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sustainable_saltmine 212 points ago

ok, so businesses laying people off and the weaker ones that are now permanently closing "don't need assistance". Fuck RIGHT off

wong 111 points ago

She polled "Americans" - all the Hollywood paedophiles she knows

-Howitzer- 89 points ago

This woman is criminal. Tell that to the millions w/o jobs.

wong 49 points ago

Do you have evidence that jobs are good? I mean real evidence, not anecdotal.

Basedkekistani2020 42 points ago

Damn you beat me to! We need double blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical trials to prove income loss is caused by job loss.

wong 29 points ago

Don't forget we have to shit all over jobs and withhold them from the people until we can determine if they are indeed effective.

agile_a 26 points ago

i made a video showing that it was DEMOCRATS who downplayed coronavirus


MeanAngryVeteran 15 points ago

It's excellent! Thanks Pede this should be running on a loop in every Airport and Emergency Room waiting area.

tombombadil 10 points ago

Love it! But why the hell would you make John Kasich your pseudonym lmao

... continue reading thread?
deleted 2 points ago
Meegs294 3 points ago

We already did, the control group was liberals

deleted 68 points ago
Mast3rmind 48 points ago

THIS. Let this dumb skank go on TV and with a straight face tell Americans they don’t need financial assistance WHILE SHE SNEAKS IN PROVISIONS FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Seriously, let her talk all she wants. Let her talk about all the bullshit she’s been slipping into these emergency aid packages, and then explain why illegals deserve taxpayer money but Americans in financial ruin because of COVID don’t.

deleted 22 points ago
JediMasterPepe 2 points ago

This is the way

de9ebkmd7 22 points ago

She has got to be a Russian agent at this point. There is no other way to explain it!

DocOne 32 points ago


4cdarth [S] 20 points ago


Trump2024 15 points ago


Thrasymachus 12 points ago

Chinese for sure. And I unironically agree. This behavior no longer makes sense even on the vague basis of some manner of "standing up for principles" (though Lord knows what she would think those 'principles' would be). She's taking orders. It makes you wonder, why is this allowed to continue?

CashMAGA 4 points ago

We need to build a new prison specifically for these CCP agents after their trials.

Isolate them from the American people now and forever more.

You might say that they are a disease in need of QUARANTINE.

SemperFree 17 points ago

She is anti American, period. Nothing she has done in the entire time she has been in Congress has helped the majority of Americans.

tombombadil 16 points ago

Considering liberals think that they always need financial assistance, she just fucked up big time. This is the one time that literally everyone agrees that the government needs to give assistance because they were the ones that shut everything down. Even the most anti-government spending people are saying it.

Side note: if we can win the house back then we will be unstoppable. Remember last time Trump couldn't get anything through because half of the idiots in the House and Senate believed the Russian collusion story. If we win it back it will be the most united Republicans have ever been.

keepwinning 9 points ago

it will soften a little bit the DEM attacks this fall how the GOP is CUTTING unemployment benefits by 60%.. .

Grady_Wilson 4 points ago

Pravda would actually have to report it for the NPCs to even get a glimpse of what she said.

And we know that isn't going to happen.

flashersenpai -13 points ago

It is literal propaganda because that's not the point she's making.

The_kool_mom 6 points ago

Oh please tell us, wise one, what is her fucking point?

flashersenpai -4 points ago

Since you asked, her fucking point was that there's enough money in the PPP funding to negotiate on new spending rather than authorize another increase in a matter of a day or two.

It should have been more obvious to you that the clip was cut out of context, and if you took the time instead of jerking off over rage bait you would have seen a CSPAN link to the actual call.

speedychef 10 points ago

Logans road house just fired 18000 people and may not open their restaraunts ever again.

Destineed369 2 points ago

I actually have some inside info on that. I am a chef for a competitor restaurant across the street from my local Logan’s restaurant. Well as a professional, they suck. At least that store does. It came to our attention that Logan’s as a company filled for bankruptcy about a week BEFORE everything started shutting down. The was the fault of Logan’s being a Terribly run company, not covid/gov shutdown of business. That’s not to say that many smaller businesses are shutting down....just not in this case. Eat at ocharleys instead lol

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot 1 point ago

Logans is a goddamn shit show.

