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King 36 points ago

the big lie method happened

Rainman 23 points ago

Fear mongering media because orange man bad

-Howitzer- 13 points ago

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama happened.

SkitShowPhrenia 7 points ago

This time they’re global socialists instead of national socialists. Same playbook though. They freaking blitzkrieged us

thelastlast 29 points ago

they ignored our protests and did all that shit anyway, with ZERO consequences. so now they know they can do anything.

Pres-Trump 25 points ago

And now that they know they can control the western world with it, it'll happen every year.

NocturnalPatrol 21 points ago

What happened is we fooled ourselves into thinking the media have lost their power.

Number2withfries 12 points ago

Yeah that was definitely my blind spot in this. I thought we were all on the same page that the mainstream media is all a bunch of dirty fucking liars. Much to my horror 90% of the people calling CNN fake news turned on a dime in the span of about a week and are breathlessly lapping up the vomit coming from the TV man they called a liar just 3 weeks ago. It's fucking sad what pathetic bootlickers most people on the right ended up being when faced with a case of the scares.

deleted 8 points ago
StankoniusMaximus 16 points ago


Rex112 10 points ago

99.5 or more, most likely.

jcd_007 14 points ago

People are sheep. They value feeling secure more than their rights, sadly.

Cyer6 3 points ago

I'm waiting for the masses to just say "screw this, we're going back to our lives." It has to start with a few businesses going in together and getting the message out from there. Once others see it happening, we will change the course. But it will take a LOT of bold people do it all at once, on the same day.

Number2withfries 3 points ago

If a group of restaurants in my area said fuck the government I'd be there right fucking now ordering a beer.

cant_even 13 points ago

"WTF happened" is that nobody did anything after the '9/12/2001' stern Tweet, except spend the next 19 years meekly accepting:

  1. The creation of "Homeland" Security and the TSA.
  2. The PATRIOT Act.
  3. The steady degradation of the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments.
  4. The 'no-fly' list, which is a medieval Star-Chamber proceeding, and led to...
  5. Behavioral "Red Flag" firearm confiscation 'laws'.
I_Used_to_be_me 12 points ago

There was a time when every home, and every pocket, wasn't equipped with a device connected to the web for endless hours of mindless distractions. As that grew, so too did the public's complacency

SemperFree 8 points ago

19 years of indoctrination via the communist indoctrination camps (schools).

Or more simply, millennials happened.

OliverWillis 5 points ago

*democrats happened.

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 3 points ago

Millenials are the victims and outcome of that propaganda. Kinda unfair to blame us.

Hoot 8 points ago

Maybe you’re too young to remember but we collectively bent over and thanked the TSA while they rammed a blue glove up grandma’s tuckus for the first year after 9/11.

Rojo4mac7 7 points ago

"You need to fear fear!" says elite fearmongers.

never_forget_seth 6 points ago

At first I was one of the worriers about this virus, but then I got it (I think) and felt like shit for a couple days. But I got better and now I want to get on with my life. I know several people like me who felt sick, didn't get tested since it wasn't very severe (so way underreporting on the mortality figures), and just got better. I am willing to give them another week or two just so they can better understand how to treat severe cases differently in the hospitals, but I don't consider this much worse than the flu. Extra precautions should be taken in places like nursing homes where it can really spread to a vulnerable population, but we shouldn't be closing down the whole economy for much longer.

EtheldredaTheUnready 6 points ago

Decades of social engineering. The young were indoctrinated in schools, and those older were subjected to a slow erosion of their rights and liberties to the point that this seems almost normal and acceptable.

If any of you 'pedes have Nextdoor and want to laugh (or rage), then go take a peek at the hysterical morons posting there. I daily have pearl-clutching childless (either single or empty nesters) women publically shaming other people for existing, and there are so many people openly asking for marshal law and a greater police presence. They really do want to be just locked into their homes and have everyone who dares leave the threshold of their home to be arrested.

