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irongeek 54 points ago

I wouldn’t get too confidence considering that we haven’t issue massive Election Fraud throughout the country.  For example, Virginia is a lost cause for that Voter ID got tossed out a short while ago. Today, Biden opens a 9-point lead over Trump in Arizona. Something’s brewing over there.


UpTrump 27 points ago

Truly unbelievable. The only way they win is through voter fraud, which is quite possible at this point

Johnfox13 10 points ago

Wisconsin lost their Supreme Court justice of nearly 10 years to a leftist. Don’t be complacent. Vote in person and by hand ballot.

Recently we also lost Walker to Tony Evers, it’s unnerving.

omegapede [S] 26 points ago

Though I suppose the DNC might still ditch him yet

840726 33 points ago

Not going to ditch him after Obama endorsed him. I think they're going to control his VP pick and almost treat THAT person as top of the ticket.

LatitudeofMind 12 points ago

Correct that person will dominate the headlines

Shakakka99 10 points ago

There is no ticket. They've already lost, they know they've lost, and they've pretty much accepted they've lost.

That gaggle of morons and giggling coozum you saw on the debate stage months ago? Those were to boost publicity for potential 2024 candidates, not to actually win the nomination. They made their names and faces public. They accomplished their goals.

CaptainChrisPBacon 9 points ago

So Hillary will be the V.P.

2_Scoops_ICE_cREEEam 8 points ago

Obama will be the VP pick

FormerBernienowTrump 7 points ago

That would suicide.

NotGoodAtNames 2 points ago

Biden would never suicide himself. It's going to be just a normal heart attack by gun shot.

FormerBernienowTrump 0 points ago

No. A Hillary VP would poltical suicide.

NotGoodAtNames 1 point ago

Yeah lol, that was a joke. Cause he'd be suicide'd so killary could become president.

SwanS0ng 5 points ago

This is the way. Look for Amy K to make a comeback.

spaceforce_maganaut 4 points ago

It might be Big Mike

Indianapede 4 points ago

He already painted himself in a corner by staying in can only be a “woman of color” rules out their big names like Warren, Hillary, M. Obama. Is AOC going to VP?

MAGA_CENTIPEDE 3 points ago

I could be wrong but I thought he only committed to picking a woman not necessarily a “woman of color”

Indianapede 2 points ago

So Hillary and Pocahontas are still in the running, Micheal O is out.

Peacebears 3 points ago

If they had a grain of sense, they would

deleted 25 points ago
Denvertick 19 points ago

Don’t get complacent. We need to show up in force and eradicate these “blue wave” cucks

FreeSpeechMaster 18 points ago

How much do you want to bet that Ginsburg retires within one year of Trump's re-election?

Mr_Beanths 18 points ago

She’s already holding on as long as she can, but her depends and fixident are giving out.

I’m sure the other justices won’t miss the drool and poop on the bench.

canadianhere 14 points ago

No chance. She's fuelled by pure hate. If Trump is re-elected she will go until she drops. If Trump is unseated, Ginsburg will retire in early February or so, and I wouldn't be surprised if another leftist judge joins her.

FreeSpeechMaster 5 points ago

You might be right...I hope not, but she hates this country enough that your scenario seems possible.

CaptainChrisPBacon 3 points ago

Ginsburg has been pushing up daisies for a while.

FreeSpeechMaster 1 point ago

Gawd....I wish you were right.

dirtysanchez69 11 points ago


PotentialWizard 10 points ago

Lady Gaga has endorsed Biden. Could this be the end for dRumPF?

CaptainChrisPBacon 10 points ago

Lady Gag is like Madonna. Madonna was the hottest thing that came out whne she first came out. But now just another weirdo.

coyote_777 3 points ago

Lady Gaga....also has a peen.

phate451 6 points ago

Voter fraud is more real than you think. They literally stole seats in California by doing this stuff and many other states as well.

They won't be messing around come November.

omegapede [S] 6 points ago

Gotta give a shout out to the mods and all the hard work they do - you all rock!

Lispychicken 5 points ago

The awful left are pulling out all stops to grab power back to instill corruption as best possible. They need to control us, we cannot let that happen.

Bye-den 5 points ago


I am licking my chops that they chose to run this dunderhead. Amazing it came to this.

The DNC easily could have edged Pocahontas out of the race so Bernie would have killed on Souper Toosday. But it was more important to them that they continue to control the party than that they have any shot at maybe possibly winning the election.

So they paid off Pocahontas to stay in and split the communist vote, suffering the humiliation of coming in 3rd in her home state. And now they are propping up Joke Bye-den, making him do videos from his basement so we know he's alive.

The lady-gaga endorsement, where they are creepily touching each other, was a new low.

It will be a bloodbath. I can't wait.

SimplePede 4 points ago

Can't wait for the debates! MAIN EVENT

Donald "The Bo$$" President vs Pedo Joe

Prime time viewing baby!

AbrahamLincoln 4 points ago

Zero chance JoePedo's handlers let him take part in a debate.

SimplePede 1 point ago

100% chance.

Dems know that this election is a lost cause. They won't put a cent towards a candidate that isn't the official placeholder. They're running the losing horse on purpose because they want to save the real money for 2024.

So long as they know they'll lose, they'll run the biggest loser that Obama will only begrudgingly endorse because Trump publicly called him out. Isn't worth a penny more

Save the prize racehorse for 2024

Yucky 4 points ago

It's not going to be about him, it's going to be about his VP. Be prepared to go scorched earth on the VP.

Troy 4 points ago

I'm still of the mindset that Biden will be replaced. No way he makes it to November. The motive to all these endorsements now is to make him a martyr when he gets ditched.

ZacPetkanas 3 points ago

Cases of hypertension rise dramatically due to the excessive salt after Trump is re-elected

Uba0908 3 points ago

We'd better not become overconfident that we'll win. With the amount of voter fraud going rampant in DemoncRat states and smaller communities run by them, we can never be sure. We gotta come out massively and vote for 4 more years. Not doing so will probably upset our victory. We came out in mass in 2016. Let do it even better in 2020, and then in 2024 to ensure continuity. I wonder who we will support for Prez from 2024 for 8 years? Any ideas?

barwhack 3 points ago

May he finally be allowed repose in an Alzeimer's facility. (They take fronto-temporal dementia too.)

itbj2 2 points ago

All the voter fraud won't be able to make up for all the videos that will be playing Joe being a creep smelling peoples hair. Those videos will turn off all the women voters who the DNC depends on to win.

deleted 2 points ago
Indianapede 2 points ago

Are they going to bait and switch with Cuomo per “rumors”? Trump has given him a glimpse of winning, any chance he got red pilled?

misterLahey 2 points ago

On a cold November night
A depraved kiddie diddler
Will ask, "I was running for what?"

findthewarmspot 1 point ago

If they get vote by mail passed, every single Republican must vote in person!

Vinyl_Hunter 1 point ago

Biden is like: "What's in November?"

uHateUsCuz 1 point ago

Trump had gray hair in the presser today, that has to change immediately.


BoughtByBloomberg 1 point ago

I legit want to see 2024's Dem platform. What will they do without Trump? Their entire platform is Oppose Trump.

Trump campaigned on policy in 2016. He called out shit about Obama that was weak and pathetic like his cow towing to China, but it was always in the context of policy.

Build the wall and deport illegals.

Bring back manufacturing and protect the worker from unfair third world banana republic competition.