We stopped going after like 6 horrible visits in a row. Shit service, obviously understaffed, bits of plastic in salads and other crap in the food (slices of cheese with paper on them still in sandwiches etc), they accidentally served my underage niece a mixed drink instead of a diet soda... and managers who take 20+ minutes to show up even when it's not busy when you ask to have things like that fixed and then obviously don't care about getting you to come back.

ChuckedBeef 7 points ago

I suppose mortgage bankers giving forbearances and landlords not being allowed to evict tenants right now has nothing to do with people being in financial trouble and losing their jobs?

Pelosi is the dumbest fucking cunt to ever hold office in America. It's a long long list but she's at the top.

StunLikeAnAntelope 4 points ago

She's not dumb. She's doing what she is paid to do - run cover for special interests that need Trump removed.

someoldcoderguy 4 points ago

Oh come on... you and I both know that plebs are not real people. Only thing they are good for is voting the real people into cushy lifetime office gigs. Right Pelosi?

MaxineWaters4Prez 3 points ago

10 million people were just lazy according to Nancy.

NPCNN 1 point ago

Nancy PELOSI D-Iran

1683commenceagain 0 points ago

C'mon, Fat! Pelosi hasn't worked a day in her life and shes doing just fine!

Sea_Still 78 points ago

Time to cut off her taxpayer funded pills and booze

SemperFree 22 points ago

This. Also, Congressional salaries need to be cut in half or changed to hourly. If hourly, they only get paid for their actual time working.

Congress is not an elite ruling class.

Philhelm 12 points ago

My head canon started after the fifth word.

Bramble 2 points ago

I can't understand why we pay any Congress person if they have a net worth over $10 mil.

You don't need the paycheck, you can afford your own insurance, and the perks of the job easily make up for it.

Shakakka99 61 points ago

People are gonna love this.

I_LUV_WINNING 22 points ago

They will also love to hear that while 10 million of their neighbors and friends are laid off without pay and unemployment about to reach 10% - they can all feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that Pelosi and every other politician in DC are all getting paid and donations and kickbacks during this whole ordeal, except for Trump who donates his entire paycheck to various charities. These people are all getting paid while you suffer and sink.

1776Trumps1984 6 points ago

Except the dumb fucks who need to wake up never WILL wake up and just repeat Orange Man Bad while suckling from granny Piglosi's pendulous tits.

JBlaze056 54 points ago

Uh Oh....her hatred for the common person is showing.

TheGulagKnownAsCA 23 points ago

She is a catholic. How DARE you suggest she hates people. That word is not even in her vocabulary!

JBlaze056 14 points ago

Womp, Womp

MeanAngryVeteran 8 points ago

Posing as one.. She worships Moloch (Goat Head Pizza)

I_LUV_WINNING 6 points ago
  • Nancy Pelosi
tombombadil 6 points ago

As a Catholic myself, I cannot stand how she uses her faith to grandstand. It is the definition of using the lords name in vain and she will probably burn in Hell for it, because I doubt she actually goes to Confession. And if she did, she would not know to confess that sin.

DarthFuckinVader 5 points ago

Her priest doesn't have all day to listen to all her sins either

HowFreeIsIt 1 point ago

Because he was too busy diddling choir boys

CashMAGA 3 points ago

The hardest thing for me with this quarantine nonsense is that it's put a barrier between me and going to church like I've wanted to.

Church isn't even OPEN.

deleted 38 points ago
BeepBoopComrades 36 points ago

Pelosi does not know care what America needs

Fixed that for you.

fdagasfd 12 points ago

Pelosi hates America and everyone in it.

You guys both made some mistakes there.

deleted 4 points ago
AmazingAlphonseA 31 points ago

Can she be LESS connected to the public or she's trying to fill that bill with pork too?

SimplePede 19 points ago

So porked it's banned from synagogues

AmazingAlphonseA 12 points ago

... and mosques.

SimplePede 5 points ago

Not all. Some Islamic sects pork is OK

AmazingAlphonseA 3 points ago

... well, the more you know.

