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msean3231 84 points ago

At some point the MSM are going to blame the President for some idiots blinding themselves with UV light.

Keiichi81 59 points ago

You know some anti-Trump fucker is already concocting a plan to shove a UV bulb up their ass and down a cup of bleach "because Trump told them to," just like that bitch who murdered her husband with aquarium cleaner.

SaintMagnus 30 points ago

Let's be honest, they don't need a reason to stick a bulb up their ass.

Where do you think all their ideas come from?

Avenatti2020 8 points ago

A source familiar with the democrat’s methods says most democrats fart into a cup and get their best ideas off the high of sniffing from said cup.

SaintMagnus 7 points ago

A source familiar with the Democrats methods has revealed that most Democrats get their best ideas by shoveling shit into each other's mouths, then taking seriously whatever gurgle comes out

JohnMiller2020 2 points ago

That fuckin Carole Baskins man...

meteorknife 30 points ago (edited)

In all likelihood, someone probably will. Or go to the hospital with really bad UV burns.

I looked into buying a handheld UV-C light this morning and almost everything being sold was chinese junk or literal UV-C lightbulbs. Sure you can use them in a regular lamp, but without a cover, proper eye protection or any warnings about covering yourself head to toe, I could easily see someone using them inappropriately.

SnowflakeJuice 12 points ago

I brought some in that had some safety features. gravity switch that shuts off if you face the light up, 3 second hold for the on switch etc. But if someone tries hard enough, they can still go blind from it

TheLiquidKnight 10 points ago

They want that to happen. That's why they're amplifying what Trump asked the doctors. They want some TDS idiot to try is so they can write a story about how someone did it because the President said so.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 7 points ago

The Democrats I follow on social media are already saying "hurr durr, some Trumpster is going to inject themselves with bleach."

Never mind the fact that the people that ingested fish tank cleaner were Democrats.

SaintMagnus 6 points ago

I wouldn't be surprised if some idiot did it to "prove" Trump made him do it, then blames him...

Hell, I bet CNN will probably get some blind guy to come on their show and pretend he blinded himself via UV because the GEOTUS told him to.

BoughtByBloomberg 4 points ago

Man tried to kill corona by sunbathing. Gets severe 3rd degree burns after climbing mountain for maximum UV exposure and basking in the light for 12 hours.

Reev_Jax 4 points ago

The media should take it's own advice and drink bleach asap

Smagyarown 48 points ago

I want Trump to tweet that CNN is the best news organization ever. Then watch CNN completely dismantle itself and go out of business.

SamuraiGlyph 13 points ago

Kinda funny to imagine all their offices sinking into the ground as if they were being demolished mere moments after he would say it

George 3 points ago

That's why people watch it, just because Trump calls it fake news all the time

BananaWalrusWafer 39 points ago

Haha those red hatted jerks are drinking clorox! The Daily Mail is especially vicious on that one today. But hey, if you look up some studies that were done regarding treatment of the 1918 pandemic, exposing patients to sunlight did improve chances of survival. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4504358/

HumanSomewhere 23 points ago

my liberal friends on FB have been going absolutely nuts with the "drink bleach and inject lysol" thing, which is completely ridiculous

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 14 points ago

It's their latest Orange Man Bad programming. The only reason the misleadia covers the briefings is to mine for something that they can spin negatively, and they hit a nugget with that comment and immediately spun it into "Trump suggests injecting people with disinfectants" and fed it to their useful idiots. Then the useful idiots gleefully regurgitate it to each on social media. Anyone who isn't a morally and intellectually bankrupt idiot knows that he wasn't suggesting injecting bleach.

krzyzowiec 7 points ago

It's great imo. It only takes one moment of, "Hold on. Did he really say that? Let me check" before someone takes the glorious red pill. I want them to spread the most outlandish stuff possible. It's the best way to inoculate people to the media.

Brokenpurpletoaster3 9 points ago

I wasn't paying attention, what happened? I've heard on the radio this morning that Trump said dangerous things like drinking bleach was good or some shit like that. What did he really said?

Redheadgrrl 11 points ago

Trump was talking about UV light and how it kills the virus. He had an expert on that spoke of their studies on covid with UV light. Then Trump asked if they were going to study if UV light can be injected into the body as a disinfectant.

Then some jackass reporter asked : Sir! Are you telling Americans to inject disinfectants into their body or drink them?