Even if the virus were as bad as they are pretending it is, do they really think this is helpful? Sure, Denise, if you stay in the house and get all your groceries delivered to your door by people poorer than you who have to leave their house while you continue to consume the fear-mongering, you're sure to just live forever and everything will be great! You'll exist in a beautiful utopia where you can sip tea while looking outside and calling the cops every time you see a child walking on the sidewalk.

This has been an extremely eye-opening experience for me in just how compliant and fearful most people are, and how easy it is to introduce tyranny and have people accept it with open arms.

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 5 points ago

Pretty scary when you realize this was the test run.

Cyer6 2 points ago

That's where I saw a lot of it, but it's dropped off considerably in the last few weeks. Even my conservative millennial daughter was on this bandwagon a few weeks ago, but now she's changed her tune. Here in Texas, there were people (mostly women) actually saying they would gladly give up their "rights" for that false feeling of safety. Fortunately, people like myself blasted them on Nextdoor and many joined me in that sentiment.

TheMogul 5 points ago

The need for safe spaces happened.

CovfefeBucks 4 points ago

Some of us are doing things differently only because Trump asked us to.

timathus 3 points ago

And I hate to say it but Trump went right along with it. Ugh. I get it, the entire world was stampeding off a cliff and you either run along with it or you get run over but the end result it still the same so I don't know :(

RiverFenix 3 points ago

You know who else is locked up in their homes?

Thousands of pedophiles. All communicating in desperate attempts to comfort each other. Image the ones with secret island with slaves - I bet they're concerned about who might be at their island right now, freeing those slaves and building a rock solid case for the death penalty.

Covid might not kill you, but there's nothing stopping the public from thinking you died of Covid.

Maybe 'we' did release the relatively harmless virus, Maybe China did. Who knows... fact is that it's out now and nobody is going to let this tragedy go to waste.

Even Trump knows that for major societal changes to take place (for Bad, like Communism, or Good, like Family/Faith)... something you have to fuck shit up. This lockdown is a huge Fuck Shit Up maneuver and it's hard to say who is steering it right now.

FuckuSpez 1 point ago

I appreciate this perspective.

PrairieRaine88 3 points ago

I bet if the TSA was dismantled there would be a large chunk of change for the wall. Let the individual airports provide their own security services.

bigbootyhoes 2 points ago

If i had to blame it on one thing i would say feminism ruined our culture.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 2 points ago

Leftism happened. Almost two decades of indoctrination, propaganda, and subversion. There are far more useful idiots in our country now than there were in 2001.

Fabius 2 points ago

The United States is no longer the United States. It's a land of third world mongrels.

MindsetRoulette 2 points ago

"Fuck you, i won't do what you tell me" turned into "quarantine me harder, Daddy." real quick...

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 2 points ago

Fuck you I won't do what you tell me

Please you take away my firearms and I will happily comply!

Paper_Saint 1 point ago


astralentity 1 point ago

When do we rise up? Or are those the words of a crazy person?

Cyer6 1 point ago

There needs to be a mass push on-line and over conservative media outlets to tell people to just open up their businesses and go back to work. Everyone needs to do it at the same time and on the SAME DAY. The government is incapable of dealing with mass civil disobedience. All of their control depends on cooperation and the ability to pick off "lone wolves" one at a time to make them examples to everyone. That's what keeps that sheep mentality in-check.

Fabius 1 point ago


If I owned a business I would just open it up. What's the downside? I go out of business or I get shut down? At least if I get shut down I can sue.

The-Russian-Asset 1 point ago

2 shittiest generations riched voting age.

shipoutofdanger 1 point ago

they are taking advantage of society's kindness. Yet again.

Or, like the Simpsons predicted https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=35&v=v53GmsuppwY&feature=emb_logo

"Center for Disease Disinformation" they called it.

Seems accurate.