SimplePede 2 points ago

It's a surprising thing to hear, to be sure. The one I know of is a small sect from Morocco that is considered to be among the most liberal of all Islamic groups.

Also in that particular group head covering is an optional cultural thing rather than religiously mandated thing

trumpORbust 0 points ago

Available in the aloha snack bar, in tube shape

Former_RM2 8 points ago

Trump wants it so she must be against it. That's the law, didn't you know?

OutlawPurpleHairDye 25 points ago

If Trump said this there would be a massive media outrage, breaking news on every tv channel, headlines on every news site, and articles of impeachment being drafted right now.

deleted 24 points ago
skyhawk 2 points ago

Because they tried to use it as an opportunity to sneak their leftist anti-American agenda and ideology into our lives when they knew people were desperate for assistance. As Rahm Emanuel famously stated, "never let a crisis go to waste."

free-money- 23 points ago

Well, I guess we can get rid of that $2.2T aid package then, since nobody needs it!

Thenew23rd 22 points ago

Pelosi just made Trump another campaign ad.

Mad_Hattie 20 points ago

Then what is the purpose of the relief bills she stuffs with pork?

Did she forget other people besides her exist?

ClownTamer 20 points ago

“Everyone being out of work doesn’t support the argument that they are in need of money. I could stop working right now and be fine for hundreds of years.” — Nancy Pelosi

outsideop 11 points ago

She’s serving a master. She’s trying to fulfill objectives.

DJTrump 4 points ago

She wanted the money to be for her, the American people though, lol forget about it.

MC_Liberal_Stomper 18 points ago

Fuck this CCP funded and controlled hag and the broomstick she rode in on.

BluestedSRT 17 points ago

she just assumes everyone made millions off of buying and selling stocks based on top secret knowledge, only known ahead of time by congressmen.

deleted 16 points ago
Logan051361 12 points ago

Aaaand she gets a pass. As usual

patslimmy1 10 points ago

I can't understand her Xanax'd up thought process here. There a full clip?

deleted 10 points ago
Eggnogfox 8 points ago

Great news! She can roll back her salary increase that was in the last bill

sharkman100 8 points ago

Where were you when 9/11 happened? Where were you when the Democrats bombed the US economy?

SpezIsABundleOfTwigs 3 points ago

Nancy was getting drunk off her ass on the taxpayer dime, as usual.

Stupid bitch.

BilbroNaggins 2 points ago

The economy is die!

Tryhardneckbeard 8 points ago

I want the whole clip before I pass judgement. I'm sure she said some epic and truly stupid shit, but having it cut off like that is just sketchy as fuck.

flashersenpai 1 point ago

What she said actually isn't stupid, if you assume she's actually telling the truth. It's a point about passing over previous funding projects for the PPP without negotiating.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 8 points ago

let them eat cake

fumbl3 1 point ago

We need some carpenters and a forge.

PaigeAshley 7 points ago (edited)

That Devil of a Woman! How dare she?!

I hope democrat voters are seeing this bullschiff!

IncredibleMrE1 6 points ago

16.6 million jobless claims say otherwise, you nasty, feckless cunt

DJTrump2020 3 points ago

And that's just the people that qualify for unemployment. There's no data on people like me, who were between jobs at the start of this, so don't qualify for unemployment but also can't get a job because everything is shut down.

Choppermagic 5 points ago


DNC : "people are dying, they need a living wage!!!" also DNC: "people don't need money"

SwampSwan 5 points ago

Ol' Bitch is drunk again, eh?

thuggishruggishtrump 5 points ago

Lmao literally each day they're destroying themselves saying stupid shit.

Chaotikizm 5 points ago

This has been another tale from the crypt.

thedaynos 4 points ago

take it easy. 4 day weekend coming up i'm sure she just started drinking early.

catatonic_frog 4 points ago

She should take a dirt nap.

basicevent 4 points ago

Quick somebody whip up one of those “models” with some “data.”

MySidesGoUp 4 points ago

She’s not hiding her anti-American policies. There is no justice. There is just us.