And Trump and the expert both answered no to this ridiculous question.

So the media took the reporter’s words and ran with it as Trump saying it.

Just more foolish fake news. I’m exhausted.

Nimble_Navigator 7 points ago

Disregard the TDS infected title


ladypatriot_games 9 points ago

Mine too. They are literally losing their minds and keep saying that Trump told the American people to ingest bleach. And I’m usually the only one trying to correct them, which makes them lose their shit again. Apparently I’m blinded by the “cult”.

jwnmo1 4 points ago

The line I fall back on with my TDS-infected relatives is "I'm not saying this to defend Trump. I'm saying this to defend the truth of what happened." To which they respond, perhaps more truthfully than intended, "Only Trump supporters care about truth these days. For the rest of us, it's about action and results." I kid you not.

destroyer713 8 points ago

It makes me sick. Normally rational friends of mine, teachers and pastors included are all in on the bleach and shove a bulb in thing. This place is one of the only things keeping me sane as I watch my fellow Americans clamor for a totalitarian state where they lap up whatever propaganda the media decides to produce.

Gyrfalcon 2 points ago

Normally rational friends of mine, teachers and pastors included are all in on the bleach and shove a bulb in thing.

Bet none of them realize they drank disinfectant- Alcohol! 🥂

Conservativechick 7 points ago

They're desperate for something to grab on to.

borotobo 3 points ago

I can't even go on FB anymore. MSM is easy to avoid but the insidious nature of zuck's machine worries me

mechdork 32 points ago

What they had to do is fly a huge UV light up in the sky, then all people would have to do is go outside and...... Oh wait

Grumpsterfire 7 points ago

Yeah, but it only works if the sunlight can get to all external parts. Texas and Florida are good, but Michigan will take a few more weeks.

"Honest, officer. I'm not indecently exposing myself. I'm getting cured!"

TooMuchWinning 22 points ago

these fake news media hacks are just downright idiotic.

Caferrell 13 points ago

Hate makes people stupid. The best boxers never get mad in the ring, the best boxers make the other guy mad. Anybody remember "rope-a-dope"?

Fourtyandfourtyfive 21 points ago

Light treatments have been around for quite a while. UV lights are in hospitals and morgues for killing of stray germies.

Everyday you consume bleach (in the water) Poison is relative. How much consumed vs benefits of small quantities. Can’t think of an over the counter medication that isn’t lethal in large quantities. Hell too much water can kill a human.

Heard a radio show this morning talking about how dumb Trump was. Some people can’t help themselves. Someone in a Chinese bought suit told them “orange man bad”

Just stick trivia games and fart jokes. Entertain me you dancin monkeys!!

Filtiarne 13 points ago

It's not just hospitals and morgues, I have a large UV light array installed in my central air conditioning unit to completely sterilize the air after it comes through the intake filter. These lefties are well and truly insane, actually insane.

destroyer713 5 points ago

I have a clearray bulb in my hot tub that does the same. I never thought about a similar system in my air handling.

deleted 7 points ago
BananaWalrusWafer 3 points ago

I wish we had that in my high school. For goggles and ear protection. Sharing those items is kind of gross.

deleted 3 points ago
Tonightm01 6 points ago

Think they are expecting retards to go into shops and drink a whole bottle of bleach just because Trump talked about it.

The sad part is sodium hypochlorite that's found in household bleach is really fucking good at killing Coronaviruses. As they have a fatty shell. Which makes them very sticky when they get out of the body.

Tejas_Pepe 11 points ago

I worked as a vet tech years ago and parvo virus is a big problem in this area. It's a nasty thing, equivalent to Ebola, I would say. Dogs with a bad case literally shit out their stomach and intestinal linings. It's usually fatal in pups and very old dogs.

It requires extensive hospital stays and massive amounts of IV fluids, drugs, etc. which unfortunately many people can't afford. A trick some vets use is what's called "swimming pool water". In other words, bleach water.

I don't remember the exact amounts but it's like a tablespoon of bleach in a cup of water. Put it in a big ol' syringe and force it down the dogs throat. It has an almost 100% cure rate for adult dogs.

