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Afrikaner_Vrystaat 110 points ago

fairly high chance the ChiComs released this on purpose to tank the global economy. Then pressured the WHO to lie about the nature of the pandemic to get ahead of the world with respect to the recovery. They're buying up stock in just about everything now that the markets have crashed at pennies.

there needs to be a ban on chinese stock acquisitions for the short term. At least until a thorough investigation has been conducted into this whole fishy operation

DrBJTester 42 points ago

I think it is the next escalation in the trade war and the scientific term is the Wuhan Whoopsie.

Thanks for your kind attention.

eagleeyeddjt 5 points ago

Wuhan Whoopsie hahaha

DrBJTester 1 point ago

I didn't coin the term but a pede did.

TychoDurandal 33 points ago

How about just a ban regardless of investigation. Fuck em

InSaNeOldGuy 4 points ago (edited)

A ban would be difficult... Could be a US company owned by a larger US company that's owned by some giant umbrella corp which has more than 50% Chicom investors. Noooo...

I say we just go in and take everything the Chicoms own over here and then offer to sell it back to them at 1500%.

HilLiedTroopsDied 2 points ago

Everyone Debt, property, equity, instrument, that is owned by China or china backed companies needs to be confiscated.

Any US company that tencent has a stake in needs to have that ownership nullified.

YourFaithfulFriend 20 points ago

but just as high a chance the dems decided not to let the crisis go to waste and are using it to get mail-in voting. Their illegal voting base is dwindling, as is their poor base. Hillary has been frantically tweeting about mail-in voting for a month. She doesn't want to lose twice! (sorry Joe, we all know you are just a place holder)

Former_RM2 12 points ago

No they didn't. It would make much more sense for them to release it in America after they already have an anti-virus. They would look like heroes if they were the first to come out with an antivirus and they could destroy the American economy while protecting their own.

No, what happened is that they are incompetent at studying viruses, just like earthing else they do, and it got away from them.

trumpORbust 6 points ago

Agree, or a long term plan with a fumble when the janitor sold the test subjects instead of destroying them, because they won't pay the poor soul a living wage

ClownTamer 8 points ago

If there is a conspiracy it’s most likely this. You can’t both think China is stupid and that they are smart. Most conspiracies can most accurately be explained away by stupidity.

Personally, I still think China being stupid and eating exotic bats sounds more like China. Everything else is just people politicking during a crisis like they always do. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before many times from China.

In any event, foreign countries shouldn’t be allowed to own stock in US companies. Period. The financial ramifications of this are beyond me, but if we bought up all Chinese companies, it wouldn’t exactly be good for China. Why allow the reverse?

Trump4theWin 6 points ago

Or own real estate. No non American should be allowed to own property in the US.

InSaNeOldGuy 3 points ago

This.... My grandmother wasn't a fan of the stock market; most likely because of the Great Depression back in the 30's, which was caused by the market crash in '29. Her advice:

"If you can't touch it, don't buy it."

hannahbae 3 points ago

Tucker Carlson actually did a really great segment on this. All evidence points to the virus coming from the lab in Wuhan. Now whether the outbreak happened on 'accident' (and China frantically ran to cover things up and then use the situation to their advantage) or if the outbreak happened on purpose with malicious intent, I'll let you decide.


Uzaka611 2 points ago

We're legally not allowed to own Chinese companies. Only Chinese nationals and the party are.

ClownTamer 1 point ago

Exactly. It shouldn’t be allowed.

Kottonballs 5 points ago

We need to just turn China into a glass parking lot and be done with it. Nothing good comes from China.

MichaelHall1 13 points ago

No nukes. No war.

accountable 7 points ago

100% correct. These people on here talking about "booging" and war are WAY off track. I thought it was just libs who run around with their feefees leading them by the nuts. Nope, a bunch of otherwise smart patriots apparently also need to get them feefees under control.

DocOne 7 points ago

The boog is inevitable at this point, it's just a matter of when. Even if they can't get rid of Trump, he's done in 2024 anyway and the WH is gonna flip sides just like it always does every 8 years. And then the leftists are gonna kick back into high gear.

It's also much different than a foreign war.

The only chance we have to avoid it is complete destruction of the left which will never happen as long as lazy, worthless people exist. The best we can do is delay it which I'm not interested in because it there has to be fighting I'd rather it be me than my kid.