CoreyAnder 1 point ago

And how many have willingly put those Alexa listening devices in their homes? Those are banned in my home.

The_Boogens 1 point ago

Note that the TSA never stopped groping. Outrage is just empty words unless it fuels action.

Jeb4HOABoard 1 point ago

More like 99.9% survival rate if stopped putting everyone who dies with (not from) the Chinese virus in the numerator, and if we tested everyone so we could add all the asymptomatic people to the denominator.

Shazxofshadilay 1 point ago

Ya fool me, twice... ya can't get fooled again!

Dialectic 1 point ago

Can't stand the tsa

Magentapede 1 point ago


Aeronomer 0 points ago

I don't know what's worse. The people screaming that Chicomvirus is the end of humanity or the people screaming that the reaction to it is the end of democracy.

kesquare2 -11 points ago

High transmission rate is what happened.

Edit: nit picking

aparition42 13 points ago

The high transmission rate was also a gross misrepresentation of truth. When they kept saying this virus was "more contagious" than other viruses, they were talking about something called R0 (R-naught). It's a variable used by epidemiologists' computer models.

R0 is an average number of uninfected people an infected person can pass the virus to in the computer model. It is not a constant that is determined by the virus. It is a variable that is determined by environmental and social factors. Any novel virus is automatically assumed to have a very high R0 initially because no one has ever been exposed before, but the R0 GOES DOWN as more people get exposed.

Also the R0 in an area like NYC would be much higher than the R0 in smaller cities and towns. Factors like hand washing and disinfectant use also drastically reduce R0.

Early reports went on and on about extremely high R0 estimates based out of early reports from China, and they have not revised those estimates nor have they made any efforts to relieve people of the misunderstanding that this virus is not special with regards to how contagious it is compared to other viruses.

kesquare2 -10 points ago

It seems pretty different to me.

I haven't heard of flu strains infecting 150+ countries within 3 months.

I actually don't know of any virus spreading to that many countries.

So if its no more contagious how do you explain this?

aparition42 16 points ago

The fact that you've never heard of it is a testament to the fact that you don't pay attention to this sort of thing or study it, not that it never happened before. It happens all the time. Too many people think the first time they've heard of something is the first time it's ever happened.

Learn what "contagiousness" actually means according to the epidemiologists that built the computer models that have so grossly overestimated the impact of this thing.



There is no evidence that this thing spread in only three months, by the way. It's called COVID-19 because it was identified in 2019. There is no reason to assume the worst cases were the first cases. We have no way of knowing how long it was spreading undetected before enough people got dangerously ill to draw attention and start the process of identifying it.

So far, every where they've started testing, it was ALREADY THERE.

kesquare2 -2 points ago

So 150+ countries infected with the same virus. Over 6 or even 8 months since you are being overly specific.

It still isn't something that has happened in my lifetime.

aparition42 3 points ago

Yes it has. Dig through the history a bit.


What's new and different is how big of a deal the media is making of it.

Consider the USS Roosevelt. A crew of more than 6000 people stuck together in some of the most cramped conditions, all eating together, all sleeping stacked three bunks high way less than six feet from one another, and only 289 actually caught it and none of them are seriously ill.

How fast a virus spreads is a function of how fast human beings with the virus move around the world, not a function of the virus' make up.

kesquare2 -1 points ago

Of course outbreaks have occurred.

None of those spread to 150+ countries.

And your last paragraph is incomplete. Its a function of both.

On a cruise ship 700 of 3600 got infected.

Also Navy ships are more separated than you realize.

aparition42 2 points ago

I've served on a Nimitz class ship before. I know exactly how cramped and dirty they are. Loads of viruses have spread all over the world. More than 200 countries reported H1N1 cases in 2009.


Your cruise ship stat still shows that this virus isn't nearly as contagious as was initially claimed. The spread is determined by social and environmental factors. Cruise ships tend to have a much higher proportion of elderly and chronically infirm people than aircraft carriers, and they still had less than 20% infected the majority of which did not require medical intervention.

