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blindambition 101 points ago

Remember when Obama Banned FOX and the press cheered...Now Trump will bring back OANN and AMERICA will cheer.

highenergywinning [S] 51 points ago

I have tried to forget the years from 09-15 😔

ObongoForPrison2020 48 points ago

I'll never be able to forget that our "First Lady" had a giant cock and balls and our president was a gay Kenyan who smoked crack while giving blowjobs.

highenergywinning [S] 26 points ago

For 8 fucking years. How the fuck did anyone vote for that faggot?

Isolated_Patriot 18 points ago

McStain and Mittens.

Knowing what we know now, would anything have been different if one of them won?

-Howitzer- 10 points ago

OAN has the only real reporter in that room.

redgreenyellowblu 8 points ago

Sorry, I did. Now we know about the uniparty, but before Obama I saw all the bad stuff with globalism and the bullshit Iraq war as originating from the Bush clan. That was a mistake, but the choice was between Republican globalists and Democratic globalists. They were all selling us out.

highenergywinning [S] 4 points ago

Ill admit I voted for mcstain in 08, so yeah no better really and in '12 I didnt vote at all because fuck them all for destroying our country. But we will prevail

TheDNCkilledSethRich 13 points ago

No wonder they were so tight with Andrew Gillum.

GodKingHarambe 9 points ago

There's nothing "tight" on Barry or Andy.

DocOne 5 points ago

That even sounds like a gay couple 😂😂 Ace & Gary, Andy & Barry ...

Fabius 1 point ago

Literally the worst years of my life. No joke.

highenergywinning [S] 1 point ago

After the housing crash in 09-10 we lost all of our equity and our house was worth half what we paid for it

Pres-Trump 6 points ago

I hope he will, I'm not holding my breath while his pres sec. is giving room for CCP fucks.

ChuckedBeef 3 points ago

Daily Caller? Tucker Carlson needs to clean house or get his name off it.

splink 52 points ago

I'm seriously loving Chanel.

highenergywinning [S] 19 points ago

If i wasnt married 😎

Razeontherock 16 points ago

She's engaged if not already married, and head over heels in love. But yeah, red her bio ... incredible greatness

highenergywinning [S] 18 points ago

I know. I was joking pede. I have an incredible wife

inspir3dgenius 9 points ago

We have the best wives, don't we, folks!

highenergywinning [S] 5 points ago

Yes we do!

Razeontherock 3 points ago

Congratulations! Between ACA and then MAGA, I know SO many families that have been torn apart. I really hate MSM's viciousness.

I can think of a lot of things I hope will improve after "the new normal" sets in, but at the top of that list is the nuclear family being strengthened. 1 father, 1 Mother, however many kids. Cherish one another! for the good of the Country ;)

DropGat 11 points ago

C&P of some info l got researching Rion months ago that l gave earlier in another post -

I have already posted on this months ago when she was chosen by Rudy to go & do the investigative report with him to Ukraine, there is more going on with her .Chanel Rion has ALWAYS been as a guest of the White House Press Secretary's right from the start & given special access, that is the real reason the Presstitutes hate her.

A good example & what first raised my suspicions so that l did some research on her & what l found (From Memory as l deleted reddit acc)- Look back 4 or so months ago when the scumbag Erdogan visited the White House & they had what they call the 2&2 press conference (meaning each President take only 2 press questions, which are highly fought over & usually reserved for long standing, well regarded journo's ) Rion was the first the President called on .

As l stated months ago IMO she is being set up for either a Administration position or maybe being given special access to write a book (she is also a author) or do a "behind closed door"documentary on the President or is a spook

Have a look at her back ground she is basically a CIA/Spook prime candidate she was raised in Texas with a South Korean mother , lived in multiple OS countries,from memory Inc South Korea,France,Germany & UK -speaks 4 different languages, fluent reading, writing in Korean& French- written/published books OS in Korea ,France& China especially for teaching English.

The guy she is engaged to is reported to be CIA & they met at a CIA recruiting event at Harvard,again from memory he served in the DIA -Defense Intelligence Agency,spent years in Navy Special Warfare Unit 3 which is the support unit for SEAL Team 5.Did years as a Intelligence Analyst for USSOCOM & as a Intelligence Specialist with in the US Navy.