FutureMan 0 points ago

And now you know why I didn't have any.

accountable 4 points ago

The libs defeated your family line without firing a shot. I'd seriously reconsider this shit, assuming you didn't also cut your balls off just to "make sure".

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accountable -3 points ago

Well...a domestic war isn't outside the realm of possibility. But you're a fool to think it's likely and an arrogant fool to push for it.

DocOne 11 points ago

I was right with you until very recently. I was always telling people to calm down, the boog won't happen, most of it is larpers anyways (I'm an engineer in the gun industry, there are a lot of boog larpers). I've changed my mind lately. I hope it can be avoided but I don't see how at this point. The left has gone so crazy that we can not coexist

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TurdFerguson 3 points ago

Exactly, I’m not sure why people don’t think something like that wouldn’t lead to tons of death here too. From the cancer alone...

accountable 0 points ago

people don't think

There's your answer.

sagebrushfire 3 points ago

there needs to be a ban on chinese stock acquisitions for the short term.

There just needs to be a ban on China. Time for us to stop outsourcing jobs and money to this corrupt, totalitarian regime. All they do is lie, cheat, steal and upset the delicate balance of international relations. Nothing beneficial is produced there that can’t be produced here for a little bit more. Time to start swinging the hammer against these shady, communist rats. Plus, they’re literally consuming entire species into extinction. Disgusting.

Cantshadowbanthemall 2 points ago

also could be a ploy to "encourage sharing of innovation" like all the intellectual theft they committed with complete impunity under Obama.

MartyrX1776 2 points ago

Unless Trump can convince the cuck leaders of the western world to reclaim their debt after this and close our markets to them, as a start, I don't see us winning this short of a lot of blood being spent

SolaScriptura 2 points ago

I'd be cool with just a ban on chinese stock acquisitions, period, personally. Not a big fan of them controlling everything.

OliverWillis 1 point ago

To tank the economy AND wreck the private insurance companies.

PolarBears4Trump2020 28 points ago (edited)

The Dems are using this opportunity to fuck America. Look at all the bumbling (D) Governors encroaching on our rights every hour as this thing goes on. And they are lauded by the MSM, while the (R) Govs are SUMMARILY criticized and demonized by these same media weasels

It's a Power Grab, 100%. We will have all been shocked if the Rats in the (D) Party HADN'T taken this opportunity of this war on FLU to try to fuck with our voting for their cause. They are reliably evil fuckers

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SemperFree 26 points ago

This is exactly what I was thinking. Deep state operative Fauci, coordinating with HRC and Soros.

Have no proof of this, just a theory. The Dems clearly coordinate globally.

Uzaka611 2 points ago

I'm in a discord with people from all over the world that I game with, the fucking screeching that went on today from the non-americans about Bernie dropping out was insane.

blurryface 2 points ago

Those people think America is half black and half white.

RighteousViolence1 26 points ago

Several dem operatives are still calling for people to be locked down for 18 months until a vaccine can be created.

I believe you are correct

MaxineWaters4Prez 15 points ago

18 months. Even the most propagandized aren't going to last another month before their 3 brain cells begin to question the authenticity and sincerity of CNN.

18 days maybe.

DocOne 4 points ago

Everyone out of a job will (rightfully) lose it as soon as bills start coming due.

OpTendieDrop 3 points ago

Hahaha. Oh boy. You must not know any CNN watchers. I do, and they are saying that Fauci is a “hero” and that the lockdown is “for the best” because we need to “flatten the curve” and other buzzwords. A lot of trusting the experts, not a lot of critical thinking.

SirSeizureSalad 25 points ago

My TEVA stock is blowing up, thanks HCQ!

JohnPedosta 10 points ago


QuranIsToiletPaper 21 points ago

I'm guessing the title meant "mail-in ballots."

Paper ballots are more secure than electronic voting machines. Voting in person is more secure than voting by mail. Requiring voter ID is more secure than not requiring voter ID.

The Democrats know all this, that's why they oppose it. I imagine at some point they will push for voting over the Internet from home, with no identifying information required.

MilanosTittySprinkle 20 points ago

THIS. If you can vote in person. DO IT.

I would crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump

QuranIsToiletPaper 9 points ago (edited)

Unfortunately I can't. Washington is entirely vote by mail, along with Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Hawaii. And you know what color those states are, except for Utah. Although that's the home of Mittens the RINO.