SameCookiePseudonym 4 points ago

What are the "outstanding needs" she's referring to? Please don't say airline regulations

cjcivicx 8 points ago

This. Of all the businesses that need to fail, it’s the airlines. They took OUR money after 9/11, did jack shit with it, then BOUGHT BACK THEIR OWN GODDAMN STOCK and made BILLIONS, all the while still providing shit service and charging even more for what used to be FREE.

flashersenpai 2 points ago

She's saying the PPP still has money left enough for them to negotiate on new spending.

StillplayenSometimes 4 points ago

Theres no evidence JFK center needed any money

deleted 3 points ago
Keiichi81 3 points ago

No data other than a massive surge in people filing for unemployment, but of course that doesn't mean anything I guess...

GottliebPins 3 points ago

They have their tents on the street. They have their shopping carts. What more do they need?

quartz 3 points ago

This post title is fake news.

SameCookiePseudonym 2 points ago

what's the context?

quartz 2 points ago

The quote in the title is made up. She didn't say "no evidence". Quotations marks are for quotes. No need for hyperbole here.

timmythetooth 3 points ago

Is there any question now that these people give no shit for Americans?

They are traitors!

Scroon 3 points ago

As I am learning, evil people just say shit to get their way. Whatever it takes for them to get something they want or convince someone to do their bidding, it just come right out of their mouth.

Doesn't matter if it's a lie or factually or logically incorrect. They seriously just say it without even a twitch of their withered, rotten soul.

Snooptwo 3 points ago

But the JFK Art center with its president getting millions a year in salary needs a hefty sum.

misterLahey 3 points ago

But Congress gets a pay raise.

Memebomber 3 points ago

I wish that this bitch will die in a fire every single day

Airvh 1 point ago

She needs that thing to happen to her from the game Divinity: Original Sin 2.

There is a guy who is immortal but is constantly on fire for ever. Burning and never stopping and feeling the pain the entire time.

MaxineWaters4Prez 3 points ago

OK then shred that 2 trillion dollar pork fund for the DNC friends and family plan, and have the president draw up a real emergency EO that is only for working American families and submit it to the house and dare them to vote no on record.

Crash_the_Dash 3 points ago

But I was told Democrats are for workin folks though

rebelde_sin_causa 3 points ago

Do you want everybody to go back to work in defiance of the government? Because this is how you get everybody to go back to work in defiance of the government

deleted 2 points ago
Steeleproduction 2 points ago

Is she really that disconnected from the real world?

hillaryforprison 2 points ago

Didn't they just pass a $2 trillion bill, was that for nothing?

ElectricChad 2 points ago

Piss off you bitch. Tell that to the millions of people who filed for unemployment and the small businesses who are now closed. What data 'model' did she seem to look at anyway?

OozingMachismo 2 points ago

12million unemployed. No indication tho.

habanero 2 points ago

Meanwhile r/politics has a thread saying that "1 in 3 Americans say stimulus checks won't sustain them for a month". Which is, I suppose, an elaborate way of saying that 2/3rds of Americans say that they will. And one should not forget that about half the respondents are suffering from severe TDS.

berbelang 2 points ago

As spring is springing I notice weeds that need to be pulled. The Pelosi weed is one stubborn weed.

Can we hire someone to weed this monster from our garden?

It's such a foul weed, even looking upon it induces nausea.

Govols 2 points ago (edited)

I agree. The stimulus check hasn’t even been issued out and we’re talking about giving more money the country doesn’t have. No thanks.

starsabove 2 points ago

I remember listening to a Hardcore History podcast on WW1 where Dan asked the question 'When does incompetence become criminality?'

flashersenpai 2 points ago

Fake news


Make of it what you will, she's basically saying the request was made to make her look bad for denying it because it wasn't made with a specific purpose in mind. Also, she wants spending on previous things like minority community banks which are smaller dollar amounts. Among other things.

She's also saying there's enough money left in the PPP to take time to negotiate new spending.

thisisatestof2 2 points ago

Says the leader of the party who is happy to shut down businesses they deemed unessential.

Butthurt 2 points ago

Her friends do though

john1234 2 points ago

So the States & the federal government can cut the welfare checks to all the Democrat voters?