He did multiple tours working with all the usual cloak & dagger agencies,on the ground & in senior roles for many high end HUMINT collection missions/ intelligence Op's& final tour was in the diplomatic core for the Embassy in Panama .

He runs a company that specializes in advising Governments,Departments/Agencies etc on developing Diplomatic & Military strategies for Countries/regions /areas they are interested in operating in .

He was on President Trumps Transition Team,the President Elect Support team & others & ran for election to the U.S. Senate to represent Missouri.

She has been friends & socialized with the Trump kids for years & also with Pompeo .There is more going on than just a reporter & they could end up in positions of real power in America .

DrVSGGEOTUSPhD 3 points ago

Nice to see some patriots in the deep state!

Corse46 3 points ago

Was her fiance in DIA under General Flynn?

Razeontherock 2 points ago

All of that is not only GOOD, but great! You're describing highly competent and accomplished people. That is not somehow a bad thing. Women needed a role model like her when the women's lib movement first started, but none existed. Women have never had a US role model, and she is on par with our founding Fathers in that regard.

I think she'll take a break from public life to raise a family. How she might serve this Country in a "position of real power" either before or after that I son't speculate, but I would welcome it. In the meantime she mops the floor with almost every other journalist, and this is right where we need her most. We have a couple other good ones, but I doubt they are her peer. The newest press secretary is a surprise! I don't see anyone handling them as well as DJT himself, but it's always good to have someone else available to fill that role. I hope they switch up who handles those duties, unannounced

deleted 9 points ago
DJTrump2020 1 point ago

Half Asian/White girls almost always are.

Kokothegorilla 36 points ago

Haters gonna make OANN a household name ;) jealous bitches

highenergywinning [S] 13 points ago

I love it 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Staatssicherheit 16 points ago

I'm glad Chanel is fighting but why hasn't she directed any of this at Johnathan Karl, the President of the WHCA?

residue69 11 points ago

I'm sure his day is coming. Trump is making him and Fauci show their asses.

highenergywinning [S] 7 points ago

he obviously has clout over her. I think she taking it slow and strategically. Trump will deal with Karl.

TJac 13 points ago

Whatta women!

NotProgCensored 9 points ago

That was some cucked reporting by the DC. The writer was "ANDERS HAGSTROM WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT", looks like he's real proud of that position. Every comment under that DC article defended Chanel and OANN.

InTheArmsOfThePepe 8 points ago

Remember all of the outrage when Acosta was removed?

Remember that same level of outrage and vitriol when Chanel got removed? You're right, I don't remember it either...

highenergywinning [S] 9 points ago

The media in this country is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the dnc

Trythisagain 7 points ago

Leave her alone and let her report the news, I enjoy hearing some truth.

dakkath 7 points ago

Go get em!

Mavdick96 4 points ago

She's so hot.

EtherSword 4 points ago

Daily Caller has been a little weird lately, I did make a post here and this is another example.

MAGAlikethis 2 points ago

Lately? It's been full of anti-Trump "journalists" for years.

EtherSword 1 point ago

For years? I wouldn't say that judging by the sheer number of videos that daily caller puts out that. https://www.youtube.com/user/dailycaller/videos

I see their videos everyday, just a few videos the past 20 days or so been off. Like having Charlie Kirk on there or the them making a title comparison to Yang with the Trump Bucks thing. And now this in the title. But if you look through the videos, mostly just red pill stuff.

VetforTrump 3 points ago

I simple fuck you to the whca will do.

spiritfortrump 2 points ago

She's my role model.

TheDNCkilledSethRich 2 points ago

He should let Chanel sit in a recliner up front, with no one else in the room... then answer all the questions she might have. Put the petulant children in the Rose Garden with a playpen fence around it and swat them like flies after the session with Chanel is over.

Hexagon 2 points ago

They try to kick her out but allow communist propaganda in.

dubler6 2 points ago

Keep Biden away from those lovely locks.

HaleyNunes2024 3 points ago

If she was standing right in front of you, would you be able to resist taking a whiff? I'm not so sure I could.