MeanAngryVeteran 4 points ago

Those not able to vote in person and are not on deployment. Tuff Shit..

AtariArtist 4 points ago

We can vote early by mail in my state, but either mail it in or drop it off at the polling location so if the virus is still a factor, there's still no wait - but it's 'in person' (you can often even ask of they'd run it through the counter when you drop off - but not always, depends on the number of volunteers available - but there's always a drop-off bin)

I think the headline was muffed because I always support paper over electronic voting.

BTW - Vigillence is good - no argument. But between Biden (who I'm still not certain will even make it to the election - and good lord talk about elder abuse etc) and the fact that the emergency makes switching Presidents even less probable (similar to a wartime election - which has never happened even with Lincoln) I'm not 'worried' but 'watchful' on the likely outcome.

BTW who is running the 'Trump virus quote' ads on TV? I smell Chicom rats.

SonoftheTerminator 12 points ago

I mean.... your not wrong

AlphaNathan 7 points ago


Evei 7 points ago

We, as a people, need to break the conditioning that there is just one reason or one plan.
The globalist elites are playing the long game, they are not putting all their eggs in one basket. There are always multiple angles to their attacks, and we often get bitten by this very thing. A more recent example was the $2trillion stimulus. People went ballistic, rightfully, over what Nazi Nancy wanted to shove in there, so when they backed down, everyone just sighed in relief as our government pushed through a bill that had $300million+ crammed into it for "immigrants" and other things completely unrelated to the national emergency.
There are multiple threads and goals with this weapon. Some of them are obvious (panic, global economic damage, etc.), others are not so obvious (talk of a digital ID being pushed with a vaccine, introducing people to a taste of UBI), others are yet unknown (if I knew an example, it wouldn't be unknown).

GeoG85 6 points ago

Not sure the Mail-In voting will get popular. But this is year #4, I wouldn't be surprised if Voter I.D. gains a huge ass traction, especially after the Berners got shafted...again.

2018 was a fraudulent fiasco. 2016's documentation of illegal voters, especially California, was a mess too.

We'll see I guess. It's in God's hands as they like to say.

IsrorOrca 3 points ago

100% this.

MrTrumpsWildRide 2 points ago

The Chinese virus has absolutely been used as a tool by the globalists and Chicoms to try to get rid of Trump. Whether or not it was a deliberate release, they have certainly try to take advantage of it.

DragQueenTruckDrag 2 points ago

If they try to win by fraud trump should just sit in the white house and have local militias defend it. I would

Tonightm01 1 point ago

The main worry is that it will keep people away not so much about mail in votes. If they open voting centers still do you expect the old and sick to go out that late in the year to vote? If they manage to keep the virus going tell then.

pepes_girl 1 point ago

I was just speculating this with my dad. They know Pedo Joe has no chance in winning, so commies gonna commie and cheat their way into the election. Their playbook needs new strategies. Notice all the governors denying HCQ’s effectiveness are Dems? They want to extend this as much as possible for that sacred mail in vote. And the gibs. We will never have free & fair elections if that shit gets passed. It’s already bad enough.

Isolated_Patriot 1 point ago

You are close, but this is still just a side effect. This is agenda 21 (by 2021) in action and the dems are just playing their part.

The goal was the microchip, come hell or high water. Fixing "The Trump Situation" was an intermediary goal. This was going to happen with or without Trump in office, and if Hilldawg had been in the WH we wouldn't even know what HQC is.

ValhallaGorilla 0 points ago

Why cant republicans just do the same? fucking go all out with fraud and outfraud the democrats. Fight fire with fire

UsurpTheNarrative 0 points ago

Trump can make it optional. Let them do Mail and our side can go to poles. Why not have a pole outside and have a system to deal with the virus in place.

If I was Trump id be all over making sure this shit does not happen.

4moreyears 24 points ago

When I lived in Broward County (2012 election I I believe) they mailed out ballots that they "forgot" to add one ballot question to, so they mailed out a second set of essentially identical ballots to EVERYONE in Broward (A highly D) County. Best believe they counted both sets if they voted D.

