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Pappy_Gunn 72 points ago

Aside from that, who sends ass-kissing emails like this? A simple "good speech" or even "exceptional spech" would have done. I notice that a lot of Clintonites are overboard in their praise for her (in various emails & artcles). I guess you had to dial the ass-kissing to 11 to curry favours with her. No wonder she thought she was so great and had it in the bag. Obama was probably like that.

Musicbymuzak 27 points ago

Well, you know what used to happen in north Korea if you're the first to stop clapping... Kinda the same thing I guess?

kesquare2 10 points ago

This. Look at the date. 2012.

Hillary was Sec of State and a presidential candidate.

The guy was covering his ass.

Not every compliment (even weird ones) is some conspiracy to overthrow the republic.