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Trumper007 64 points ago

This is all horseshit. Brennan fed the info to Steel.

LugNuts 5 points ago

Totally: “may have targeted Orbis” a footnote... in a document written by traitors.

deleted 1 point ago
MythArcana 57 points ago

Wake me up when someone is wearing handcuffs.

SethRichsgoldwatch 13 points ago

See the thing is. None of them are in handcuffs true. But if he does pull the switch and handcuffs even 1 of them there is going to be an absolute shit Strom. Why would he do it before the election that he is obviously going to win in a fucking landslide. It may be risky but if it's to be done right he's gotta pull the trigger in the second term not the first. I agree with you though. So far we haven't seen justice like I thought we would. I thought Trump would have gone further. But maybe it's the case that the first term is for fixing America. And the second term is for justice. Whooo knows. I'm on the fence.

DonLemon 13 points ago

After he wins, the Left will pull some other BS witch Hunt scam that will tie everything up for three years and then it will be too close to the election again.

Do it now.

DrBJTester 3 points ago

That depends on who wins the House.

AslanFan 8 points ago

I think it's all waiting for the second term...

2 terms, 2 scoops

Deplorable_Yankee 9 points ago

First it was after the Mueller report. Then it was after the impeachment sham. Now it is after the election. Next it will be when hell freezes over. I do hope I am alive to see it. I still have 30 plus years till the average American dies.

Skankblunt42 1 point ago

I get the frustration, but timing matters, and you're witnessing the many tools the swamp has to delay and attempt to make action for Trump politically inconvenient. Trump can only move forward when he's safe, so the march is slow but ever forward.

DickTick 1 point ago (edited)

Actually you're wrong. Not one single time has the lid supposed to have come off of all this and didn't. It is happening almost exactly the way it was intended to.

Not a single one of the investigations into these people had the type of grand jury and subpoena powers that Durham has. Hell, the only half-assed investigation that was even done was done as more of an internal audit, one that did not seek a single shred of outside evidence and only relied on the testimony of the agents involved.... And it just so happens to turn out that the overwhelming majority of this case happened outside of the country and the evidence is outside of this country....

This isn't rocket science, man.

I really have no idea why people like you are having so much trouble understanding what's going on.

bill_in_texas 3 points ago

Can you explain why every. single. criminal. referral. from Congress, dealing with this, the one off perjury cases, were ALL shit canned? Even the Kavanaugh liars.....no charges. Shit, not even charges against periphery players like Smollett. I mean, sending fake anthrax through the mail would send anyone else to prison. Anti-Trumpers? Nothing.

And before you mention Avenati, he got convicted of shaking down Nike, not anything to do with his political activities. Nike apparently has more juice than Trump when it comes to getting crime punished.

Deplorable_Yankee 2 points ago

I have no idea why you lecture me. I'm wrong I guess. Great, but until there are arrests, go read more q and leave me the fuck alone.

DrBJTester 1 point ago

This. So much this.

randommemefarmer 6 points ago

you're assuming the 2020 is locked.

This was the same excuse for the midterms. I expect to see it in 2022 if he is reelected.

Then again, think of Trumps replacement, cant do it before Pence is elected - best wait till after the 2024 election.


Grady_Wilson 15 points ago (edited)

The Dems will commit more voter fraud than anyone could ever imagine.

They will cheat in every race from dog catcher to the POTUS.

Anyone that thinks anything else is deluded.

Nov is not a lock for Trump by any means unless nationwide voter ID is put in place.

randommemefarmer 5 points ago

exactly, and reason why they shouldnt put off prosecutions.

liberty4alll 2 points ago

This is what I’ve been saying. The first term is the pre-show. Setting the stage with people in place and the facts gathered. Get ready for whole lot of action - especially if we take back the House!

infinitysupreme 5 points ago

Who is "we"? Same RINOs who can't stop deficit spending, end Obamacare, or build new border wall?

snoopy3210 1 point ago

What we need is the entire story to arrest all the conspirators. Obama messed up in Ukraine with Hillary and her best friend Victoria Nuland. Because they illegally attacked the Russians living in the Donbass region of Ukraine, they all freaked out when Trump suggested he would work with Russia in his foreign policy speeches. They hallucinated that Putin was counter attacking them with Trump. They concocted the Trump Russia collusion story because they were in a panic for what they had just started and was still ongoing in Ukraine (they pushed the maidan riots, financed extremists like the Azov battalion & red sector). As usual they accuse others to coverup their own crimes.

womp__womp 1 point ago

I think we are going to see it start to go down in August or early September. Durham isn't like mueller. Mueller was a cover up in search of any crime/obstruction trap. Mueller released indictments when he needed the public opinion to shift back to supporting the witch hunt. Durham doesnt have to deal with public opinion, so he isn't playing games with indictments. If he is going to indict anyone it will be when he is finished investigating.

Ithrowawaay 0 points ago

I agree with this. Don’t jeopardize a temp order at the cost of four more years at the helm.

And once reeeeee-election is done, let the chips fall where they may.