Ripmat2 5 points ago

Epstein voted by mail

trumpORbust 10 points ago

And he will again

4moreyears 36 points ago

Trump told Acucksta today that they are compling evidence of mail-in, ballot harvesting fraud to make their case. Trump mentions this every day, he is taking it VERY seriously

couranto 27 points ago

He should because he will lose big if it is allowed. Dems invented vote stealing.

4moreyears 16 points ago

He is. He straight up calls the Democrats cheaters and frauds whenever a reporter asks him about muh social distancing re: elections

tigressroars 12 points ago (edited)

Judicial Watch got a shoutout during that bit! Go Tom 💪🏻

EDIT: Use smile.amazon.com and select them as your charity.

MaxineWaters4Prez 10 points ago

I trust the president with every fiber of my being, but this should've been approached immediately after the 2018 theft at the latest. I maintain my belief he knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

The only competition GEOTUS has is fraud. The dems are plainly dead in the water.

masshole3 4 points ago

Trump signed an EO in ‘17 that started an election fraud commission, and he put Pence and Sen Kobach in charge.

But, IIRC, the States wouldn’t (or legally couldn’t) cooperate and failed to provide Kobach with the info he requested to get the investigation going. And then the ACLU and others threatened to sue. So Trump disbanded the commission, and turned the whole thing over to DHS. And I think it’s still there. So, this rodeo has not ended as far as I can tell.

The fake news reported at the time that Trumps commission found no fraud, and that the matter was settled, which is a steaming pile of fake fucking horseshit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if evidence of election and/or voter fraud is all ready to go and already in Trump’s arsenal, and will be used at the right time.

SonoftheTerminator 32 points ago

Yes, go and vote!

PyroSphere 15 points ago

That means in person, unless you are deployed, handicapped or something else reasonable. Otherwise, stand up and be counted.

JimmyNelson 12 points ago

Take atleast a car load with you to vote.

DrBJTester 7 points ago

Early and often.

ramennov 3 points ago

Is that all? Can you think of nothing else we could do to help prevent mail-in ballots than vote?

Seahawks2020 29 points ago

For Dems it's end justifies the means.

Few dead bodies, election crime are all fair game to them in pursuit of power.

Afrikaner_Vrystaat 10 points ago

Or in the case of the Clintons, a whole lot of dead bodies, rogue regimes and scrubbed servers.

GunToast [S] 19 points ago

All right Joe Biden now that you’re the nominee let the Games Begin Jsckass!!

Would you want your child next to this pervert?


AlphaNathan 5 points ago


BilbroNaggins 2 points ago

Why am I stopping?

FullTimeRaptor 3 points ago

Get your facts straight, Jack! Wanna go for a run? Do some push-ups?!

JimmyNelson 13 points ago


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yuge_igloo 13 points ago

How do you guys normally vote? I’ve only ever used paper ballots. Aren’t the electronic machines owned by Soros or something?

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Littleirishmaid 10 points ago

We use paper ballots and scanners. They’re talking about sending everyone a ballot, whether or not they’re even registered to vote. All ballots sent through the mail should be requested in writing, with a signature, from registered voters. before they are mailed out. Unless of course they are deployed.

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SemperFree 6 points ago

Hopefully stop it by executive order.

PaigeAshley 10 points ago

I definitely agree we need to do everything possible to stop them. And I hope that we have so many people voting for President Trump this time it will offset their cheating!

MaxineWaters4Prez 6 points ago

That's how we won in 2016. They had a margin of theft implemented and grossly underestimated the popularity of our alpha.

PaigeAshley 3 points ago

I think so too. I'm hoping that, with all of the people who voted for him the first time, and all the new voters who have joined the Trump Train after Kavanaugh, Impeachment and this Virus, we will blow the Democrats out of the water and even win the popular vote. With God, anything is possible. 🙌👍😉

TrumpTrainBot 3 points ago


CURRENT SPEED: 359,579,385,117,000 MPH!

At that rate, it would take approximately 4.667 years to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy (2.5 million light-years)!

Pres-Trump 9 points ago

We can't even find TP at the store, but they have all this paper for ballot harvesting? Something's not right here!

warlord1 6 points ago

Nobody mentioned that huge welt on Biden’s head

Liberty-Or-Death 5 points ago

Unfortunately, we will, just like Virginians let Ralph and company go full commie on gun control. We'll cry and meme, then comply. I haven't seen any evidence to the contrary.

