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Basedkekistani2020 109 points ago

Americanism, not Karenism, will be our credo!

drsowells1fan 49 points ago

Karen is asshoe.

sanstheskeleton 27 points ago

Karen is gonna try to talk to Americans manager because we won't let her use expired coupons.

drsowells1fan 12 points ago

Karen's husband just jogged by -- I kid you not- in one of those skiing type neckwarmers pullover his nose.

Tardigrade 7 points ago

That just makes no sense. If the virus was floating through the air, youd suck it right through the cloth as you breathe.

Blacktaxi2d 8 points ago

I just saw a sign in target yesterday that said “the future is female” and just thought this needs to be crossed out as “the future is Karen”

drsowells1fan 8 points ago

I jokingly asked a woman in Trader Joes (of course) wearing a t-shirt with something to that effect on it "so who's going to fix our cars and string the power lines if there are no men?" Priceless look on her face.

lifeisahologram 4 points ago

She probably acted all offended, thinking "Ugh how dare you insinuate women can't do that!" But she fails to understand that's not what you are insinuating. Women can do that now, but they choose not to, that's the point. Men and women are different, and Karen's refuse to acknowledge that and actively pretend it's not true.

thisisatestof2 14 points ago

Just because Karen wants to hide on her house playing with her cats for the next year and half Doesn’t mean everyone else will.

Today was a nice spring day and the roads were like a normal Sunday. I saw plenty of people at parks, a few kids playing a baseball in a field (the diamond was roped off for “safety”) so they make their own. People are sick of this.

deleted 12 points ago
Returningtogod 4 points ago

They’re worse than low achievers. Arguably low achievers at least TRY. These people are just lazy do-nothings who want to have the same life as the rest of us without earning it.

unspecified_user 5 points ago

large gatherings of people might not be safe until "the later part of 2021"

What absolutely nonsensical horse shit.

definitelyright 2 points ago

Lul yea musicians ain’t gonna have none of that

Long_time_lurker 2 points ago

We should start holding online rallies and events.

Why get stuck with purely physical ones?

Esodo 68 points ago

Lol no large gatherings until late 2021? These people are deluded if they think anyone will give a shit by then. People are going to get sick of this stuff by May.

imnotarobott [S] 47 points ago

Yeah, the feeling I get going out around town is that the world is pretty much over it already.

tankmanban 10 points ago

Same here. The tension has left the environment. People still wear masks and keep distance but things are much more relaxed locally.

johnrambo 5 points ago

They going to start hammering the "second coming" or whatever they're calling it to try to scare people. Remember when you talk to them to point out that the news does not tell you the truth about outside.

sickofSJWs 38 points ago

Yeah. They want so badly to drag this out all summer and fall so they can use this as an excuse to cancel the campaign season. Then people won't notice that Biden can barely complete a coherent sentence. Pretty sure most people are getting fed up with this shit.

Tejanopede 12 points ago

To be fair, the entire platform he’ll be running on isn’t a complete sentence anyway (Orange Man Bad 2020)

dickslikeyeezus 3 points ago

sure he isnt as bad as you purport him to be?

thisisatestof2 9 points ago

Not only this summer and fall but until late 2021 to ensure any life left in the economy or hope is destroyed.

NormaJeanRocks 17 points ago

I'm done with it right now

NocturnalPatrol 16 points ago

If these people get their way, large public gatherings will be a thing of the past. More and more of these people are saying this is our life now; we can't be social creatures anymore. It's just too dangerous without a vaccine, and a vaccine is 18 to 24 months away.

UpTrump 6 points ago

Let them self isolate

45fan 3 points ago

Dumbasses can go and seal themselves away. They probably never saw the light of day anyway.

Rugar22 9 points ago

I'm already sick of it. I want most of Virginia to be at Phase 3 on May 1st. So many areas that can easily get back to normal. Heck, out of the 5 cases here in my hometown, 4 of them were in a nursing home!

Snipthetipandsip 7 points ago

This will kill the company i work for. Unfortunately a lot of our clients are Karens who will probably listen to these experts.

zerofoo 5 points ago

Think about a town like Las Vegas - or any vacation/resort town. Those will die if we let the Karens of the world dictate our life to us.

Freedom is risky. I'd rather live in a dangerous and free country than in a completely safe prison.

censoredincalifornia 3 points ago

Yep, that ain't happening. I think people will wear masks and sanitize more, but we're going to have to get back to work and going out again in the next 1-2 months.

DJTrump 1 point ago



roflcopter 2 points ago

What's been eye opening for me is how many of these liberal, socialist fucktards on my local sub(cuck)reddit were ready to surrender all their constitutional rights and being Nazis on reporting on anyone who dared criticize government overreach.

