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MAGA_CENTIPEDE 10 points ago

He acts like some political outsider who goes against the DNC establishment but he literally always just bends over for them and does whatever they want. He has no principles

dickwagger 7 points ago

Why the fuck would Bernie suck Michael's husband's dick too? I always thought Barry was a puppet for the deepstate. Barry relays marching orders?

dancn 3 points ago

Bernie maybe needed to vet Michael in person. Before him and Biden give him all their delegates and call it democratic because “the people chose those people who chose the candidate”

ekos640 3 points ago

Obama: Uhhhhh tell me Bernie, do you uuuuuhhhhhh like hot dogs?

Bernie: No. I can't say I do.

Obama: ................. you're fucking finished. Get your shit and get out by the end of the day.

Littleirishmaid 2 points ago

Has joe had any conversations with Barry lately? Just wondering.

TEXinLA 2 points ago

This needs to be all over the Bernie Bros' salt mines...