... continue reading thread?
kesquare2 -1 points ago

Look I get what you're doing.

You are avoiding addressing the spread to 150+ countries.

The fact is you can't address it because it hasn't happened before.

rabbidlemur 2 points ago

Swine flu spread to 160 countries in less than a year. A conservative estimate of 700 million people contracted it, about 10% of the worlds population. A low estimate of 250,000 people died from it.

The R0 of swine flu was 1.6, covid-19 is generally estimated around 2.2, SARS was estimated to be a little higher than 3. Compare these with measles, R0 of about 13, and smallpox with an R0 of 6.

Covid-19 is more lethal than swine flu was, but less lethal than SARS was. Honestly, nobody knows what the actual kill rate on Covid-19 is, because of the super liberal way we are counting deaths, but even counting them as liberally as we are, it still got a lower kill rate than SARS.

I think the best comparison to what is going on now is the Spanish Flu in 1918. It infected about 1/4th of the world's population, about 500 million people, and a low estimate of 17 million people up to as high as 100 million people died from it ( between 3.4% and 20%) Society did the same things we are doing now, social distancing, wearing masks, closing public places for a whole year. There were not the government enforced quarantines, at least as far as I know. There really are a lot of parallels. There are are a few big differences with covid-19 though.

The first and most prominent one is the kill rate of covid-19 just isn't (seeming) as high. The second one is the symptoms of Spanish flu were more severe, with bleeding from various orifices of the head being one of the most prominent symptoms. Finally, it was hardest on those with stronger immune systems.

Honestly, the more I learn about covid-19 the less I'm concerned about it. I understand acting out of an abundance of caution, but I'm not sure the social and economic costs are better than the disease though.

kesquare2 -1 points ago

This is the discussion I was trying to get to.

What do you make of the videos and leaked stories/footage out of China:

People welded into their apartments, crematoriums running nonstop, villagers destroying roads in the rural areas, the staggering decline in cellphone usage.

It seems to point to something staggeringly bad, yet in the US we are for the most part underwhelmed.

rabbidlemur 1 point ago

I honestly think that a big part of the issue in China is they dealt with things in a heavy handed way. It's how they deal with their population generally. Also, with a population of 1 billion, 1%-2% dead would mean 10-20 million dead.

Alternatively if it did escape from the bioweapon lab, that would also lead to them locking things down the way they were.

I'm just not sure what to make of everything, so I'm okay with taking these precautions for now, but, but the more I learn the less justifiable this societal lock down seems to be.

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HillarysBeaverMunch 5 points ago

The transmission rate is far higher among dirty Asian foreigners, it turns out, maybe because they live in filth and we tend to be more fastidious.

kesquare2 -6 points ago

And the 150+ countries?

Or the fact that one person gets on a cruise ship and within a few days everyone on the ship gets it.

Never heard of flu or other viruses doing that.

Edit: To be clear I'm not merely being argumentative. I'm pointing out that the observed effects do not line up with "no more contagious than anything else."

Dialectic 1 point ago

Not everyone on the ship was infected. So you're just arguing with hyperbole.

kesquare2 -3 points ago

And you are using an obvious expression to try to ignore/discredit my comment.

700 people on a 3700 passenger cruise ship.

Paper_Saint 1 point ago

Maybe you should look up the definition of "hyperbole".

Your posts are fascinating; and you don't seem to realize when your own evidence disputes your argument....

kesquare2 0 points ago

What is my argument?

I don't recall taking a stance.

Paper_Saint 1 point ago

Maybe "argument" was the wrong word.

You stated that "one person gets on a cruise ship and within a few days everyone on the ship gets it".

Then when challenged on that statement you said "700 people on a 3700 passenger cruise ship" which is not "everyone".

Your first statement is clearly hyperbole and your second statement directly contradicts it.

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