Libertas1796 3 points ago

No. Ralphy got fucked by both ANTIFA and Pedes. It’s gonna be the same in the election.

Liberty-Or-Death 3 points ago

Hope you're right. I'd love pur 2A returned to how the founders intended.

Libertas1796 4 points ago

Yep, Trumps gonna win, while indies are gonna wake up and jump ship. I’m looking for a reagenesque victory.

Norman_F_Dixon 5 points ago (edited)

Cui bono.
Who has the most to gain and the most to lose if the Corona Virus gambit fails?
Chinese Communist Party?
American Deep State?
If it is the CCP, why let the flu out?
If it is the American deep state, why did the CCP let the flu out?
Who really let the flu out?
Does the WHO work for the CCP?
Occum's razor.
It is more logical to deduce that the CCP is subordinate organizationally to the WHO.
As are many other shell (DNC) political parties in the world today.
The only question is...
Who does the WHO work for?
What sound does an owl make?
https://youtu.be/E92GG3UbE00?t=256 (time stamp to start)
But watch the entire clip (6 min).
This is not a suggestion... it is a threat.

fartglove 5 points ago

Ask her how vote by mail fraud works - https://www.insidesources.com/mail-in-ballots-make-voter-fraud-easy-i-know-because-i-did-it/ - she did it. Shows proof. Test her theory some more.

Fredo_Cuomo 4 points ago

I can imagine all their reactions:

Cameraman: you guys are corrupt

Obama: get a load of this guy

Biden: i'm corrupt?!?

Hillary: nah youuuu're the corrupt one

Fucking faggots

Edit - better version

Obama: Joe, I bring you my black voter base

Biden: For me?!?!

Hillary: youuuuuu where were you in 2016 ???

AngelMark 3 points ago

3 nooses are needed!

deleted 1 point ago
UsurpTheNarrative 3 points ago

We are gonna be the ones crying and salty this time if they succeed. The election better not be the one time we lose.

MAGAINFLINT 3 points ago

I home Parscale is smart enough to plan for this as if it’s going to happen.

MaxineWaters4Prez 1 point ago

Pascale is the fucking top man for the job.

Barthaneous 2 points ago

Sad. This photo almost makes them all seem human. Too bad they all work for Satan.

FinnishNationalist 2 points ago

If mail-in voter fraud is real and can affect the results of a democratic election, demand the resignation of any official who advocates for it and if they don't step down use your guns to force them out of office one way or another. That is what the guns are for. To protect the Republic and its people from tyranny.

Freedom doesn't come without some risk and responsibility. You earn what you make.

AtariArtist 2 points ago

Ok - now I'm lost - we've screamed for paper over hackable / error-prone electronic machines for years.

What am I missing?

Libertas1796 2 points ago


duvalpede 2 points ago

This is a bit misleading. We should have paper ballots, but they should be at polling stations.

These fucks want "vote by mail" only. This cannot be allowed.

dontdoxmebro2 2 points ago

When it comes out that these dem governors shut down the economy to hurt trump, there needs to be public executions. I’ll settle for nothing less.

Batch77 2 points ago

three pos in the white house. Racist

SwampSwan 2 points ago (edited)

Something Wicked This Way Comes....ack! It's HILLARY!

K-MAGer 2 points ago

I also noticed Fauci’s changed narrative. Now saying African Americans are more affected due to underlying conditions like diabetes and obesity!!! So now when the President wants to open the country back for business, the narrative will be he is a racist and does not care about black people. I see it coming!

AtariArtist 2 points ago

It's a strange angle because it also requires examining hot-spots and demographics of those particular hot-spots. Obviously Detroit and New Orleans are going to skew metrics.

I think even bringing this up in the middle of the pandemic vs afterwards for purely research purposes is just plain weird.

Monty_Cello 2 points ago

Paper ballots are the most secure voting protocol possible SAVE FOR GIANT HOLES LIKE MAIL-IN VOTING. Chain of trust can be established when all interested parties have eyes-on voting booths, counting stations, and ANY AND ALL transportation of ballots. Mail-in destroys chain of trust.

It baffles me why security experts vote Democrat and support Democrat election engineering when they themselves know how compromised these propositional changes are. Some must be malicious or bought off, because I have been shouting from the rooftops about this.

masshole3 2 points ago

LoL, this pic is funny!