Yawnz13 2 points ago

So I guess that means there's no reason to raise income tax on "the 1%"?

Tonightm01 2 points ago

Because they want to destroy the economy and blame Trump.....

Not that hard to work out.

ThomasMuhFeelsHurts 2 points ago

These people are hopelessly out of touch with reality.

Space_Force 2 points ago

Pelosi and the Dems are the enemy of America.

verycute 2 points ago

"no evidence" is the new codeword for "I don't know and I don't want to so go away"

Diana 2 points ago

And where is the 'evidence' they don't?

I guess we should end all government transfers until the recipients provide evidence they actually need it.

drmcnulty 2 points ago

Archive this for the next Trump campaign ad.

8bit_mixtape 2 points ago


basedtexapede 2 points ago

"I am willfully ignoring all evidence, however readily available it may be, that Americans need financial assistance right now."

ryvrdrgn14 2 points ago

So the Democrats are so deep down the hole that they are just burning all bridges now? Nice.

FluffiPuff 2 points ago

How drunk is she? I mean really how drunk does one nave to be to say the things she says?

AfraidOfBigMike 2 points ago

Will any actual live human being go to the polling station and willingly cast their vote for this hag next election?

verycute 1 point ago

Did any the last election?

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot 2 points ago

The Americans she represents already live in tent cities and shit on the streets so maybe that's who she is thinking of?

What an idiot.

Kinger06 2 points ago

Do you order businesses to close and tell people to not work and stay home and there’s no data that we need assistance? What kind of shit is this?

XCorneliusX 1 point ago

I suppose she only thinks those who are working for the Democrat Party are her data for what she sees as Americans.

CarGuru9898 1 point ago

Is she going senile like Joe is?

BestTimeToBAlive 1 point ago

oooh, so sorry Nancy that your sweet Naral didn't get more funding. God forbid we try to save actual businesses that aren't death camps

ChildSniffingBiden 1 point ago

But illegal aliens do?!?

Beastifus 1 point ago

Bitch can't even talk...

V_exodus 1 point ago

I wish someone would find her cold and stuffed with her own money jammed in her throat. Uh oh. Just fantasizing honest.

Hillarys_Diaper 1 point ago

She's being a dumb bitch.

Mast3rmind 1 point ago

Oh she’s just an Italian Catholic grandma, how dare you suggest Pelosi said “Let them eat cake” about the American plebs while securing funding for illegal immigrants!

Just an Italian Catholic grandma with a soft spot for people who break the law.

Wintergreen 1 point ago

Could you imagine if Trump had said that? They would rake him over the coals.

Vashts1985 1 point ago

no words.

ive been sitting at home for 3 weeks. ive not received any unemployment yet because of backlog. ive been sending out applications every day and getting no callbacks because nobody is hiring.

im completely fucked right now if something does not change. fucking let them eat cake haggard old bitch. eat a big bag of dicks.

DragQueenTruckDrag 1 point ago

“All mu celebrity friends are doing great right now!” -ugly old wrinkled cryptkeeper

1776ThereIsaidIt 1 point ago

While she and her husband sit in the lap of luxury and have made hundreds of millions off of the government teat. Throw this whore out of the speaker's chair.

speedychef 1 point ago

Democrats need financial assistance

HeavyVetting 1 point ago

Let hem eat cake.

PotentialWizard 1 point ago

Nasty Peloxi is the skunk that stinks up every occasion. She's worse than useless.

Hexagon 1 point ago

She is just stupid.

Evei 1 point ago

Is Nancy actively engaged in trying to help the president get re-elected?

DrHavick 1 point ago

LOL, she's only fucking over people on her side anyway.

freefolk 1 point ago

Pelosi wants some riots to put a cherry on top of her pandemic sundae.

NonyaDB 1 point ago

So out of the millions and millions of people who have filed for unemployment benefits absolutely none of them were employed at a small business?

The Democrat Party needs to harden the fuck up and fire that bitch.

RememberTheLiberty 1 point ago

She doesn't care about Americans. She cares about Israel.


Picador20 1 point ago

What's the matter, didn't everybody buy Amazon stock right before the news broke? Pelosi made a bundle last month It's not her fault poor people don't invest more wisely.

