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CIANSAFBIhateUs 9 points ago

Fuck Barr...do nothing fatass. Name me ONE person he's indicted who tried to overthrow our election. ONE. This isn't about Trump....it's about OUR ability to have free elections. Barr has done nothing.

Tacticalsmoke 4 points ago

I agree barr is a swamp rat

Trumper007 [S] -6 points ago

Hillary try not drinking wine from a box PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

JMaN -5 points ago

Yes... Barr has done nothing... I am sure he came out of retirement for nothing too, similar to how POTUS could be living a luxury style life 24/7 but instead chose to go through this shit...

Oh... And SESSIONS dindu nuffin! Except the fact that he appointed DURHAM! I swear you guys are fucking morons.

ViaAlpina 1 point ago

Sessions was stupid to let Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy pressure him into recusing, but his actions on immigration as AG were quite good.

Tacticalsmoke 2 points ago

Swampy swampy swamp rat

JMaN -5 points ago

What a loser comment. I see you.

Tacticalsmoke 2 points ago

How dare you talk to a Maga supporter like that, see you too lady with short Blue hair

deleted 1 point ago
Wolverine 2 points ago (edited)

This is starting to smell like heresy. We dont talk down to our fellow Patriots. Check your tone, pede

JMaN -1 points ago