I know alarmist will say it’s not guaranteed, but seems this is the pragmatic approach, given where we are for max impact.

To me, anyway. Which is open for debate.

SwampDrainerLocal911 4 points ago

Fuck that. Justice does not wait.

Ithrowawaay -2 points ago

Ah an alarmist.


SwampDrainerLocal911 4 points ago

Stop clutching your pearls Mary.

Has Trump ever been scared to make the right decision because of liberal outcry?

The don't rock the boat, play nice, gentlemen of Harvard bullshit that RINOs have been playing is the reason we have Trump, not a playbook for him to follow.

Ithrowawaay 1 point ago

That isn’t “clutching pearls.”

Nor am I saying don’t rock the boat.

I’m saying don’t go all in on three pointers when you are up at the close of the first half.

Because it’s shortsighted, and not how you win the game.

DickTick 0 points ago

You are really saying something people don't want to hear and aren't going to like, but it's the truth.... This has never been about a one-term election.

There will be arrested before the election, but I don't think it's going to be the names people want just yet...

deleted 8 points ago
leakmouth 9 points ago

Barr is “troubled” and once used the word “spying”. I’m satisfied

JMaN 1 point ago

When Barr says things they carry much more weight than your average Joe.

Ithrowawaay 1 point ago

Joepedo? (SNIFFS)

snoopy3210 1 point ago

What is really bad is he didn’t fight the 4 mueller prosecutor when they pulled a trick on him. They announced to Barr a light sentence for roger stone, but to trigger Barr they quickly proposed an extreme 9 years sentence. Forced to intervene, he talks to the judge and they accused Barr of following Trump orders and interference for the President , a false accusation that reduced Barr credibility. Barr merely said it wasn’t true but didn’t fight back. They lied to the attorney general about a light sentence, yet he said that must be a misunderstanding.

Punk2044 1 point ago

Is that you Sessions?

Titan107 6 points ago

Correction: Swings from the Gallows

RawJa777 3 points ago

This ^

soyface_deluxe 2 points ago

You'll be dead before you wake up from your coma. Barr is deep state. Just like his father before him.

Yawnz13 2 points ago

Yeah man, because a more rational explanation on why an investigation into a shadow organization infesting every inch of the most powerful nation on the plant's government, intelligence, and industrial apparatuses clearly doesn't exist.

womp__womp 22 points ago

And the FBI had reports in hand that informed them that it was russian disinformation. This completely undercuts the narrative the media was going to try to use. Bongino called it and I agree with him, the media was going to run with the narrative that it wasn't the FBI going after trump everyone just fell for the russian disinformation.... this release completely nukes that talking point because they knew what it was and used it anyway.

xiao_maga_part2 15 points ago

And this Daily Caller article was written by Chuck Ross. His reporting has been rock solid for the whole scandal and he broke the real story on George Papadopoulos two years ago.

JMaN 3 points ago

So they are timing declassifications for where this is headed.

Troll 15 points ago (edited)

I have to really applaud the Russians on how hilariously they trolled MI6 and the FBI, and the democrats by proxy. Even on a surface level someone should be asking questions on why a known germaphobe (Trump) is getting pissed on by dirty Russian prostitutes, and why he specifically needed a bed Obama slept in specifically in Russia.

They don't hire braniacs in the FBI, that's for sure. They just hire morons who can get a law degree (mostly rote memorization plus a "popular" social ability), run a mile, and understand how to say the words, "yes, ma'am!"

monkadelic 2 points ago

Degrees dont mean shit. I have a post graduate degree, and what that told me was that its nothing special. If you have the resources, and know how to bake a cake using directions, you can get a degree. That doesn't guarantee you are anything more than average.

Troll 0 points ago

They do when getting jobs, especially in certain fields. A law (or accounting) degree however certainly isn't useful. But good job getting a job as a lawyer without a degree in most states.

monkadelic 1 point ago

Yes I agree, certain degrees are needed for certain jobs. My point was more along the lines of the idea that having a degree means you're smart or special, and I dont agree. Someone who starts their own successful business has my respect more than any degree.

Troll 1 point ago

I agree with that, except most successful businesses get there because of networking. Gotta be friends with the commisar to have the right house. If the feds don't like you they're just knock you out of business.

NotProgCensored 9 points ago

This is so 2018. What, nobody watches Bongino or Hannity?

Sting 7 points ago

Lindsay Graham is going to totally ask to see their supervisor now, baby!!!!!

randommemefarmer 2 points ago

Plot twist: supervisor pulls out gay blackmail, and Isreal gets another billion dollars and america gets another middle east war.

kidfromtheplayground 6 points ago

tick tock tick tock I have heard enough of what we have known for 3 years, we know it, they knew it, hell even the MSN knows it, ITS ALL BULLSHIT!

When people start getting raided and cuffed I will think that there is a hint of justice left in this land, until then its all talk and no action same old same old, talk talk talk and no action.

Lock some traiter mother fuckers up and then I will celebrate running around my house naked smeared in jello singing Im an oscar meyer weiner, until then its BULLSHIT!