4moreyears 1 point ago

Nancy Pelosi is a terrorist

BoughtByBloomberg 1 point ago

I love it! The red tide is building!

jiujiujiu 1 point ago

They are hoping the obstruction will be forgotten by election time but the destitution will still be there and they will blame Trump. Toying with lives.

Kryzine2 1 point ago

Cut off pretty quickly

Dominion_Weyoun 1 point ago

Demovrats only want illegal aliens to get money

StumpSmasher 1 point ago

Makes sense from the leftist perspective; the people suffering are just serfs and don't count. The ruling class is doing okay.

Wolfygirl 1 point ago

What a cretinous ass.

BlackPeople 1 point ago

From that clip alone it doesn’t sound like that’s what she’s saying at all to be completely honest.

Beat_to_Quarters 1 point ago

Did she admit the hundreds of billions of dollars in relief that she demanded be passed has nothing to do with financially assisting people who need it.

Trump2024 1 point ago

I propose her bank account be frozen until the unemployment rate is lower than 5%.

TheMutualist 1 point ago

She knows Trump has won and that she's being replaced by the start of next year. This is Pelosi trying to destroy the economy just to get back

Bizz408 1 point ago

There is no evidence that Americans need Pelosi and she should be stripped of her authority immediately.

no_step_on_snek 1 point ago

Honestly, I do not want assistance. I just want shit opening back up so I can get back to my life.

LS_DJ 1 point ago


bigleaguetrump 1 point ago

People are out of work because the government forced their employer to shut down. If you left your walled gardens every now and then you'd know that, Pelosi

Reddit_is_Alt_Left 1 point ago

as much as i hate this dumb old bitch, shes talking strictly about the small business loan of 250b. Put honest related shit on here, not the same shit the libtards do with deceit.

guacisextra 1 point ago

She's a witch. Someone dump water on her to get rid of her

redstampede 1 point ago

Gee, that's nice, Nancy. I'd tell you to go screw yourself but there isn't enough lube in the world.

highlandparker 1 point ago

According to her and scarf and midget we're all non essential deplorables anyway

marksinister 1 point ago

Fuck this BITCH! I had to process out 5 people this week from my office who were laid off. But this CUNT says there is no data. #NEVERBLUE #NEVERYOU I'll do whatever it takes to NEVER have a democrat hold office anywhere in this country!

DinosRFake 1 point ago

Nancy is very annoying. She has been a useful foil for God Emperor, who plays her like a fiddle, but probably time for her to fuck off. She's too old to be talking.

Omgwtfbbq 1 point ago

This drunk scarecrow

Drekken- 1 point ago

What a giant piece of shit.

habanero 1 point ago

Yes, we need "double blind studies" first to establish if they need money or not. 18 months at a minimum.

Thep1mp 1 point ago

Other than the 16 million people that have lost their jobs in the last 3 weeks. This bitch is fucking insane.

lmao 1 point ago

my fake news soundbite senses are tingling. No context.

lmao 1 point ago

thanks. There wasn't even more context lol

flashersenpai 1 point ago

There is, it just isn't in that 2min cut of an entire call.

deleted 1 point ago (edited)
pedeypete 1 point ago

Only Democrat donors need financial assistance right now. Derp.

Trump-45 1 point ago

Because she wants it ALL to misappropriate and funnel back to herself and her friends.

AngelMark 1 point ago

I wanted Obama hung first but now I think Nancy swinging in the humid Cuban Twighlight first and then Obama would be nice!

RahkeemTheMachine 0 points ago

Who would win? 1776 or 500 congresspeople?

Deplora 0 points ago

Sounds like she's joined Sleepy Joe in the full-blown dementia club.

turdinthepunch 0 points ago

There is no evidence small businesses need assistance but obviously its the minority ones that need it the most.

Fizbin7 0 points ago

Translation - we can’t give money to business owners and contractors, they don’t vote for our communism, Reeeeeeeee.

noagendashow -1 points ago

Still have not received my Coronavirus Check... anyone else? I keep thinking they are going to pull a fast one on all of us and say sorry, can't do it.