O’Bummer is gesturing to America, and saying, “Look at how easily we can control these fucking idiots! Easier than I thought!”

Hillary Rotten pointing at us, cackling and mocking.

Slo Joe is saying, “Come on guys, you really need me to take over here? Looks like you two are doing a fine job as it is! So carry on, man, carry on.”

Centipedeboy 2 points ago

If this happens we are Squashed.

Tonightm01 1 point ago

If they are FORCING you to vote one way then it's not a democratic vote.

Keeptherepublic 1 point ago

While I agree this is bad but why can't both side cheat?

AK1911 1 point ago

How is mail-in voting a guaranteed win for Dems? There are tons of people in flyover states that are horseback, driving a tractor, etc. on Election Day. They can’t just leave to vote. People like me plan ahead and use early voting, but not all do. Republicans that live in California aren’t going to waste their time to stand in line and vote, but I’m sure they’d take time to mail a ballot. That could come in handy on these states that are going to give their electoral votes to the national popular vote winner.

Schiffblower 1 point ago

Paper ballots are fine. It’s when we allow them all to be mailed in that they’re not fine

VetforTrump 1 point ago

I found out all mitary mail in ballots during Clinton didn't even get counted. We had admirals writi g letters about it who then got fired. It was a scandal as we hated Clinton.

stratocaster_patriot 1 point ago

Offer free cholorquine to people showing up at polls.

RichardNixon 1 point ago

How mail in ballots help Democrats:

As many county assessors report the ballots received in the weeks leading up to an election, the Democrats hire teams to knock on doors of outstanding ballots. They then urge them to fill out the ballot and even help walk it out the mailbox. There are a lot of people that don't typically vote that are easy to influence. THIS IS WHY YOU SEE ELECTIONS FLIP A WEEK LATER. Late voters are literally having people show up at there houses and being pressured into voting. These people probably would not have voted if they were not pressured by someone standing on their front porch.

spez3 1 point ago

They stole the nomination from Bernie twice - they wouldn’t hesitate to steal from the public

WinstonSmith1984 1 point ago
  • All ballots should be paper (for audit)
  • All ballots (except pre-approved, special exemption absentee, specifically requested, like military) should be filled out in person, on location, by a person presenting identification
Patriotwings 1 point ago

I Remember when Bill Clinton started motor voter where you got registered to vote when you registered your car. No check on if you’re a citizen. I had high hopes the REALID was gonna be required to vote. But now its delayed even implementing for flying. How convenient.

AtariArtist 2 points ago

Depends on the state. All hell broke loose in CA when they permitted illegals to have drivers licenses. In AZ - it's a bit tighter than that to get a license. Plus when you vote you need both an ID and proof of residency (a utility bill etc).

TRUMPcard90 1 point ago

Thankfully we have the electoral college

jcd_007 1 point ago

Of course they are. They demonstrated in California in 2018 that “ballot harvesting” is a great way to miraculously find enough votes for Democrats who were trailing on Election Day to win. It’s pure fraud. Absentee voting should be reserved for military service members and people who are living overseas.

BumpForTrump 1 point ago

I want paper ballots. End vote by mail, ballot harvesting. The suggestion of online voting should honestly have been met with a vicious response of some kind. That is an absolute threat to our republic.

AtariArtist 2 points ago

Define vote by mail. I think I'm getting tripped up by semantics.

In my state (AZ) you can't get a mail-in ballot without previous ID checks in combination with voter registration. They even check ID's if you fill out your ballot if you choose to drop-off instead of mailing it in prior. How is it done elsewhere?

It's the provisional ballots which seem to cause the most problem in close races - and those are far more open to ballot harvesting schemes (I don't expect a close race - so that's slightly less a worry). There was some weird shit with one of our senate races in 2018 - but both candidates ended up being senators anyway so I haven't given it much thought since.

While anyone's at-it - I'm still foggy on the how ballot harvesting even works. Does it vary state-to-state? Seems Orange County CA was prone to it plus some other state I can't recall off the top of my head. Does it work outside of close races? Because - honestly - I think this election may prove bigger than Reagan's blowout of 1984 (seriously - I think we may even pick up Minnesota).

ferocious_werm 1 point ago

They are going to try to steal the house and senate.

solarsavior 0 points ago

Papers please! Comrade.