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Wood_Shampoo1 4 points ago

Just a thought ... maybe Barr/Durham have what they need/want. Trump is keeping it as his ace in the hole for reelection.

Marble68 [S] 1 point ago

This is why imho the subpoenas where a big deal.

I think they have their case, and now will force testimony. Sedition and perjury ?

Indict for the act AND the cover up.

SamQuentin1 4 points ago

Given that it is now becoming apparent that elements of the government and the press knowingly colluded with foreign spies and pushed disinformation onto the public, I believe those people should be blacklisted from public life. Completely deplatform them. Remove them from positions of power. Revoke their broadcast licenses. Severe and very public consequences for thousands of traitors. Anything less will only invite a repeat.

RighteousViolence1 2 points ago

Individuals who have sold our country out to the highest bidder should be hung and left to rot until their flesh and neck bones can no longer support the weight of their bodies.

You can’t force Americans to watch the hangings but they should be broadcast on every channel. I would pay to watch, and I bet many others would also.

leakmouth 4 points ago (edited)

BREAKING: Here’s information you already know. and even more evidence of the illegal spying and the attempted coup on President Trump. Meanwhile none of the actual criminals have been held accountable but more Trump associates have been framed and remain in prison. Oh and also, tick tock

Milkbeer 3 points ago

Tick snot.

magnokor 3 points ago

The "tick tock" clock has been about to ring the alarm since 2016? Maybe it needs a new battery, or daylight savings adjustment?


Don't really care about this Steele. He was just the street corner dealer, not the ones behind the cartel.

Steele, a former MI6 officer, began investigating the Trump campaign on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign in June 2016.

You give 20% of US uranium to Russia, then say the wonderful Presidential candidate Donald Trump is colluding with Russia, the Side of Beef and her many other traitors are the ones to care about for what happens.

Biden and Mueller will just use the insanity defense, Barry spends most of his times on foreign islands out of extradition range, many others now work for CNN, and then you have the Side of Beef.

TheNewRepublic 3 points ago

Only one surprised by this are deranged leftist.

AslanFan 5 points ago

And they won't ever know because CNN isn't covering it.

jaubrey 2 points ago

Even if CNN did cover this, they'd find excuses for it. 'He was a threat to the Republic!'

Should we talk about Obama's record in the Middle East? Libya?

Naw, he makes me feel good so Ill just ignore all that.

Meddlesom 1 point ago

'He was a threat to the Republic!'

No, no... the official line is, "He was a threat to our democracy". They don't want to acknowledge that we're a republic.

jaubrey 1 point ago

Good catch!

Beat_to_Quarters 3 points ago

So they could pass on disinfo to him and have it passed on to our retarded clowns in government to justify bullshit investigations and unprecedented spying on campaigns whether they knew it was fake intel or not.

BirthHole 3 points ago

Were long past the point of knowing the media is propaganda. Before 2000(roughly), that was the meta. The shilling was so discreet and subtle back then.

Now, the meta is getting people to care. The biggest example was the rigged DNC primary of 2016. They were caught red-handed, and all the DNC lemmings simply shrugged and happily ignored thier loss of control..

Pointing out obvious lies/wrongs/misdeeds/injustice to people that don't care is only going to make you rage - it isnt going to make them start caring.

ralphw 2 points ago


SamQuentin1 2 points ago

Of course they did. He talked to them to get dirt.

Stonesolo 2 points ago

Until someone goes to jail nothing will stop and the coup will continue

nufosmatic 2 points ago

Bottom line: Christopher Steele was a really bad spy, and the FBI "intelligence" services were believin' what he was sellin'.

I think the FBI should get out of the foreign intelligence business and leave it to the professionals++

++Full disclosure: I live in Fairfax County, VIrginia, home of the Central Intelligence Agency, and some of those people are my neighbors, but you didn't hear that from me...

Scuffers 2 points ago

How is this a bombshell?

The Russians are not totally stupid, they know who Steele is, and were well aware he was calling round scraping up dirt.

freespeech4all 2 points ago


deleted 2 points ago
Madinah4 2 points ago

Still so confused why CBS hired her. Doesn't this contradict years of their reporting?

Pres_Trump 2 points ago

No one told them.

f_bastiat 2 points ago

Of course they did, his source were russian intel lol, how is this a bombshell?

americaeffyeah 2 points ago

Wow!! Yay!! Awesome!! Fantastic!!!! Now FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !

downwithuppish 1 point ago

This is not good news. They'll use it to say another investigation needs to take place. They'll say the operatives were working for Trump to throw Steele off the scent.

Beer-_-Belly 1 point ago

So did the UK, Australia, and the other 2 eyes, excluding the US eyes. Actually all of them were working together to spy on Trump.

Weaselskin65 1 point ago

Yeah yeah. Tic tock tic tock Any day now. Blah,blah,blah

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DickTick 1 point ago

How is this a bombshell when we've known it since day one? How would Russian intelligence not know that someone was on that side of the world investigating whether Trump had ties to them or not?....