago

That’s beautiful.

Only could get better if Trump retweets it.

libertyhominid 3 points ago

Great video but pisses me off how much of it is made up. Didn’t need to be.


cajun_robear 3 points ago

What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning. Thank you, it was very moving.

SwampSwan 3 points ago

Yes, frens...

that Star Spangled Banner yet waves o'er the Land Of The Free and the Home Of The Brave.

God Bless America.


Sunsetmal 3 points ago

It's a great story, it's not close to true, but it's a great story. I think at most 4 people were killed, none of the British cannon had the range to hit the fort so they used rockets which were hideously inaccurate. The guns at the Fort were also out ranged but the Brits didn't get close because A) coastal forts are very good at hitting ships B) there was a long chain of sunken ships the Brits were afraid they would hit.

Kanime1224 3 points ago

Wow. This is just beautiful. much like everyone else there are tears in my eyes.

ImFinallyNotAnAlt 3 points ago

I never heard this before. That’s a crazy story that we were so willing to die for what we take for granted today.

I also learned something else concerning that Psalm. Blessed is the nation who’s God is the Lord. What does that mean? Is your God your country? Is it your family or your iPhone? Where do you put your trust and hope? What is number one in your life? If we repent and return to the Lord, he will heal us. It is a wonderful thing to believe, but we must also follow.

Butthurt 3 points ago

The feels.... They’ll never teach this in schools; it’s too dangerous for young children to know what lengths our fore bearers went to to be free :(

TrudopesEyebrow 3 points ago

Thank you for posting this.

Ella101 3 points ago

When you post this to facebook it warns you that it has historical inaccuracies.

VetforTrump 2 points ago


OlGrizz 2 points ago

A good story but not at all true. Key was negotiating for the release of a friend of his and watched from an American boat. Also only 4 people died in Fort McHenry.

Moueix 2 points ago

OP is educating Patriots today. Nice.

GatorGirl 2 points ago

This is really awesome - gave me goosebumps - I would love to show this to my students

Filetsmignon [S] 2 points ago

Please do. And expand on the story. Teach them American history. Teach them about the patriots that made this nation. I teach my children. Please teach yours. MAGA KAG

Eatinglue 2 points ago

Wow. I didn’t know that about Francis Scott Key.

LookFatty 2 points ago


Les_Deplorables 2 points ago

Makes me feel all patriotic and sheeit.

TheDude1942 2 points ago

https://youtu.be/O3qD1jKNYaU Huey Lewis did a great job as well!

dztrucktion 2 points ago


Scar66 2 points ago

Simply beautiful. This should be played in all schools.

mguntle 1 point ago

I shared this to facebook....they fact-checked it as false...what a bunch of nazi's. Great video that brought tears to my eyes.