The_Apprentice2020 1 point ago

I know a chick that is unironically mad the government didn't put us under martial law to "flatten the curve". Ironically she says trump should be impeached for being a dictator when he uses constitutionally given presidential powers

lifeisahologram 1 point ago

Sad thing is, I fear this BS is going to seriously undermine the credibility of a real disease in the future.

Because when this first started, I'd argue most saw the danger, as it was presented to us through the media. But we slowly learned it was bullshit. And now if it happens for real, myself and I'm sure many others, are just gonna be so skeptical of it all.

I want to trust doctors on TV saying a disease is a serious threat, but now I'll wonder if they are using science, or letting their rotted leftist brain do the talking.

Populistdeplorable 1 point ago

I’m not so sure. On Facebook, people have been posting about the protests against the Stay at Home order. I’m in a group that’s pro Trump, but people are hotly arguing with one another and calling each other names. There’s the people like me who want this all to end and are worried about our constitutional rights, and there’s the group who want this to go on and don’t want to go back to work because they are afraid they’ll die. They say they are voluntarily giving up their rights. I’m discouraged at the division. I wonder where they get their information. We need to be united so that we beat the Democrats in 2020.

krzyzowiec 3 points ago

They’re overreacting because of the media most likely. They’ll calm down once they figure out we’ve hit the peak and the cases will be dropping precipitously from here on out. It’ll be old news by November.

trump_2020_kek 1 point ago

I.... I..... I've had enough /larrydavid

ImpeachedDeplorable 48 points ago

Got to have rallies.

imnotarobott [S] 26 points ago

Big, beautiful rallies.

Rugar22 5 points ago

We should go big for rallies and hold one at the Bristol Motor Speedway later this summer. Place has like 160,000 seats.

levarrishawk 2 points ago

The best rallies.

Floridaman_4_Trump 2 points ago

Everyday at 5:00pm - Press Beating Included

Best non-rally rallies we could ask for...

Impressive-Length 14 points ago

Trump has held like 40 rallies in the last 40 days, if you count the press beatings.

couranto 6 points ago

Unfortunately the most important swing states are governed by Dems and they will do their best to disallow: MI, PA, NC, WI, CO, MN, etc.

Trump's biggest campaign assets were the economy and his rallies. The hoax has killed both. Now if they can get mail-in voting they'd have hit the trifecta.

The_Litehaus_Abides 10 points ago

the most important swing states are governed by Dems...

This is why it was so important to Soros to steal governors' seats. I'd previously though it was because he was going to try for a constitutional convention to change the Constitution.

But look at us now. A hugely exaggerated viral pandemic instead.

couranto 2 points ago

Yep. And to make it worse, the Dems want to hide Biden so they will more than gladly call off all rallies.

However, for Dems to pull this off they’d have to cancel everything all summer and fall - MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. And they’d take a beating at the polls.

Leakedgenderfluid 35 points ago

2021? Yeah fuck off with that, you statists.

Crimson_Identity 11 points ago

Statists is the old insult.

Globalist is the new one. It seems more accurate.

Leakedgenderfluid 6 points ago

Maybe so, but I come from the Ron Paul camp so it’s my insult of choice for those that have no god but government.

MagaCat45 31 points ago

Would gladly go next week and sit right next to 20,000 Pedes!!!! Such an amazing experience.

imnotarobott [S] 15 points ago

I'm right there with you.

Rugar22 4 points ago


redpillphil 27 points ago

Can’t have rally’s says who? I’d like to see them stop us, with the all the great work DJT’s been doing if they tried to stop rallies going into November I say we put together our own unofficial rally.

Navy_Seal_Jeb 25 points ago

This is commie talk. The Weak is asshoe.

LowIQMaxineWaters 24 points ago

This is what they want. For us to never have another Trump rally. They already got the stock market to crash like they wanted. Joke's on them though, we will be back stronger and better than ever with four more years of GEOTUS!

Genericwhitemale 3 points ago

Man most of my stocks are at the price they were before the crash, and some even higher.

Barack0bama 18 points ago

Trump should do an online rally

you 100% know a lot of regular people will tune in to see what the fuss is about

ProdigalPlaneswalker 16 points ago

an online rally

That's what thedonald.win is!

Also, RSBN has the 24 hour rally-athon:


Long_time_lurker 5 points ago

Sure, kinda, but it'd be good to have people tune into speeches of his and whatnot, or virtual Q&A sessions with Trump. We need to work out how to bypass the media entirely.

deleted 17 points ago
Tonightm01 16 points ago

Like they are going to stop people gathering in large numbers if they want to anyway. This "health experts" are starting to sound like the "experts" that were around during the financial crisis in 2008. Mostly talking out of their asses.