Parvo virus lives in the intestinal tract so I'm not saying this would be a cure for Corona. Just pointing out "bleach water" isn't some kooky, quack curative. It has it's uses.

redgreenyellowblu 4 points ago (edited)

Also, blood irradiation with UV was a treatment used in the 40s and 50s before antibiotics became so prevalent. It was used for TB, septicemia and pneomonia.

spez: pneumonia

Dezi 3 points ago

You might like The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. Super deep conversion over amusing animations. The first episode talks about how no drug is inherently good or bad. Give it a try and get back to me (if you have Netflix).

Azith42 16 points ago

To be fair the people who watch the MSM were already drinking bleach and having stuff shoved up there asses... usually by there wives or the wives boyfriends.

TheLiquidKnight 15 points ago

This is next level TDS. Trump asked the doctors if these things could be used inside the body. Admittedly a silly question. But he did not advocate using it. He just said it's something perhaps worth looking into.

On CNN that turns in to: "Trump says to drink Lysol."

_TheConsumer_ 9 points ago

Admittedly a silly question

I don't think it was a silly question. I think it was taken out of context. The way the MSM portrays it, Trump was telling people that Lysol would clear the infection from their lungs. That's not what happened.

He was addressing the expert that just spoke - and asked him follow up questions based on his presentation.

Redheadgrrl 8 points ago

There are UV light treatments that are used like an endoscope, so it can be used internally.

deleted 5 points ago
MAGAPEPE2024 15 points ago

Their stories have been getting dumber for a while now, does that mean thats all the base they have left?

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 5 points ago

I think it reflects the desperation of both the misleadia and the idiots that still consume it uncritically. The misleadia are so desperate that they will run with anything no matter how ridiculous and implausible, and their useful idiots are so desperate that they will believe anything no matter how ridiculous and implausible.

ProfessorRomendev 12 points ago

...didn’t we already know that UV lights kill the virus? Cause... cause it’s the same as the flu! UV lights kill flu germs, why would this be any different!?

borotobo 5 points ago

msm is connecting the dots to paint don as pushing bleach injections into the lungs. Sunlight helps, they just dont want to admit 45 is thinking straight

SamuraiGlyph 11 points ago

After seeing a clip of Don suggesting using light / UV just a moment ago and scrolling into the comments to see all the whiney crybabies complaining that he was suggesting something as ridiculous as light treatment and disinfectant, this really clears things up.

ShreddyK 4 points ago

MSN has memory-holed this article. I can't find it anywhere, and archive.org didn't crawl it.

Filtiarne 8 points ago

Does anyone have a link to a full quote from his conference that I can read and use for reference? Any time I try to search for what he actually said I'm unable to find anything but fake news thanks to google.

_TheConsumer_ 7 points ago

From an earlier comment:

The clips you see are Trump asking questions to the expert who has now sat down. Trump clearly said to the expert:

"I see the disinfectant knocks it out in a minute. Is there a way we could do something like that by injection or almost a cleaning as you see it gets inside the lungs? It would be interesting for you to check that and consult with medical doctors. It sounds interesting to me.

So, expert is tasked with studying something new and to consult with others in the medical profession. But MSM is screaming that Trump told us to drink Lysol.

BrewSwillis 5 points ago

Here's a link to a MSDNC video, supposing to show you that "Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant Into The Body To Treat Coronavirus"


MondayCoupleIsDead 5 points ago

Thanks for this. I knew they had to be twisting what he said in some way and lo and behold... It's very tiring sometimes but the desperation is entertaining today.

Redheadgrrl 4 points ago

Jack Posobic has the transcript posted in his twitter

based_unicorn 7 points ago

“shove a lightbulb up your ass and drink bleach.”

Sounds like a typical weekend for a Democrat politician.

GuerillaYourDreams 4 points ago

I read this after my comment was posted. 😎

Tonightm01 7 points ago

If you drink bleach then you deserve death. Just saying.

The sad part is people that are working on it will suddenly find they have no money overnight. Just because Trump talked about it.

Fuck the MSM.

FakeNametag 7 points ago

Juicy Smollet already has the bleach and is very excited about shoving something into his ass.

_TheConsumer_ 6 points ago

I don't understand the outrage. Again, his words are being taken completely out of context.

Trump had an expert come up to present on the half life of Coronavirus on surfaces. During the presentation, the expert talked about cleaning agents and UV light working well to deteriorate the virus.

The clips you see are Trump asking questions to the expert who has now sat down. Trump clearly said to the expert:

"I see the disinfectant knocks it out in a minute. Is there a way we could do something like that by injection or almost a cleaning as you see it gets inside the lungs? It would be interesting for you to check that and consult with medical doctors. It sounds interesting to me.

