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OliverWillis 45 points ago

I'm all in on this, but you gotta be SUBTLE! Screaming "omg 4chan did this" is not subtle, it blows the cover fast.

Imransgarage 19 points ago

They are promoting 4chan now since it’s overrun by anti-Semitic shills.

They do it here if you keep you eye out.

mster 17 points ago

Before I found faith I was dabbling with anti-Semitism. Boy did God set me straight on that one in a quite striking way. Now I love Jewish people and bless Israel.

BlackFlag 3 points ago

Which faith is that? I ask because I was raised Evangelical, and was taught that jews killed jesus (roman soldiers were just the tool that was used).

GuerillaYourDreams -2 points ago

Then your minister was a Pharisee, sorry.