More Bill Gates bullshit.

OneOfMany_MAGA 16 points ago

I would not be at all surprised if President Trump continues to hold rallies throughout his second term.

imnotarobott [S] 7 points ago

I'd not considered this before but now that you mention it... I'm certain he will!

UpTrump 3 points ago

Maybe I'll finally be able to get to one

TheLivingExample 13 points ago

I know lots of people would make their own MAGA masks, but if the campaign would make and hand them out at rallies it would show they want people to be safe and would complete the most bad ass look for our side with a sea of red hats and face masks if a battle of the five points were to happen. ;)

sustainable_saltmine 13 points ago

We need to silence anyone saying major events will not come back until at least 2021. THEY MUST COME BACK THIS YEAR. People need to get on with their lives and do what makes them happy. If it's a concert, do that, if it's taking in a sportsball game, do that. If it's attending a Trump Rally, fuck yes do that. And governors who stand in the way need to have a boot on their throat from the Federal government. No state governor currently wielding their dictatorial powers is going to give up such power without someone "above their pay grade" coming down on them. At some point soon, Trump needs to instruct someone with the power to do so to threaten action against them that sticks.

imnotarobott [S] 6 points ago

I think the governors will start lightening up pretty quick. There is a certain trail of ass-covering, in addition to the political maneuvering, that's going on here. Once they feel they can no longer be fingered as responsible for any consequences, they will give it up.

imnotarobott [S] 8 points ago

Nice. I've heard this before about sunlight killing viruses.

HughGRection 4 points ago

UV light is a bitch.

Bluestorm83 11 points ago

Shit, I'll fucking go TODAY. TO-FUCKING-DA- wait, it's the Lord's Day. I'll go TO-FUCKING-MORROW.

PotentialWizard 10 points ago

Hold my Diet Coke.

kalman 9 points ago

Im am dying to go to a rally because i didnt vote for Trump in 2016 but i will this November.

imnotarobott [S] 5 points ago

They are quite the experience! Get to one if you can!

GulagDweller 8 points ago

People gotta MAGA!

I have to admit, President Trump's voice during his conferences and rallies has a calming and uplifting effect on me. I love to fall asleep playing reruns of his speeches. Strange, but true.

BurgerChef90 7 points ago

Wait, his experts say large gatherings might not be safe until 2021? Who said that?

Dr Fauci said MLB could possibly start playing with fans in the seats by July.

I mean, Fauci is swamp scum, but what he said goes against what "The Week" says Trump's experts are saying.

imnotarobott [S] 5 points ago

Yeah, magazines aren't dying because people don't like the format - it's because about 98% of them are just democrat propaganda pamphlets.

Joesf23 7 points ago

Hahahaha! The cuck boys on the left would love nothing more than to stop POTUS rallies where he curb stomps the left.

WeaponizedSmirk 6 points ago

Watch out for Lefties intentionally spreading the kung flu at rallies.

blindambition 6 points ago

If he announced a rally today there is not a venue large enough to hold the citizens that would show up to be part of it.

Bernier4Canada 2 points ago

then the fake news will be forced to either acknowledge the fact that his crowds are so large, or just avoid attacking him for the rallies at all - something we know they won't do.

Forgototherpassword 6 points ago

Every day the *country gets to see POTUS fight for the US against the "invisible enemy" and America hating narrative dispensers and direct a team that is to fix this problem. Every day the terrible models are being shown wrong (or things getting better if you hate Trump).

This will win more support from moderates and democrats that aren't insane than a rally ever could. Though they are fun.

*except those that watch China News Network or MSDNC

Criss_P_Bacon 5 points ago

I honestly believe that this is one of the main reasons why the MSM turned Covid-19 into such a hysteria, that and to try to bring Trump down.

45IsNumberOne 4 points ago

LOL He has until January 2025 to hold them, and heck he could even do it after he's out of office.

King_of_China 4 points ago

The daily briefing is even more powerful, and better, than rallies, I would say.

Rallies mostly appeal to us Trump supporters, but the daily briefing has a large number of his non-supporters tuned in, and thus turned them into supporters.

Nellie_the_Beaut 3 points ago

That’s why the lib msm is trying so desperately to stop broadcasting the POTUS daily briefings. When he played that awesome video of them all saying that the WuFlu was not that big a deal and nothing to worry about, the media immediately went bat shit crazy screeching that it was a “campaign video” and the whole presser was “propaganda”. That weak soyboy asking “who made that?? White House staff? Who paid for that??” was hilarious. Every msm headline within minutes: Trump uses press briefing as an obvious reelection ploy!! That’s right, bitches. The POTUS demonstrating how he is competent and a true leader is making people want to vote for him!