So, expert is tasked with studying something new and to consult with others in the medical profession. But MSM is screaming that Trump told us to drink Lysol.

GoForMaga 6 points ago

My University has been sourcing UV lights (ideally dedicated sanitizing cabinets) for weeks for exactly this. It works.

deleted 4 points ago
borotobo 4 points ago

Agreed, it's a questionable leap from working on plastic to working inside a human lung

But the MSM is still running rampant with poo throwing

deleted 6 points ago
downwithuppish 5 points ago

Imagine if back in January Trump had said 'This could potentially be transferred from human to human'

It would have gone against the verdict of China and WHO and they'd have attacked and ridiculed him for such a statement. This UV light and disinfectant ideas aren't new. Trump didn't come up with them, he was just informing people of potential treatments that need looking into.

Nibba 5 points ago

One of the cool benefits of UV lights in public is people getting Vitamin D! I read a white paper in the past of a factory installing full spectrum bulbs in their building. Measuring attitudes before and after, people were significantly more happy after! Really cool in my opinion.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 4 points ago

I guess ‘far-UVC’ takes a minute to obliterate any virus but close up (which some say could be dangerous to the skin, but a lot of what I’ve read, UVC is a much shorter wavelength so it can’t penetrate the dead skins cells on the outside of your skin so it’s much less dangerous than UVA or UVB (the UV light from the sun, UVC from the sun can’t penetrate our atmosphere but it can be man made). We’ve been using UVC for years, and it’s used in a lot of bottling facilities to sterilize clear jars and thing, and close up it kills bacteria like salmonella and eColi in 7-10 seconds, so I virus close up would take much less time like 1-3 seconds.

Conservativechick 4 points ago

TDS...Find A Cure.

GuerillaYourDreams 4 points ago

That’s because “shove a lightbulb up your ass and drink bleach” is just another Saturday night for Anderson Cooper....

blindambition 4 points ago

I put a UVC light in my foyer where I dump my cash,keys,change,ect that is all I am worried about contacting anything with...

SherlockHolmes 3 points ago

The media are fucking despicable and need to be held accountable for their lies.

BetsyFreedom85 3 points ago

Someone PLEASE get this company and their technology in touch with the pres. Germ zapping robots used in hospitals. Expensive but this tech is amazing and might could be used in a variety of settings and venues!!! https://www.xenex.com/our-solution/lightstrike/

Brendancs0 3 points ago

How dishonest can they get.

Omicron 3 points ago

In reality, he made a slight verbal gaffe of sorts, the kind most of us make daily but without a mic in our faces 24x7. And this gaffe doesn't bother me at all except that we live in this world of "Gotcha!" politics and it gives dumb libs a moment of "SEE? WE'RE RIGHT! DRUMPF DUMB!" But in the end, what do I really care what dumb libs think about anything? And I think they know that which is why they are trying to twist it further into him saying "please inject bleach into your lungs you American dumbassses!"

Hoakster1 3 points ago

But if Saint Obama said EXACTLY that, you wouldn't be able to find light bulbs and bleach on the shelves, for love or money!

verycute 3 points ago

The press is just a Trump mirror at this point. Everything he says is wrong, and everything their little minds try to invent that they would like him to say is wrong too.

deleted 3 points ago
Gyrfalcon 3 points ago

Sunlamps also for psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder.

if_if_if_if_if_if_if 2 points ago

These people need to be shut down. The are destroying our country.

John 2 points ago

I feel like he says things like this when he's already been briefed on something that we don't know about yet. People freak out and say how it makes no sense, until whatever it is actually comes out and then they switch to "well what he said was different."

Kaiheitai 2 points ago

The media is total shit. Baghdad Bob tier these days.

PinochetIsMyHero 2 points ago

I mean, obviously a glass lightbulb is a little fragile, butt who hasn't done similar things?!

Also, alcohol kills viruses, so drink plenty.

ObamaSpiedOnTrump 2 points ago

These media vultures will take ANYTHING he says out of context. He didn't suggest anything of the sort.

He suggested that there's things doctors are looking into.

The name is providing hope to a country overwhelmed by a leftist doom cult who's been rooting for the end of the world.

God bless him.

the_mcgee 1 point ago

I kinda wish they would