King_of_China 3 points ago

I watched the briefing that day (and most other days). The media were absolutely triggered lol

Donald4thewin 4 points ago

His coronavirus press briefings are pure gold and a mighty substitute. The way he is ripping apart the presstitutes is a pleasure to behold.

Keep_on_winning_kag 2 points ago

Beauty is in the eye when you hold her.

hvitanjord 4 points ago

I’m hoping he comes to Missouri.

TheSHazDroid 4 points ago

I will crawl over broken glass to be at the next Trump Rally in my area.

https://youtu.be/tgyLeGzU6Tk Tampa summer of 2018

RespectMySafeSpace 4 points ago

They're not re-election rallies. They're just rallies! There will be rallies for the next 5 years. No brakes!!!

NPC540937518 4 points ago

GEOTUS will hold rallies in his 2nd term.

Destineed369 3 points ago

The dems are really gonna hate that lol.

BetsyRossRocks 3 points ago

That first one - - OMG is gonna be EPIC!

Hektik 3 points ago

He's holding a Rally every night with the Corona Virus updates. Top KEK

GodEmperor 3 points ago

Do they think he's gonna stop after getting reelected? He will keep these rallies going until his body gives out.

jigglyp33n 3 points ago

So now they're apparently large public gatherings and not the ghost towns we were led to believe?

rightwingthunder 3 points ago

a couple of states look rarin' to go Texas, Michigan, NJ, WI


ShitComment 3 points ago

THE WEAK, I love it!

poopsalad 3 points ago

imagine how many viewers a twitch livestream would get though, for real

smackdownUSA45 3 points ago

BS! No way states aren't in phase 3 by June, with the exception of slow to respond and act NY/NJ.

trump_2020_kek 2 points ago

Lol, the Don knows his shit.

Worst case, he has to get larger venues for more space, and everyone gets a MAGA mask to wear for free on entrance.

I don't think it'll come to that, but fuck I'd love a commemorative authentic MAGA mask to pass on to my kids

Indianapede 2 points ago

FYI, I discovered some features toluene off in reddit if you are logged onto this site. I logged out and they started working again....

Strategerium 2 points ago

Trump campaign can really do something smart here - maybe team up with some private testing company to set up in a nearby facility or parking lot that people will have to pass when lining up for a rally. Trump also doesn't have to advocate for full "healthcare for all" - just to make Chinese Flu testing and treatment quick and cheap, and there are things he can do while in office to bring the pressure for that, across all states. Not only can people go to rallies but they can be the most tested and treated segment of the electorate.

undercovermaga 2 points ago

tfw corona is a Democrat plot to stop MAGA rallies

AbrahamLincoln 2 points ago

Once he starts doing rallies again we'll be upset that he's not tearing the fake news apart at the press briefing so much anymore.

POWERS-humger 2 points ago

I love trump he is a boss

ArchieInTheBunker 2 points ago

If he had another arena rally, with social distancing measures in place, the fake news would say the arena was only 1/3 full, with a sparse crowd of thousands spread out over 20 city blocks.

lifeisahologram 2 points ago

Sickening thing is I could imagine a leftist going to a rally undercover to spread a disease/biowarfare on purpose, just so headlines can read "X people hospitalized after attending the same trump rally"

It's really how sick and far gone so many are.

BigCovfefe 2 points ago

5:00 PM today is the next rally I'm guessing.

txladyvoter 2 points ago

I wouldn't take that bet.

neurojerk 2 points ago (edited)

I live in Michigan so I know damn well that I'm not going to get one here. The Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids has been one of Trump's best venues. Governor Karen's gonna shut that down, for sure. Guess we'll all have to make a road trip to South Dakota!

MMMBot 2 points ago

Everything is backfiring on the Democrats. This scam will end up costing them everything.

These people still think Obama is president and it’s business as usual. If they were smart they would follow what Bush is doing and just STFU or get wrecked.

Telperion 1 point ago

Get them going with 6-foot markers on the ground. The media will be able to make it look smaller than ever by zooming in, and by zooming out it'll look bigger than ever to us. Everybody wins!

Belleoffreedom 0 points ago

How 'bout we do an experiment? Everybody take their zinc (not much, 15 mg/day) for 5 days before the rally.

Then see how many people get sick.

You know there will be sick Democrats there, if they can manage it.